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Американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Имеет японские, английские, ирландские, французские, шотландские, голландские и немецкие корни. После победы на Crash the Super Bowl заключила контракт с Interscope Records.
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@imaginaryfuture wrote some beautiful words about our new song "I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You" and I wanted to share them with you all! Here's his post: As many of you know, I was trapped in Jakarta for 100 days with Kina and our band in the fall of 2015. It’s taken a lot of time to process what happened there. I'll start with this. When you lose your freedom, you begin to take stock of what you still have left, and it becomes excruciatingly clear that only one thing really matters as time hurries on: love. Love, love, love. It was so obvious. I saw it. I watched everything else peel away and make room. The unimportant stuff faded, weak and grey and thin, and the only thing that stood, strong and balanced, colorful, confident in its place, was love. About halfway through our time in Jakarta, when I was able to catch my breath, I picked up a guitar. I figured that I would write about the struggle of being stuck in a foreign country, about what it’s like to lose hope. I thought I would sing about fear and injustice and the potential horrors of wrongful imprisonment. But I didn’t. When I started singing, the only thing that came out was love. It was so comforting. I was able to disappear into the songs I was writing and lose myself in love. I know this might come off as a bit saccharine; that's because it is. Under the circumstances, sweetness was a life preserver, and I wanted a billion life preservers. I thought about Kina, who was stuck there with me, navigating these weird waters. I thought about our long history together, our marriage, and the vast unknown that lay before us. I escaped in my mind and found solace there. The footage in this video is an attempt to illustrate those thoughts. It's a look into where I went in my head to find strength and peace during that time. Little flashes of memories, our wedding vows, a collection of moments from traveling the globe with Kina over the years. My hope is that the song allows you to reflect on the two things that presented themselves so clearly to me in Jakarta: life's impermanence and love's importance. -- Our music video is on YouTube (link in bio), and you can listen on iTunes/Spotify/all the places.

happy birthday to the best little sister in the universe. i'm so grateful you came and joined me here. love you infinitely, @emigrannis. the world is so much better with you in it. ♡

the best of the best of the best of the best. ❤❤❤

Singapore, I can't tell you how excited I am to see you at the show tomorrow. I took this picture in September 2015 in anticipation of a show we never got to have together. It crushed me when I had to cancel that show (and the rest of the southeast asia tour) due to our incident in Jakarta. It may be 20 months late, but it brings me a lot of joy to finally be able to make this show up to you. Tomorrow, June 18th at Hood Bar & Cafe, 7:30pm. Tickets and meet & greet available at www.kinagrannis.com/tour ♡

So excited to share this new song and video with you all. Here's "I Will Spend My Whole Life Loving You", a new duet with @imaginaryfuture ♡ Link in bio!

Singapore! I typically wait until show day to write my set list, but I started early for you :) What songs do you want to hear this Sunday? If you haven't gotten your tickets yet--get general admission + meet & greet upgrades here: www.kinagrannis.com/tour

Got a special new song with @imaginaryfuture coming out this Friday. ❤❤❤

Singapore has been some kind of wonderful! I can't get over the beauty of this place. Plus--otters in the wild!? I'm sold forever. Getting real excited for my show on Sunday!! Tickets at http://www.kinagrannis.com/tour :)

our cover of "stay" is now up on my youtube channel! goodness was i happy to be assigned the role of "singer/guitar player" and not whatever it is you call what @kurtschneider and @joelmanduke are doing. my brain hurt for them, but man did they kill it! 🙌🏻 link in profile :)

Making my country music debut today with @notryanhiga and "Millennial Love" 😂 Turn up, fam, it's lit. (<--Me trying to talk like the young folk do. (I guess I'm old now.)) Link in profile! #MillenialLove #ML

bay area friends! my incredibly magical little sister @emigrannis is showing her work at @westcoastcraft this weekend! she's one of the most incredible artists/metalsmiths/makers (not to mention humans) around, and since i'll be on a plane to the other side of the world and missing it, you should go on my behalf! but in all seriousness, her jewelry (and her face, let's be honest) are quite a sight to behold. if you don't believe me go see for yourself: @emigrannis em bem--i'm so proud of you and impressed by you and i'm so sorry i won't be able to be there for your first craft show!! 😭 i love you so much xoxoxoxoxoxo

Singapore!! I have a special announcement just for you! 🎉(Spoiler alert: I'm playing a show on June 18th and you can get tickets here! tinyurl.com/KGinSG ) Tag your friends and help spread the word! ❤🎉

my "smells like teen spirit" cover is now out on @spotify 🎉(don't i look so happy about it?) video link in bio if you missed it!

sometimes all you need is a big open sky and some birds sounds.

New video! Had some fun with Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"--watch the full video on YouTube, link in bio!

I've been trying to figure out how to write this without sounding melodramatic, but the subject matter has proven to be quite tricky! In any case, here it is, because I think it's important to share. My new song, "When Will I Learn," is a song about struggle, and more specifically for me, my struggles with sadness, social anxiety, and self acceptance. First I should make this clear--I feel great a lot of the time! But throughout my life I have routinely come into rough patches, where out of nowhere, things feel hard, and dark, and I feel disconnected and I start to pick apart all the corners of my life looking for a cause. I spent a lot of my life hoping for some grand epiphany that would answer all my questions and make me feel happy and whole, like I perceived everyone else was feeling (which, I now know, is impossible to know and silly to assume), and every time I found myself yet again dealing with the same struggles, I felt like I was broken. I didn't understand how after so much effort and so much life lived, I still hadn't figured it out. But as I've gotten older, I've learned to be a little kinder to myself, and I've learned that there is no one moment--no one magical place, idea, person, etc, that is going to make everything feel right in the world. That these lessons come in all the tiny moments. That I am constantly learning, bit by bit. So now I try to embrace the struggle, and feel all my humanness, and know I'm not alone, and feel proud of myself for striving to be more and better, even if I'm not there yet. I'm not looking for sympathy--I have come to know and even respect the issues I struggle with, but I wanted to post this for all the people who have been here and maybe needed to hear they weren't the only ones. We live in a bright and shiny social media world where everyone looks perfect and happy all the time. But it's okay and normal to struggle, too. It means you see your potential and you want to be your best. So it's ok if we don't have it all figured out right now. (Or ever.) As long as we keep trying. ❤💪🏻

we up to something. 🙊@notryanhiga

My favorite location from the "When Will I Learn" music video. We found this field purely by accident and it felt like stepping into a dream. 😍Link in bio if you haven't seen it yet! First song off the new upcoming album.

IT'S HERE!! I am thrilled to introduce you to my new song, "When Will I Learn." I hope you two become dear dear friends. ♡ Click the link in my bio to watch the full video on YouTube.

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