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Американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Имеет японские, английские, ирландские, французские, шотландские, голландские и немецкие корни. После победы на Crash the Super Bowl заключила контракт с Interscope Records.
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I've been trying to figure out how to write this without sounding melodramatic, but the subject matter has proven to be quite tricky! In any case, here it is, because I think it's important to share. My new song, "When Will I Learn," is a song about struggle, and more specifically for me, my struggles with sadness, social anxiety, and self acceptance. First I should make this clear--I feel great a lot of the time! But throughout my life I have routinely come into rough patches, where out of nowhere, things feel hard, and dark, and I feel disconnected and I start to pick apart all the corners of my life looking for a cause. I spent a lot of my life hoping for some grand epiphany that would answer all my questions and make me feel happy and whole, like I perceived everyone else was feeling (which, I now know, is impossible to know and silly to assume), and every time I found myself yet again dealing with the same struggles, I felt like I was broken. I didn't understand how after so much effort and so much life lived, I still hadn't figured it out. But as I've gotten older, I've learned to be a little kinder to myself, and I've learned that there is no one moment--no one magical place, idea, person, etc, that is going to make everything feel right in the world. That these lessons come in all the tiny moments. That I am constantly learning, bit by bit. So now I try to embrace the struggle, and feel all my humanness, and know I'm not alone, and feel proud of myself for striving to be more and better, even if I'm not there yet. I'm not looking for sympathy--I have come to know and even respect the issues I struggle with, but I wanted to post this for all the people who have been here and maybe needed to hear they weren't the only ones. We live in a bright and shiny social media world where everyone looks perfect and happy all the time. But it's okay and normal to struggle, too. It means you see your potential and you want to be your best. So it's ok if we don't have it all figured out right now. (Or ever.) As long as we keep trying. ❤💪🏻

we up to something. 🙊@notryanhiga

My favorite location from the "When Will I Learn" music video. We found this field purely by accident and it felt like stepping into a dream. 😍Link in bio if you haven't seen it yet! First song off the new upcoming album.

IT'S HERE!! I am thrilled to introduce you to my new song, "When Will I Learn." I hope you two become dear dear friends. ♡ Click the link in my bio to watch the full video on YouTube.


Three more days until "When Will I Learn", the first song from my new album, comes out. I am simultaneously feeling the giddy anticipation that comes from knowing a piece of myself is about to be shared with the world, along with the pure dread that that piece of myself might be rejected. I get this feeling every time I'm about to share something I care about. Like all my songs, it is a piece of me--of my past, my hopes, my dreams, my fears, my struggles--scrawled out onto a page, sung out into the void, and on Friday it will be set free into the world. Free for people to listen to and connect with... or scrutinize and leave condescending YouTube comments about. And though I know the latter is inevitable, it makes it worth it if there is one person on the other side of my computer who needed it. Who feels what I felt when I wrote it and who needed to feel a little less alone in that. So here's for hoping there's at least one of you. Sharing yourself can be scary. It still makes me feel sick every time. But when you share, you free a little part of yourself, and you become a little more you, and you are a little less in hiding, and that is one of the best feelings in the world. I've spent a lot of my life in hiding. And while I somehow have gotten to a place where I regularly share vulnerable parts of myself through my music, it's something I still very much struggle with in real life and have been working hard to overcome. Didn't know where I was going when I started writing this, but I think I just therapized myself into remembering that even though a little part of me wants to throw up when I imagine you all listening to my song on Friday, that sharing is good and important and something I am supposed to do. So, I guess that's that. Love you guys. xo

First song off the new album out this Friday. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

There was a moment during shooting "God Only Knows" where we both were on the verge of uncontrollable laughter for no reason at all. Thank goodness we had guitar shots to cutaway to 😂 If you haven't seen the new video yet--link in bio!

New Video! Covered "God Only Knows" with @imaginaryfuture :) This little snippet is my favorite part, and also the part I nearly lost my mind trying to learn 😂 Link in bio to watch full video!

The launch of the new record label has exceeded my wildest dreams. Three weeks ago I invited you, my listeners, to join my team by becoming my label, and we are already over 1,000 strong. I have never felt more grateful, more connected, or more motivated to keep making the best music I can. On top of that, all the love and support and insanity of the last few weeks have inspired me to make a big exciting decision, and I wanted to share the news since it kind of involves all of you. So here it is! When we hit 2,000 members, I'm going to begin planning my next world tour. 🎉🙌😭🙏❤️ It's been a while since I've been on the road. Planning a tour can be a daunting and expensive task, but suddenly I have exactly the motivation and support I need to make it happen. It's a pretty incredible thing. Sending lots of love to all of you who've joined the team so far, and to anyone else who is interested in becoming part of the fam, check out patreon.com/kinagrannis to learn more. Cannot wait to see all your beautiful faces again. Let's do this! xo Kina (photo by: @forever_capturing)

sometimes singing a song will just jab straight to the core of me. "creep" was definitely one of those. not sure why it took me so long to cover this gem but i'm so glad i finally did. it's a real heartbreaker. #weirdosunite (link in bio if you haven't seen the video yet 🙏🏻)

today, in search of a magical last location for a video shoot, we chased the sun through a valley, behind some mountains, and beyond a sketchy truck stop as it was beginning to set, and we were rewarded with this majestic field just in time to see the sun sink below the horizon. then the crickets came out, a breeze kicked in, and life was perfect. 🙏🏻

New Video! Finally covered "Creep" by Radiohead and it broke my freaking heart. Here's a snippet! Link in profile to watch the full video ♡ Happy Friday, loves.

apparently it's #nationalsiblingday, and that means i get to take a moment to shout my love for these two from the rooftops. to the coolest, kindest, smartest, silliest, most talented, most caring humans i know. so grateful i was born into this relationship for life. thanks for making me happy and whole, for knowing and loving all of me, for sitting in silence with me, and falling over in laughter with me, and getting so so weird with me, and feeling all the hard things with me too. love you both so much for ever and ever. @mgrannis @emigrannis p.s. emi wins this photo 😂

‪took a little stroll today and ended up spending most of it kneeling amongst the shrubbery, oohing and ahhing and petting at little flowers. what an insanely beautiful world we get to live in ♡

Big Announcement!! Click link in bio to watch the full announcement video and learn more about becoming my record label and getting your name on my album! 🎉

New video! Revisited a song I wrote over 12 years ago and it was so fun giving it new life. Here's "Memory." Full version, complete with outro chat on monsters, loss, and lucky pennies up on YouTube, link in bio.

not sure what kind of sorcery went on in our oven to make it come out so legitimately bread-like, but we are quite pleased at our first attempt at bread making. 🎉 turned this sucker into avocado toast and holy smokes. life is good.

The return of Cups! Here's a peek at our cover of "I Don't Wanna Live Forever". Link in bio if you wanna see the whole thing + my rambling outro ;) (Video ft. @kurtschneider @thesamtsui @madilynbailey)

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