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Just posted a video for my song "Valentine" featuring 142 super sweet Valentine's wishes from people around the world. (Ok most of them are scrolling at the end of the video because my song is like 2 seconds long, but still!) Honored to be part of spreading all this love around today! . Some thoughts on Valentine's Day--Yes, it's a silly arbitrary day. Yes, card and candy companies are super cashing in on it. Yes, you should love and appreciate the people around you EVERY day. But, YES, I ALSO think it's a beautiful excuse to show a little extra love because why not?! Give your mom and dad a hug, tell your siblings what they mean to you, send some gratitude out to your friends, partner, pets, YOURSELF. Just do it! Life is short and there are so many ways to celebrate the love we have in our lives. Pick a flower! Eat a treat! Write yourself a love note! . Ok, that's all for me. Sending mega love out in all directions today. . p.s. Special thanks to the folks in KG Records who shared their Valentine's wishes with me to include in the video! 🙏🏻 . Link in bio to watch the video :) . p.p.s. happy valentine’s day, @imaginaryfuture ♡

Was a little hard on myself yesterday so I thought I’d try to show myself a little extra love today. I’ve done masks maybe all of three times in my adulthood, but it sounded fun to pretend to be a real grown-up lady who takes care of herself today, so I gave it a shot. Who knows if this will do anything at all to my skin, but the gesture feels nice! I also dumped a bunch of random oils in my hair because apparently hair masks are a thing. . Here’s to self-care. You deserve it, too. Hope you're being kind to yourself out there. ♡

still can’t get over how much fun i had covering “dancing on my own” with @pomplamoosemusic. on top of every person in the room being a complete master at their craft, @natalydawn is SUCH a force and it is always a privilege to see her in action. she has a genius brain and completely flipped this song on its head with her arrangement. i feel very lucky to have been able to come along for the ride :) . link in bio if you haven’t caught the new video yet!

Something a little different for you! I got to work with my unbelievably talented friends @pomplamoosemusic on this cover of “Dancing On My Own” and had the best time ever! @natalydawn and @jackconte are some of the most talented and smart and kind and wonderful humans on the planet and I’m so grateful I got to hop on a song with them. I love them so much 😭 Check out the full version on YouTube or IGTV!

i’ve been working on spending less of my life with my phone in my hand and it’s been pretty fruitful. it’s resulted in less anxiety, less comparison, less time wasted aimlessly scrolling, more walks in nature, more quality time with people i love, more moments to accidentally write a song, more time to think about what’s important, where i need to grow, how to be a better me, etc, etc. . the one caveat has been that it seems the more i figure out healthy phone usage, the more i completely fall off the world of social media, and while i have my issues with it, social media is also something that i find incredibly special and valuable because it connects humans to humans! i am so grateful to be surrounded by such an incredible community online, and the last thing i want is to feel cut off from you. . so i’ll be nudging myself to be around a bit more. sharing, listening, learning. but if you start seeing too much of me... give me a good slap on the wrist, eh? . anyway, mostly i just wanted to say hi, and that while i’ve not been incredibly present lately, i’m still thinking of you all the time and working on new music to share with you ❤️

i did the #100abchallenge with my arm knitting buddy @blogilates and (just barely) survived! i linked to the video in my stories, so head there to watch and crunch along with us 💪🏻

new video! i love “when the party’s over” so much 😭 what a song by @wherearetheavocados. full video up on youtube—link in bio. . hope the holidays have treated you well! i am currently made of cookies, so we’ll see how that goes. ♡

i took this photo just after being reunited with my passport and moments before we stepped foot onto our plane flight home after 100 days stuck in jakarta. . today we are three years back home. it’s brought up a lot of emotions for me, but of all of them, the strongest is gratitude. i am grateful to be here, grateful it happened, grateful for the humans that helped us get home and the ones that kept us strong in the interim, grateful for my forever band family, grateful for all the pain and fear and hope and clarity and struggle and confusion and lessons learned. grateful for every single part of it, and grateful to get to spend another christmas safe at home with my family. . i wrote about my experience and all the lessons learned a couple years back. link in bio if you want to read about our #100daysinjakarta. ♡

new videoooo! i covered “stand by me” with @imaginaryfuture and we might have made it feel really sad?? sometimes we do that. 😬 either way, i hope you enjoy it, and i hope you’re well, and i’m sending lots of love your way. . link in bio to watch the full video!

The hedgehogs are back!! I wasn’t planning on bringing back the sweaters this year but I got so many messages about them that I just had to do it! For the next week they’ll be available via the link in my bio—then they’re back to hibernation! . While there won’t be a new animal inducted into our sweater family this year, I AM introducing hedgehog T-shirts and long sleeve shirts for the first time! 🎉 . I’m trying out a new brand this year, so they’re a slightly different color and fit than past years (but hopefully equally comfy!). . Go get yours via link in bio 🦔❤️

happiest of birthdays to this sweetest human i found 16 years ago! somehow you just keep getting better and better. so darn thankful you exist. ♡ @imaginaryfuture

new video up today! i covered “colorblind” by the counting crows and it felt so good 😭 . link in bio to watch the full video, and stay tuned to the end for a bit of post-song rambling and some fun mental health talk ;) . happy friday, friends!how’s your brain doing?

