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Американская актриса. Еë первая известная роль Изабелла (Белла) Блэк в мыльной опере на NBC Days of our Lives, в которой она играла с 1999 по 2004 года.
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Saturday vibes.

A little person that is mine and looks just like me is so amazing - and strange at the same time. #thebestloveinlife

Heaven. #craftingwithmygirl #googlyeyesallday

Just chillin & shooting the sh*t with @brandonjbarash - @thefathership

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. #happytuesday

Work in progress. #newyarnexcitement

Just a taste (I need more cubbies) of my mini at home yarn store.

My ever growing bracelet collection. #handmadebyHarper

Once upon a time there was a little teeny loom - and I needed it to weave 3x5 inch wall hangings at work. #whyaretinythingssocute?

I just ordered this shirt. 😳

Blues for days - This one is for @lindathegr8. 💙 (I have 3 looms going at one time. Clearly obsessed.)

Beautiful Cali morning. ❤️ #offtothecraftingstore

"We are in a rocket ship going to the Farmers Market. Buckle up, Mom. We are going to play lots of games and see fake robots. Don't worry, Spider-Man won't get us." - said Harper from the inside of her teepee. #alongfortheride

Made bracelets with Harper last night. She put a teddy bear, a dog, a snowman, a glittery Santa, and few buttons that "look like crackers" on mine. #youngandcreative #yesiamgoingtowearit

Ran into a few bumps in the road with this one - probably why I'm so proud of the finished product. #keeponlooming #icantbeWEAVEitsdone

More @emmerylan ❤️. #bff #myrideordiechick

I ❤️ her because she listens to me. @emmerylan

"Braid to go" by @lindathegr8 (her braiding skills are like no other. #forreal) ❤️

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