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Американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Имеет японские, английские, ирландские, французские, шотландские, голландские и немецкие корни. После победы на Crash the Super Bowl заключила контракт с Interscope Records.
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New video! My cover of “Beyond The Sea” is now up on YouTube—link in bio ♡ . Also!! All North American Tour Dates and Meet & Greet add-ons are now on sale! Get tickets at www.kinagrannis.com 👌🏻

two days left bbs! (i’ve never called you bb before, is this weird?? 😬) get your name printed in my album thank you credits—you have until saturday to sign up! link in bio ❤️ patreon.com/kinagrannis

4 more days to get your name on my album! putting your names on my album is my tiny way of saying thank you for allowing me to be myself and make the music i love all these years—basically, for being the best record label i could ask for. i’m in the final stretch this week in the studio and i can’t believe we’re nearly there. it’s been an amazing year making this thing and i can’t thank you all enough for supporting this journey and keeping me company along the way ❤️ . join kg records by saturday to be included in the album thank yous, link in bio!

Tour dates are now on sale!! Grab your tickets and meet & greet add-ons at kinagrannis.com (or click the link in bio)! . 7.10  San Diego, CA 7.11  Los Angeles, CA 7.13  San Francisco, CA 7.15  Portland, OR 7.17  Vancouver, BC* 7.18  Seattle, WA 7.21  Salt Lake City, UT 7.22  Denver, CO 7.25  Minneapolis, MN 7.26  Chicago, IL 7.29  New York, NY 7.30  Toronto, ON 8.01  Alexandria, VA* 8.02  Philadelphia, PA 8.04  Cambridge, MA 8.06  Carrboro, NC 8.07  Atlanta, GA 8.08  Nashville, TN . *Vancouver and Alexandria on sale 5/25

I’m going back on tour!! Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am local time. KG Records members pre-sale starts tomorrow at 10am local time. Get tickets at kinagrannis.com . *Vancouver, BC and Alexandria, VA on sale 5/25 . p.s. more dates to come 🤗

you are my sunshine ♡ link in bio if you missed the new video!

you are my sunshine ❤️ link in bio to watch the new video!

a very belated proper introduction to my tiny little friend—“IT IS HE!” (!?) sometimes words fail me 😂 but i WAS absolutely smitten, so maybe that makes it ok? . if you haven’t seen “birdsong” yet, check the link in my bio! . 👉🏻 pro tip: stick around to the very end of the music video to meet my three bird babies edward, clancy, and fox ♡

I want to put your name on my album! Let me explain. . Last year I launched KG Records after realizing that there was no record label in the world I wanted behind me more than you--the people who care and listen and get it and have been here all along. Thanks to KG Records, I spent the last year immersed in creating this album. I self-produced and mixed all the songs (a first!), directed, edited and colored all the music videos (also firsts!), and really got to put so much time and care into every song. It's been an incredibly special experience to take these songs from absolute beginning to end on my own and I am so grateful for it. . Anyway, back to the fun part. If you would like to help send this album out into the world and put your name on it, you have until May 26th to join KG Records (for as little as $1) and make that happen! Come June 1st, you can cancel your pledge and never be charged that $1 ever again (or you can stick around and be part of the family--but that's totally optional ;) ). This is just my teeny tiny way of honoring all the amazing people who have effectively been my label and supported my career for the last 10 years. If you've ever listened to my music, you are, or have been at some point, someone to whom I owe a great deal of gratitude. Thank you! <3 . Link in bio to get your name on the album!

So that’s goodbye, my eager friend I’d have thought that we would have another morning But so it goes And so it ends All that I can do is hold a home within me Oh, do you know I cried, I cried, I cried until I thought that I could die . “Birdsong” out now on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, & all the places ♡

Watch the “Birdsong” Official Music Video on YouTube and meet the sweetest little friend ever 😭❤️ Link in bio. . It’s a song about love and loss and hope and letting go. Sending some extra love to everyone with whom this song hit a little too close to home. 💙

“Birdsong” is here! It’s a song about loss and love and hope and letting go and I’m so excited to finally share her with the world. Hope you find something in it for yourself ♡ . Link to Official Music Video in bio 🕊

got a new song for you to meet this friday! her name is “birdsong” and she can’t wait to be set free 🕊

last minute practice sesh before the online concert tomorrow :) so excited to hang out with you all again! if you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your ticket so you can tune in—link in bio. . what songs do you want to hear? let me know!

Yesterday @ImaginaryFuture’s album All My Love came out and I am so proud of him 😭 I’m pretty sure Jesse’s mission on this planet is to spread love as far and wide as possible, and this album is such a testament to all the love he feels and creates and shares with everyone around him. I hope you listen and enjoy and get filled up with all those important feels. ♡ Link in bio!

🎉 Save The Date! 🎉 Spring Online Concert on Sunday, April 15th at 11am PT! . Had too much fun at the last one in January and can’t wait to hang out with you all again :) Tickets are pay-what-you-want (as little as $1) through KG Records—reserve yours via the link in bio ❤️

Take to me like a gull takes to the wind. ❤️ “New Slang” by The Shins—Love this song so much. Watch the full video on my channel, link in bio. . p.s. hi 👋🏻

Heyoooo new video for ya! A cover of an old favorite, “New Slang” by @theshins. Singing this song felt like dancing :) I love it. . Watch the video via link in my bio ♡ . Happiest of weekends to you all!

...what if i told you i’m thinking about going on tour again!? i know i said i was gonna wait until KG Records hit 2,000 members, but maybe i like you too much to wait that long and i might just have to break my promise. 😬 . to be completely honest, i am still half-terrified of leaving my safe little home bubble again, but i think i’ll feel a little better knowing there are some nice folks waiting on the other side. so i may need some nudging. please nudge me. . comment below with your city and country if you are in camp “go on tour again!” and help twist my arm ❤️🙏🏻 . (you can also nudge via patreon.com/kinagrannis ;) that is also allowed.)

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