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Американская певица, автор-исполнитель. Имеет японские, английские, ирландские, французские, шотландские, голландские и немецкие корни. После победы на Crash the Super Bowl заключила контракт с Interscope Records.
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Tour Diary | Day 22: Touring fills with me gratitude and love and an immense feeling of purpose, but it also comes with insecurity, self-doubt, and sometimes feeling like I’ve let myself (and you all) down. Certainly there are shows that leave me buzzing on a giddy high, but there are still nights where I leave the stage and crumple to the floor (where @imaginaryfuture may or may not find me and snap a photo)—nights where I feel like I didn’t quite touch the magic I’d hoped to, couldn’t give enough, felt like I fell short. Nights where I get lost in my head and start telling stories about how this person looks bored or that person isn’t feeling it. I recognize that even if these stories are true, that should be ok. But, I am human and a work in progress, and sometimes I can’t shut the stories up or be above caring about what other people think. I don’t like being that way. To counter that, I try to focus on working from a place of love. Singing because I love to, feeling the songs because of what they mean to me, and trying to connect with the audience out of pure gratitude to share this space (and life) together. Whether or not that goes over well is beyond my control, and hopefully I can get better at feeling good about simply offering whatever it is I am able to give. . Alexandria, VA (can we call this the DC show?) is up tomorrow at The Birchmere. Grab tickets and limited meet & greets from link in bio. See you all soon ❤️ #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 20: One thing I learned during my 100 days in Jakarta is that my mind follows my body, and taking care of my body—using it, jumping around, challenging it, stretching it—is the best thing I can do to take care of my mind. I make it a priority on tour to move around every day, whether it’s going on a walk or jog, hitting a hotel gym to lift some weights, or finding 10 minutes backstage to do a bunch of jumping jacks/push ups/sit ups/squats/etc before the show. It doesn’t always sound great, but holy moly does my brain thank me for it afterwards. . Toronto, we are reunited at last tomorrow night at Mod Club! Doors open at 7—tickets and limited meet & greet avail on kinagrannis.com/tour. Link in bio. See you soon! #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 19: I still can’t believe I ever managed to step on a stage. Every time it felt like the scariest thing imaginable, but I couldn’t stop doing it. I played every coffee shop, restaurant, bar, street corner that would let me, and sought out open mics like they were a drug. I was ecstatic to bring 20 people out to a hometown show, would inevitably cry upon getting off stage from the trauma of being open in front of people, and then for some reason feel drawn to do it all over again. It forced a very shy me to be vulnerable and seen, and from that came these amazing connections with other humans in the room, and that’s what hooked me. . Sometimes I have weird moments on stage where I remember what it felt like at the beginning. When I have these flashbacks, there’s a part of me that panics. OH NO HELP I’M ON A STAGE AND I’M IN CHARGE AND THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE HERE AND THEY’RE ALL LOOKING AT ME. But then I settle in (usually after confessing said fear), look out, and feel a collective hug from all your handsome smiling faces, and I am filled with gratitude. I still can’t believe I get to do this. Thanks for making it all possible ❤️ . New York, it’s you and me tomorrow! Come out to Bowery Ballroom—doors at 8pm. Tickets and limited meet & greet upgrades available on my site—link in bio. See you tomorrow! #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 16: Goshhh. I love meeting you and hearing your stories. Over the years I’ve sadly had to pare down my meet & greets for safety reasons, but I still treasure them so immensely. I can’t tell you how meaningful these moments are that I get to spend with just a handful of you before the shows. To hear your stories, read your letters, learn how a particular song of mine has affected you, hear how our lives have magically been intertwined through words and melodies. It’s so moving and mind-blowing and overwhelmingly beautiful. One of the first things that drew me to music and performing live was feeling like I got to connect with people. I felt so much, but I was so shy and I didn’t know how to express it. With music I got to sing my thoughts and feelings into a room and look out and see people who got it, got me, felt what I was feeling, and that was everything. Thanks for being those people. . Chicago tomorrow at Lincoln Hall! Doors at 6pm. Tickets and limited meet & greets available at kinagrannis.com/tour. Can’t wait to see you :) #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 15: I don’t know what’s happening in this photo other than pure tree-induced joy. We had an off day in South Dakota yesterday and I was so taken by the beauty there. The greens seemed greener than should be possible, and I felt like the trees were breathing life into me (which I suppose is exactly what is happening!? Thanks for the oxygen, guys!) Not sure what it is about a good tree that gets me so giddy, but I felt very grateful to be in the presence of so many. We also took a field trip over to Mt. Rushmore, which I gotta say, was way cooler than anticipated! All in all, super beautiful and rejuvenating day 🙌🏻 . My Minneapolis show is tomorrow! Join me at Varsity Theater—doors open at 6:30pm! Link in bio for tickets or get them at the door. Limited Meet & Greet tickets available at kinagrannis.com/tour until 3pm tomorrow. See you soon! #kgtourdiary

There’s been lots of talk about my writing in “History”! No, the image is not flipped—I’m just writing backwards :) Writing backwards (AKA mirror writing) is something I’ve been doing since high school. I wrote special notes to my friends in my backward pen, and on particularly sleepy days in class took my notes backwards to keep myself entertained. If you’ve listened closely you might have heard me reference backwards writing in my song “Heart and Mind”: “I write you letters from right to left See if you have desire yet To decipher what I said And learn secrets from my head” . If you missed the “History” music video, check the link in my bio ❤️❤️

Tour Diary | Day 12: Tour travel is a different kind of travel. While my tours have taken me around the world, my version of any given city is often limited to a backstage and a couple-mile radius around the venue. Tour time has us up and off the bus around 1pm for breakfast every day, back at the venue by 3, and then if we’re feeling crazy we may pop out for dinner after the show around 1am. It is a strange alt reality that I have come to love. While we only have a few hours to wander each city, I love the adventure of waking up each day in a new world and seeing what we can find. . Tomorrow’s adventure takes us to Denver, CO at The Bluebird Theater. Link in bio for tickets and Meet & Greet add ons or pick up tickets at the door! (Meet & Greet only available online until 3pm tomorrow!)

