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Американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Имеет японские, английские, ирландские, французские, шотландские, голландские и немецкие корни. После победы на Crash the Super Bowl заключила контракт с Interscope Records.
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new videoooo! i covered “stand by me” with @imaginaryfuture and we might have made it feel really sad?? sometimes we do that. 😬 either way, i hope you enjoy it, and i hope you’re well, and i’m sending lots of love your way. . link in bio to watch the full video!

The hedgehogs are back!! I wasn’t planning on bringing back the sweaters this year but I got so many messages about them that I just had to do it! For the next week they’ll be available via the link in my bio—then they’re back to hibernation! . While there won’t be a new animal inducted into our sweater family this year, I AM introducing hedgehog T-shirts and long sleeve shirts for the first time! 🎉 . I’m trying out a new brand this year, so they’re a slightly different color and fit than past years (but hopefully equally comfy!). . Go get yours via link in bio 🦔❤️

happiest of birthdays to this sweetest human i found 16 years ago! somehow you just keep getting better and better. so darn thankful you exist. ♡ @imaginaryfuture

new video up today! i covered “colorblind” by the counting crows and it felt so good 😭 . link in bio to watch the full video, and stay tuned to the end for a bit of post-song rambling and some fun mental health talk ;) . happy friday, friends!how’s your brain doing?

I just shared an iPhone demo of an unreleased song for the first time ever and I feel like I might lose my mind! 😬 I typically hold my songs very close to the chest for the first many months (if not years) of their lives before recording studio versions and officially releasing them. Today that changes, because starting now I’ll be sharing my new songs with my KG Records family as they’re born. 😳 . I’ve been writing songs again and it feels so good. Part of me wanted to share them, but I’m also terrified, and I don’t feel anywhere near being able to dive into recording a brand new album. SO, I’m gonna let my songs sit in their nascent stages for a while before releasing them to the world, but in the meantime, I’m going to share them with a handful of people I feel I can trust with such tiny new song babies :) (and what I really mean is a handful of people I feel I can trust with my tiny delicate heart that’s petrified to be sharing such new songs). . If you’d like to be part of the club that hears my new songs as they’re born, you can head over to patreon and become part of the KG Records family. Nice people only 😬 Link in bio!

Turns out today is #ThankYouPatrons Day, and goodness do I have a million and one things to thank mine for. To the 2,097 patrons that make up KG Records: thank you for being my family, my label, my support network, thank you for allowing me to spend a year creating an album that means so much to me and for being the sole sponsors of a world(ish) tour that allowed me to sing with and hug and gaze into the eyes of so many incredible humans and then making it possible for me to create space upon coming home to write some new songs again. I’m so filled to the brim with love and gratitude for you all. . I also feel compelled to extend this thank you to every listener and viewer and kinerd out there, because in a way you are all an extension of KG Records, and I feel ALL your support, be that in the form of encouraging comments or heartfelt tweets or simply quietly listening on the other side of a computer. . Love love love to everyone ♡

Oh my, how excited am I to be sharing this song with you all. Meet “For Now” (Reimagined). . Let me explain: I have a dear friend who is also a crazy music genius. His name is @ChristophAndersson. He is half of the band @JomeMusic (if you haven’t heard their music yet, just bail on this post and go listen to it right now! It’s the best). (Oh, and fun fact/quick aside—the other half of Jome is @imaginaryfuture.) OK BACK TO THE STORY. I have loved and admired Christoph’s work for so long. His production choices and the sounds he creates are like pure magic to me. . After releasing the new album this past June, I had the idea that perhaps I could beg Christoph to have some fun with my songs and try creating an alt-sound world around them. Long story short—he said yes, and this is the result! I love it so much 😭 The more you listen the more it seems to evolve and reveal itself. It’s so fun. . I hope to be releasing a few more reimagined versions of songs off the new album, so stay tuned for more of this! Also, let me catch the few comments that will inevitably accuse me of “losing myself” or “changing my music”, and reassure you—nothing’s changing. My songs are still my babies. You’re gonna get so much more slow, sad, acoustic music from me that you’ll be sick of it someday. But every now and then, I’m gonna get super talented friends to collaborate with me and make things I absolutely adore and share them with you, and hopefully you can love them too :) . Link in bio to watch the full video! (Or listen to the song wherever you listen to music!)

social media is a tricky thing. it can help us learn from each other, feel less alone, get inspired, be entertained, and a handful of other wonderful things, but more often than not (and perhaps i’m just speaking for my own unenlightened self) it leaves us feeling worse. i just lost 20 minutes clicking aimlessly, only to find myself on someone’s profile—whom i‘d never even heard of—browsing through her “life”, and comparing x, y, and z about my own life/body/success/you name it against hers. . there are so many levels here. for starters, i know that if i could just be a little more evolved of a person, just love myself a little more and care a little less about what everyone else thinks, this wouldn’t be an issue. i know envy is gross. so that’s on me, and it’s something i am aggressively and consistently working on. . but the other side of this is that what you see on social media is often not real life. and somehow knowing this STILL doesn’t cure us of feeling bad about ourselves. . it’s a dangerous cycle. i take in what the world tells me is “perfect”, which makes me feel i’m falling short, which makes me feel the need to play the game just to keep up—do my hair, put on makeup, select only the photos where i look my “best.” and now i’m part of that machine, curating a not-entirely-realistic version of myself to show to the world, and helping to perpetuate this mindset that what we LOOK like is more important than who we really are. . i also know that it’s not all bad. it’s fun to admire beauty and the aesthetics of things. it can bring us joy and inspire us. but maybe every once in a while it‘d be good to throw a little real life into the mix. no makeup. no super amazing-looking life in the background. no trying to fix my weird eyebrow that never wants to be a perfect eyebrow shape. . so anyway, just thought i’d take a moment to share #howitreallyis. i’m a person, still in my pajamas, with a sometimes weird eyebrow, who still compares and then feels crummy and then judges herself for comparing in the first place. . also, i think you’re perfect. would love to hear from you about #howitreallyis ♡

