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LOVED getting to host the #CaliforniaSpotlight up at @abc7newsbayarea studios today. . . . . . #abc7newsbayarea #abc7la #socalspotlight #caspotlight #uequalsu #visibilitymatters #pluslifemedia #host #abc

“HIV is not controlling me, and it shouldn’t control anyone....being undetectable allows me to feel that way” #stophivstigma #stophivtogether #talkundetectable #uequalsu #visibilitymatters #pluslife #pluslifemedia

Pullman Hotel

Final moments of another adventurous adventure with @bair_it... dragging him along and both of us stepping out of our comfort zones is always the most rewarding. Where should we go next? And who wants to join us? #travel #adventure #lifeistooshort #incredibleindia #uequalsu #visibilitymatters

Sri Lanka

Riding the rails in #srilanka #uequalsu #visibilitymatters

Nine Arch Bridge - Ella Sri Lanka

Waiting on a ridiculous train that never came! #ninearchbridge #srilanka #uequalsu #visibilitymatters #stophivstigma

Ella Town, Sri Lanka

Boys in the back of an auto rickshaw somewhere in #srilanka

24 hours in the care of Mr Roy & his team at #MasterCampersSriLanka checking out elephants, water buffaloes, crocodiles and amazing wildlife on #safari. Now onto the next stop on the adventure. #SriLanka

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives

Thank you #maldives for reminding me that it’s ok to stop, take a moment, relax and just let go.... #uequalsu #visibilitymatters #relax #vacation

Sun Siyam Irufushi Beach Resort and Spa

Hello weekend! If you need me I’ll be right here.... come get me! #uequalsu #visibilitymatters #adventure #vacation

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives

Love that I have a best friend I can drag all around the world on my crazy adventures! Living my life the best way I know how. #uequalsu #visibilitymatters #thesunsiyamirufushi #maldives #bucketlist

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives

#thesunsiyamirufushi #vacation #nofilter

Somewhere in transit... somewhere... #arewenearlythereyet #adventure

Los Angeles, California

Happiness is a lazy Sunday morning laying around in bed. Good morning. How do you like to spend a Sunday morning? #riseandshine #bedhead #lazy #uequalsu

Los Angeles, California

12 months ago today I took a leap into the unknown by sharing my truth on social media about my HIV status. To be honest, I really didn’t think that me being open about my HIV would be noticed by anyone other than perhaps a few colleagues and associates. How wrong I was. Now, a year later and literally thousands of direct private messages from people all around the world and from the most unlikely places, I am proud that I took that leap. As I said in my original post, I was advised by the most well-meaning of people not to talk publicly about my status for fear that it could ruin me. Or that I’d be labeled as “that guy on TV with AIDS”. But here’s the thing, if not me then who? You see, for as long as we don’t talk about HIV and what it means in 2019 to be HIV+ then how can we ever expect people to change their minds, educate themselves and each other, and be more open, understanding and compassionate towards those who do live with those three letters and a symbol attached to them? For too long we haven’t talked about HIV. HIV doesn’t care what you look like, where you come from, how much money you have or who you love. It’s out there. But here’s the good news. WE NOW HAVE THE TOOLS TO END THIS VIRUS! Just this week Dr. Robert Redfield of the CDC along with his colleague Dr Anthony Fachi, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases BOTH reiterated that if you are HIV+ and have an undetectable viral load YOU CAN NOT transmit the virus sexually. That’s not my opinion, that’s not a doctor’s opinion and it’s not the opinion of some HIV group. It is the science and the evidence. It is Undetectable Equals Untransmittable. Thank you to every single person who has messaged me, supported me, doubted me and challenged me. You’ve all made me a better person for it. I will keep on living my truth and living my life to the fullest. And for those of you who might still be there in the shadows not sure whether it’s safe, or your time to step out into the sunshine yet, well that’s ok too. Just know that you’ll have a friend out here waiting for you when you feel ready to. I’m Karl Schmid, and I’m an HIV positive man! #uequalsu #stophivstigma

Atlanta, Georgia

Not once. Not twice. But three times I got to see this trouble maker @c.esc854 in #Atlanta! Dear diary! What will people think?! #uequalsu #visibilitymatters #sciencenotstigma

Atlanta, Georgia

G’day Atlanta. @c.esc854 showing me his city

Los Angeles, California

Friday means Fri-YAY with @thejewel65 . Happy hours indeed! Living the #pozitiv life because #uequalsu and we say let’s #stophivstigma together. #friends


Nothing beats being read to as a child! The #magicofstorytelling inspires imaginations and helps develop and cultivate a lifelong love of reading! #abc7eyewitness

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