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Американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Имеет японские, английские, ирландские, французские, шотландские, голландские и немецкие корни. После победы на Crash the Super Bowl заключила контракт с Interscope Records.
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i can’t get over these humans. ❤️ so much love and courage and strength. link in bio to watch the full music video for “all along” (and maybe shed a tear or two).

I just uploaded the music video for the last song on my new album, “All Along”. It features lots of wonderful and brave humans and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. (And all cry-y outside.) . Link in bio if you wanna feel some things. ♡

Tour Diary | Day 57: Tomorrow in London I play the final show of the tour and I kind of can’t believe we’re here. It’s been such an insane past few months. So grateful for everyone who has come out and made these shows what they were, who filled these rooms with so much love and warmth and welcomed me to whatever corner of the world I happened to be in. Thank you for letting me share my songs and stories with you. I’ll be soaking in every last moment with you all while I can. . London, see you tomorrow at O2 Academy Islington. Doors at 7pm! Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door :) . #kgtourdiary Photo: @cwadventures

Tour Diary | Day 55: Only a few more backstages to make home before this current chapter of life on the road is complete. Can’t quite process it all yet. It at once feels like we just left home for the US leg and that we’ve been on tour for about a year. Been reflecting on all the amazing places we’ve been and people I’ve had the honor of sharing a night with. What a beautiful whirlwind. . UK, let’s wrap this up right! We’ve got three shows left—Birmingham on the 25th, Manchester on the 26th, and London on the 27th! See you soon :) . Grab tickets at the door or via link in bio! #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 52: Grateful for a wonderful off day in Paris today :) Here’s to blue skies and ice cream and beautiful sights and being reunited with people you love. Oh, and this golden lizard. . Paris show tomorrow at Les Étoiles! Doors at 19:30. Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door! #kgtourdiary

I’m making a music video for my song “All Along” and you can be in it :) . As this is a song about realizing we are already whole as we are, I am looking for some brave souls to find their limiting beliefs and try to rewrite better ones. This video will be in the same vein as my 6 year youtube anniversary video for “Message From Your Heart” if you’d like an example of what I’m looking to create. . The official call for video submissions is going out to members of KG Records. If you’re not a member, feel free to join for the month in order to participate (or stick around longer if you want!). Head to the link in bio to visit my Patreon page where you can join. The most recent post, entitled “Be In My Music Video” has all the instructions you’ll need. . I may not be able to include all the submissions in the music video, but I will be watching and loving every single one. Selfishly, this is really an excuse to get to know you all better. :) . Sending lots of love you you all ❤️

Tour Diary | Day 49: So grateful to have this sweet human with me whenever I’m on the road. This tour, in addition to husband, opener, and therapist, he’s taken on another very important role. Food Manager. Thanks to his meticulous research, we have eaten like kings all the way through Europe. He hasn’t let us down :) Thanks Jesse. . Cologne tomorrow! Join us at Luxor, doors at 19:00. Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door! . p.s. Cologne, any food tips? You can pass them on to my FM, @imaginaryfuture 😂

