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Американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Имеет японские, английские, ирландские, французские, шотландские, голландские и немецкие корни. После победы на Crash the Super Bowl заключила контракт с Interscope Records.
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a very very serious dance performance ft. myself and @emigrannis. should we take this show on the road?

“hotaru” means firefly in japanese ✨ if you haven’t seen the new video yet—check it out! link in bio :)

new video up! it’s a magic fairyland of a song about dreams and fireflies. link in bio to watch my cover of “q&a” by @kishi_bashi! ❤️

Joshua Tree, California

#tbt keeping warm at @thegrahamresidence between shots on the “lonesome” video shoot. pretty much the most peaceful place ever. take me baaaaack. ❤️

A little behind the scenes glimpse into the making of “The First Thing I See” music video :) 1. selfie with our stars 2. video of our first mock-up shoot to test our puppeteering idea (stuck them onto the ends of chopsticks 😂). i’m holding the cardboard backing up with my feet, the spaceship with one hand, and both aliens with the other—multitasking is not my strong suit. 3. our makeshift movie studio . Link in bio to watch the final product!

here’s to love, trampolines, and extraterrestrial friends! watch my tiny short film—the first thing i see—on youtube. link in bio!

I performed a little set tonight at Lexus Lunar Soirée and ‘twas quite a classy affair! Thanks for having me (and getting me out of my pajamas for a change)! #LexusLNY #LexusLS @lexususa #partner

There were many years where creating started to feel like an obligation, like something I was behind on, that I needed to force out in order to keep up with the YouTube machine. These days it feels real, fulfilling, and magical again, and amazingly, it’s thanks my KG Records Family. . It is both incredibly moving and unbelievably mind-blowing that my art is now supported by individuals all around the world. I spent a moment over my tea this morning to write about all the things I was able to do/accomplish/create last month because of them. Link in bio if you care to read :) . Many thanks to ALL of you and all the many ways you support. ❤️ (Sweet instagram comments included ;) )

Your responses to "Lonesome" have made me so happy 😭 And thank you to those who have shared their interpretations of the music video with me--they have been so beautiful! Would love to hear any others out there :) Please share 🙏❤️ (Link in bio if you missed the video!)

i have a new favorite baby bird 😭 my teenie niecie wren grannis!! how will ever i do anything but stare at this face again??? well done @mgrannis & chris!! love the you all so much!! ❤️

i made a thing!! two days ago i started drawing a little guy and before i knew it THIS was happening. hope you enjoy it! “the first thing i see” is now available for your viewing pleasure, link in profile 🤗 . music and puppeteering by @imaginaryfuture❤️

@lastyoni being super resourceful on the “lonesome” music video shoot and using a dead joshua tree as a monopod 😂 . yoni, many thanks to you for lending your time and expertise to shoot this video with me!! you are so talented and fun and easy to work with! (and ps thanks for letting us stay at @thegrahamresidence—it is the dreamiest.) you are the best! ❤️🙏🏻

Few things are more magical to me than being with (and learning from) animals. Lightning the Sulcata Tortoise was no exception. Grateful to have had him as my guide for a day. ♡ . If you missed it, the “Lonesome” Official Music Video is up on YouTube—link in bio!

Feels so good to have “Lonesome” out in the world! Here are the lyrics for those that want to dive in a little deeper ♡ . Be sure to check out the Official Music Video—link in bio! . Does anybody know Why I get this feeling I wake up to it eating at the core of me . And so, if dreams are just for show Just stories without meaning Why can I not shake them from my bones . Does everybody want to be alone Tell me it’s okay so I can go home If everyone wants to be alone It would make the lonely feel less lonesome . It lingers in my day It’s lurking in the backyard Birds just keep on singing, so oblivious . But you, you start to feel it too Just underneath the surface Whispers from the left side of the bed . Does everybody want to be alone Tell me it’s okay so I can go home If everyone wants to be alone It would make the lonely feel less lonesome

• LONESOME • She’s here! Link in bio ♡

New song and official music video coming out tomorrow 🎉 Can’t wait for you to meet #Lonesome ❤️

My new song Lonesome is coming to you this Friday and I am so excited to share it ♡ I’m currently out in the desert shooting the music video and learning (as I have time and time again) to let go of preconceived ideas and let the process unfold in whatever magical ways it pleases. Can’t wait to see what it becomes.

if ya missed “the good side”—link in bio! ❤️❤️

New video! Had to cover “The Good Side” by @troyesivan bc it’s just too good 🙌🏻 Link in bio to watch the video!

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