I just shared an iPhone demo of an unreleased song for the first time ever and I feel like I might lose my mind! 😬 I typically hold my songs very close to the chest for the first many months (if not years) of their lives before recording studio versions and officially releasing them. Today that changes, because starting now I’ll be sharing my new songs with my KG Records family as they’re born. 😳 . I’ve been writing songs again and it feels so good. Part of me wanted to share them, but I’m also terrified, and I don’t feel anywhere near being able to dive into recording a brand new album. SO, I’m gonna let my songs sit in their nascent stages for a while before releasing them to the world, but in the meantime, I’m going to share them with a handful of people I feel I can trust with such tiny new song babies :) (and what I really mean is a handful of people I feel I can trust with my tiny delicate heart that’s petrified to be sharing such new songs). . If you’d like to be part of the club that hears my new songs as they’re born, you can head over to patreon and become part of the KG Records family. Nice people only 😬 Link in bio!

Turns out today is #ThankYouPatrons Day, and goodness do I have a million and one things to thank mine for. To the 2,097 patrons that make up KG Records: thank you for being my family, my label, my support network, thank you for allowing me to spend a year creating an album that means so much to me and for being the sole sponsors of a world(ish) tour that allowed me to sing with and hug and gaze into the eyes of so many incredible humans and then making it possible for me to create space upon coming home to write some new songs again. I’m so filled to the brim with love and gratitude for you all. . I also feel compelled to extend this thank you to every listener and viewer and kinerd out there, because in a way you are all an extension of KG Records, and I feel ALL your support, be that in the form of encouraging comments or heartfelt tweets or simply quietly listening on the other side of a computer. . Love love love to everyone ♡

Oh my, how excited am I to be sharing this song with you all. Meet “For Now” (Reimagined). . Let me explain: I have a dear friend who is also a crazy music genius. His name is @ChristophAndersson. He is half of the band @JomeMusic (if you haven’t heard their music yet, just bail on this post and go listen to it right now! It’s the best). (Oh, and fun fact/quick aside—the other half of Jome is @imaginaryfuture.) OK BACK TO THE STORY. I have loved and admired Christoph’s work for so long. His production choices and the sounds he creates are like pure magic to me. . After releasing the new album this past June, I had the idea that perhaps I could beg Christoph to have some fun with my songs and try creating an alt-sound world around them. Long story short—he said yes, and this is the result! I love it so much 😭 The more you listen the more it seems to evolve and reveal itself. It’s so fun. . I hope to be releasing a few more reimagined versions of songs off the new album, so stay tuned for more of this! Also, let me catch the few comments that will inevitably accuse me of “losing myself” or “changing my music”, and reassure you—nothing’s changing. My songs are still my babies. You’re gonna get so much more slow, sad, acoustic music from me that you’ll be sick of it someday. But every now and then, I’m gonna get super talented friends to collaborate with me and make things I absolutely adore and share them with you, and hopefully you can love them too :) . Link in bio to watch the full video! (Or listen to the song wherever you listen to music!)

social media is a tricky thing. it can help us learn from each other, feel less alone, get inspired, be entertained, and a handful of other wonderful things, but more often than not (and perhaps i’m just speaking for my own unenlightened self) it leaves us feeling worse. i just lost 20 minutes clicking aimlessly, only to find myself on someone’s profile—whom i‘d never even heard of—browsing through her “life”, and comparing x, y, and z about my own life/body/success/you name it against hers. . there are so many levels here. for starters, i know that if i could just be a little more evolved of a person, just love myself a little more and care a little less about what everyone else thinks, this wouldn’t be an issue. i know envy is gross. so that’s on me, and it’s something i am aggressively and consistently working on. . but the other side of this is that what you see on social media is often not real life. and somehow knowing this STILL doesn’t cure us of feeling bad about ourselves. . it’s a dangerous cycle. i take in what the world tells me is “perfect”, which makes me feel i’m falling short, which makes me feel the need to play the game just to keep up—do my hair, put on makeup, select only the photos where i look my “best.” and now i’m part of that machine, curating a not-entirely-realistic version of myself to show to the world, and helping to perpetuate this mindset that what we LOOK like is more important than who we really are. . i also know that it’s not all bad. it’s fun to admire beauty and the aesthetics of things. it can bring us joy and inspire us. but maybe every once in a while it‘d be good to throw a little real life into the mix. no makeup. no super amazing-looking life in the background. no trying to fix my weird eyebrow that never wants to be a perfect eyebrow shape. . so anyway, just thought i’d take a moment to share #howitreallyis. i’m a person, still in my pajamas, with a sometimes weird eyebrow, who still compares and then feels crummy and then judges herself for comparing in the first place. . also, i think you’re perfect. would love to hear from you about #howitreallyis ♡

So honored to be on this new track with @fareastmovement and @justforstar! Check out “Bamboo” on Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere else music exists 🤗

i can’t get over these humans. ❤️ so much love and courage and strength. link in bio to watch the full music video for “all along” (and maybe shed a tear or two).

I just uploaded the music video for the last song on my new album, “All Along”. It features lots of wonderful and brave humans and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. (And all cry-y outside.) . Link in bio if you wanna feel some things. ♡

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