Tour Diary | Day 48: You know what’s been crazy? Every night of the European tour I’ve asked if anyone in attendance is part of KG Records, and every night there has been a handful of people that raise their hands. How! How am I playing a tiny show in Copenhagen, and there are 7 humans here that are part of the reason I got to make this album, part of the reason this tour was even possible in the first place. It’s an incredible feeling to get to see so many of you face to face. I hope in my awkward and intense eye contact with you I am able to convey a fraction of the gratitude I feel for you for supporting my music and being my record label. 🙏🏻 . Brussels, you’re up next! Join us tonight (or tomorrow night if you’re still up), Tues the 18th at Le Botanique! Doors open at 19:30. Get tickets at the door or via link in bio! #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 46: Dear Europe, can I have all your parks and take them home with me? Thanks. 🙏🏻 . Copenhagen, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Monday, Sep 17 at Hotel Cecil! Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door :) #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 43: I’m not much of a beer drinker (in fact you can probably delete “much of” from that sentence for a more accurate description), but how could I resist when Germany lures me in with beautiful beer gardens full of long wooden tables tucked beneath trees and stars and sparkly lights?? Jesse found it very comical to see a beer in my hand, let alone one the size of my head 😂 . Last night in Berlin the crowd sang along to “Valentine” with me and I nearly started crying mid-song. It will never cease to amaze me that people across the world might know the words that once found me alone in my bedroom one night, and then sing them back to me. It’s an incredible and surreal experience. . Tomorrow we’re off to Amsterdam for a sold out show at Bitterzoet! Doors at 7pm. See you soon :) #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 41: When you wander into a random art exhibit in Berlin and realize you’re twinning. . Hi 👋🏻 I’m still jet lagged. Brain a bit mushed. Exhausted but grateful. Last night I stayed up reading all the letters I’ve received so far on tour and it was just the best. I cried more than once. Mostly I feel so lucky to get to have all these little lines connecting me to so many wonderful people around the world. Lots of kindred spirits out there ♡ . Berlin, tomorrow is our day! Catch the show at Bi Nuu, doors at 19:00. Get tickets at the door or follow the link in my bio! See you soon :) #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 39: I got a little sad after the show in Zurich last night. The show was wonderful—one of the coziest, most intimate feeling shows I’ve experienced. The people were warm, smiley, connected. We laughed and cried together, I stared at them for an hour and some, and then we said goodbye. And that’s when the sad part set in. . This is the first time I’ve ever not had meet & greets at my shows. It’s a decision we had to make for several reasons, and it breaks my heart. I miss it, and I miss you, and so I’m doing something about it. . To those joining me on the Europe tour—I’m starting a show mailbox. I would love to know who you are, how you got here, what your story is. If you feel compelled to write me a little letter or note, you can leave it in my mailbox at the merch table (include a photo of yourself if you have one!) and I’ll read them before and after the show so I can feel a little more connected to you all each night. I just can’t be all the way over here and not get to know some of you. . Next up is Munich at Feierwerk / Hansa 39 tomorrow. Doors at 19:00. Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door! #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 37: Last night, during a jet lag-ridden, sleepless night on the road, I passed the time finishing The Overstory. It’s a book about life and death and trees, and it’s got me feeling extra sensitive about all things green right now. If I get too close to a plant, chances are I’m making this face. . Tomorrow brings us to Zurich. The show is at Papiersaal, doors at 18:30. Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door! . p.s. I’m counting on some good trees, Switzerland :) #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 34: And so the tour continues! This is the giddy delirium you feel just before the jet lag sets in 😂 Woke up with the sun this morning and hope to explore Barcelona for as long as my wakefulness will let me. (Spoiler alert: I almost fell asleep writing this and it’s 10am.) . So excited to kick off the tour in Barcelona tomorrow! Join us at La Nau—Doors at 7:30pm. Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door! #kgtourdiary

My cover of “Can’t Help Falling In Love” from #CrazyRichAsians will be featured on So You Think You Can Dance tonight!! 😱🎉😭 . I’ll be on a plane to Barcelona when it airs (kicking off the Europe tour in 3 days!) so go tune in and watch on my behalf! ❤️🙏🏻 . #sytycd @danceonfox

Practicing for the upcoming shows in Europe and it hit me big time—we leave for tour tomorrow!? Feeling both excited and nervous to plunge back into the alt reality of tour life. Wish me luck 😬❤️ . Europe friends—what songs do you want to hear at the shows? Let me know in the comments! . Tour dates & tickets: http://www.kinagrannis.com/tour

I wrote "California" during the 100 days my band and I were trapped in Jakarta facing 5 years in jail. It's a song about longing and acceptance, missing the people and places I loved, and not knowing when or if I would return home to them. When it came to making a video for this song, the idea of trying to do anything particularly complex or creative felt wrong, much in the same way adding any production to the song felt wrong when I recorded the album version. Instead all I could picture was this--sitting by the ocean at home in California, singing my song, and honoring all the feelings and memories from my time in Jakarta. . If you missed my original musings on this, google “kina grannis 100 days in jakarta” to find my tumblr post and read more about my experience and the lessons I learned from it. . Link to full video in bio ♡

Best teammate ever. Thanks for the 5 years (and the 10 before that), @ImaginaryFuture! So grateful to get to live and learn and grow and laugh and change and stumble and forgive and love (and tour!!) and do all the things with you. Happy anniversary, friend. ❤️

The European leg of the tour kicks off in ONE week in Barcelona and I can barely contain my excitement! Since getting home from the North American tour a couple weeks ago, life’s been a lovely blur of friends and family and catch-up sleep and Crazy Rich Asians madness and exploded suitcases on my bedroom floor. Time to shift back into show mode! I really cannot wait to see you all 😭 Say hello in the comments if you’ll be joining me in September!! . Grab tickets at kinagrannis.com/tour (Link in bio) . SEP 6 Barcelona SEP 8 Zurich SEP 10 Munich SEP 12 Berlin SEP 14 Amsterdam SEP 15 Hamburg SEP 17 Copenhagen SEP 18 Brussels SEP 19 Cologne SEP 22 Paris SEP 25 Birmingham SEP 26 Manchester SEP 27 London

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