So honored to be on this new track with @fareastmovement and @justforstar! Check out “Bamboo” on Spotify, iTunes, and everywhere else music exists 🤗

i can’t get over these humans. ❤️ so much love and courage and strength. link in bio to watch the full music video for “all along” (and maybe shed a tear or two).

I just uploaded the music video for the last song on my new album, “All Along”. It features lots of wonderful and brave humans and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. (And all cry-y outside.) . Link in bio if you wanna feel some things. ♡

Tour Diary | Day 57: Tomorrow in London I play the final show of the tour and I kind of can’t believe we’re here. It’s been such an insane past few months. So grateful for everyone who has come out and made these shows what they were, who filled these rooms with so much love and warmth and welcomed me to whatever corner of the world I happened to be in. Thank you for letting me share my songs and stories with you. I’ll be soaking in every last moment with you all while I can. . London, see you tomorrow at O2 Academy Islington. Doors at 7pm! Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door :) . #kgtourdiary Photo: @cwadventures

Tour Diary | Day 55: Only a few more backstages to make home before this current chapter of life on the road is complete. Can’t quite process it all yet. It at once feels like we just left home for the US leg and that we’ve been on tour for about a year. Been reflecting on all the amazing places we’ve been and people I’ve had the honor of sharing a night with. What a beautiful whirlwind. . UK, let’s wrap this up right! We’ve got three shows left—Birmingham on the 25th, Manchester on the 26th, and London on the 27th! See you soon :) . Grab tickets at the door or via link in bio! #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 52: Grateful for a wonderful off day in Paris today :) Here’s to blue skies and ice cream and beautiful sights and being reunited with people you love. Oh, and this golden lizard. . Paris show tomorrow at Les Étoiles! Doors at 19:30. Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door! #kgtourdiary

I’m making a music video for my song “All Along” and you can be in it :) . As this is a song about realizing we are already whole as we are, I am looking for some brave souls to find their limiting beliefs and try to rewrite better ones. This video will be in the same vein as my 6 year youtube anniversary video for “Message From Your Heart” if you’d like an example of what I’m looking to create. . The official call for video submissions is going out to members of KG Records. If you’re not a member, feel free to join for the month in order to participate (or stick around longer if you want!). Head to the link in bio to visit my Patreon page where you can join. The most recent post, entitled “Be In My Music Video” has all the instructions you’ll need. . I may not be able to include all the submissions in the music video, but I will be watching and loving every single one. Selfishly, this is really an excuse to get to know you all better. :) . Sending lots of love you you all ❤️

Tour Diary | Day 49: So grateful to have this sweet human with me whenever I’m on the road. This tour, in addition to husband, opener, and therapist, he’s taken on another very important role. Food Manager. Thanks to his meticulous research, we have eaten like kings all the way through Europe. He hasn’t let us down :) Thanks Jesse. . Cologne tomorrow! Join us at Luxor, doors at 19:00. Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door! . p.s. Cologne, any food tips? You can pass them on to my FM, @imaginaryfuture 😂

Tour Diary | Day 48: You know what’s been crazy? Every night of the European tour I’ve asked if anyone in attendance is part of KG Records, and every night there has been a handful of people that raise their hands. How! How am I playing a tiny show in Copenhagen, and there are 7 humans here that are part of the reason I got to make this album, part of the reason this tour was even possible in the first place. It’s an incredible feeling to get to see so many of you face to face. I hope in my awkward and intense eye contact with you I am able to convey a fraction of the gratitude I feel for you for supporting my music and being my record label. 🙏🏻 . Brussels, you’re up next! Join us tonight (or tomorrow night if you’re still up), Tues the 18th at Le Botanique! Doors open at 19:30. Get tickets at the door or via link in bio! #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 46: Dear Europe, can I have all your parks and take them home with me? Thanks. 🙏🏻 . Copenhagen, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Monday, Sep 17 at Hotel Cecil! Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door :) #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 43: I’m not much of a beer drinker (in fact you can probably delete “much of” from that sentence for a more accurate description), but how could I resist when Germany lures me in with beautiful beer gardens full of long wooden tables tucked beneath trees and stars and sparkly lights?? Jesse found it very comical to see a beer in my hand, let alone one the size of my head 😂 . Last night in Berlin the crowd sang along to “Valentine” with me and I nearly started crying mid-song. It will never cease to amaze me that people across the world might know the words that once found me alone in my bedroom one night, and then sing them back to me. It’s an incredible and surreal experience. . Tomorrow we’re off to Amsterdam for a sold out show at Bitterzoet! Doors at 7pm. See you soon :) #kgtourdiary

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