Леброн Джеймс


Американский профессиональный баскетболист, играющий на позиции лёгкого и тяжёлого форварда за команду НБА «Кливленд Кавальерс».
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Always Special!!! 16 years and counting we've been going at it. Crazy to even think about. Half of our lives G! My brother @carmeloanthony #YouCouldNeverUnderstand #Brotherhood👊

Great catching up with Lil bro @cam_knows_ last night in NY! Good luck to you boys down in Gainesville this year! Until next time bro.

Repost @davidbeckham Violence can mark children forever. I've met children with @unicef who have been affected by terrible violence and abuse and seen the long-lasting scars it can leave. I chose the marks on my body but millions of children bear marks they have not chosen. Please share this film to help #ENDviolence #foreverychild. It's wrong. End it. #7fund

I've always wanted to know what it was like to be in the stars of the galaxy!! To much sauce! #StriveForGreatness🚀 #KickGameCray🔥 #RWTW🏅 #TheKidFromAkron👑

These faces are my world and I have to give a huge thank you to the DAP team for believing in my kids and my Foundation. I’ll let you guys read about what they did, but all I’ll say is thank you. #WeAreFamily #StriveForGreatness🚀 http://www.ohio.com/news/local/manufacturer-dap-contributes-223-000-to-lebron-james-family-foundation-1.730912

Always Special!! My Dogg @dwyanewade. #YouCouldNeverUnderstand #Brotherhood👊

Thank you!! I'm extremely honored but I'm actually more happy for my family, friends, fans and my kids at my foundation! This is your award cause at the end of the day I'm absolutely nothing without you'll!! #StriveForGreatness🚀 #RWTW🏅 #TheKidFromAkron👑

Mood!! #GoBucks🌰 #OH #IO #StriveForGreatness🚀

Man these right here make me wish I was playing in today's showdown in the horseshoe!! Let's get it Boys!! #OH #IO #GoBucks🌰 #StriveForGreatness🚀

Built for dominance! With @kingjames and Buckeye Nation behind them, @ohiostatefb is battle ready in the LeBron Soldier 10 Cleat.  Any Field. Every Time. gonike.me/ohiostate  #OH #IO #GoBucks #StriveForGreatness🚀 #RWTW🏅

Post food drink for me solo!! @mavcarter @stevestoute #OpusOne 2004. I need help

Repost. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🦃🦃🦃🦃

Post game flex! LeBron Soldier 10/John Elliott collab! #StriveForGreatness🚀 #RWTW🏅 #TheKidFromAkron👑

Man o Man I love to see someone in a zone and especially Love it when it's my brother!!! What an unbelievable 1st quarter and all around game @kevinlove!!! Yes sir brother! Wowzers.👀👀👀 #ISeeYouWorkingBoii

The Perfect night!! Chillin with my wife, watching hoops and sipping some good ol wine. A woman that will chill with you while u watch hoops or any sporting events is A1!!! Perfection.

Had my guys draw up my Christmas list. Lookin’ at you @mrs_savannahrj!!! #FIRE #ChristmasList #StriveForGreatness🚀

Okay, I see you @bensimmons in that bulk season. S/O to @SpringHillEnt for the GOLD!! Ben Simmons’ Becoming story airs Sunday on Disney XD at 3PM. #StriveForGreatness🚀

First of all I wanna thank my connects!!

War Ready with my Queen👑!! Happy everyday love! Nothing can take my focus on what we have to do to raise them munchkins in their path of life!

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