Tour Diary | Day 11: A lot of my time on tour is spent in green rooms (AKA backstage). Every night it’s a new temporary home (though some a little more inspiring than others, to put it nicely 😂). It’s a weird time of waiting. I power through an hour-long sound check every night, followed by an hour-long Meet & Greet, and then I retreat to my tiny little room and just wait. I’m not very good at filling this time with anything productive—the nervous anticipation I feel leading up to a show is usually enough to keep me occupied. Occasionally I’ll get some meditation or exercise in, but mostly I sit. I try to mitigate my nerves. I try to remember why I do what I do. I listen as the venue begins to fill with voices. And I try to convince myself I know what I’m doing, that I’ll remember how to do a show, that this is—despite my nerves—one of my favorite things I have the privilege of experiencing in my life. . Tomorrow I’m reuniting with my friends in Salt Lake City, UT. Join us at In The Venue—get tickets at the door or at kinagrannis.com/tour. Meet & Greet tickets available exclusively from my website until 3pm tomorrow. . SLC friends—who’s coming?? #kgtourdiary

The “For Now” music video + tour behind the scenes is up! Here’s a snippet :) . I’ve been closing out my set this tour with my song “For Now”, and it has felt especially fitting. One thing I really felt while writing this song is how amazing and beautiful and unlikely it is that all of us—and yes, i’m talking about you on the other side of this screen from me—happen to exist at this same moment in time. Human history is a long long line, and we have all randomly popped into existence during this same tiny moment. I feel so grateful not only to get to exist—to get to feel and learn and experience life—but to get to exist with ALL OF YOU and everyone else who happens to be hanging out on our planet right now. I am so grateful our paths have intersected. I am grateful for the impact you have all made in my life, and hopeful that I might make the tiniest of ripples in yours as well. It’s good to be here together :) Thanks for figuring out this life thing with me. ❤️🙏🏻 . Link in bio for full video.

Tour Diary | Day 8: Heyoooo first full night’s sleep in a week 🙌🏻 (The bus didn’t move until 9am so it’s kind of cheating, but still!) Had a very rejuvenating off day yesterday. Found a gym to move around in, worked on a special tour behind the scenes video, got a good cry in (sometimes this is necessary), ate oysters!! I’m a happy camper :) . Tomorrow we're headed to Seattle, WA to play at Neumo’s! (Keep an eye out for the posters for “Kinda Grannis” 😂 new stage name!?) Doors open at 7:30pm--get tickets from my website (link in bio) or snag some at the door. Limited Meet & Greet tickets left at kinagrannis.com/tour! See you soon! . #kgtourdiary

Upcoming shows this week! Tickets at kinagrannis.com/tour . Say hi below if you’re coming out 🎉🎉

Tour Diary | Day 7: Oh my goshhhh it felt so good to have a show where it didn’t feel like my stomach was in a knot the entire time 😂 I felt so present and comfortable and joyful at last night’s show. Feels good to (hopefully) be hitting my stride again—working out the worst of the pre-show jitters (that’s a nice way to put pre-show mega anxiety), getting centered, and slowly but surely remembering how to sleep on a tour bus. Feeling excited and recharged for the shows ahead :) . Tomorrow I’ll be playing in Vancouver, BC at Commodore Ballroom. Link in bio for tickets or pick some up at the door! (Doors open at 7pm.) Comment below if you’ll be there! 🤗 p.s. Last call for meet & greet upgrades—they’ll be on sale on my website until tomorrow at 3pm, I’d love to see you! ❤️ . #kgtourdiary photo by @akj.photos

Tour Diary | Day 5: Still finding my way back into tour mode. Things have been so crazy the last few months leading up to the album release and tour that I haven’t really had a moment to stop and take in what’s happening yet, and as a result I’ve felt a bit frantic and depleted. Today is our first true off day on tour and I’m making it a priority to stop and make sure I’m taking care of myself. Exercise. Meditate. Journal. I’ll probably find a nice tree somewhere and give it a hug, because why not :) . My wish for this tour is that it can be a heart-filling and healing experience for both myself and the people who come out to the shows. That I can feel connected and grounded and present each night so that I can fully appreciate how beautiful and lucky of a thing it is to get to do what I do and spend this time with you all, and to have the mental capacity to be able to take in all the in between moments as well. . Next stop is Portland, OR tomorrow at Hawthorne Theater. Doors open at 7pm, show starts promptly at 8. Get tickets at the link in my bio or at the door (pre-show meet & greet tickets only available from my website). #kgtourdiary

Tour Diary | Day 3 : two down, 31 to go. these shows are filling me up ❤️ so far both shows have had healthy doses of hilarity as well as heartache. many laughs and many tears. and mostly i feel that they are somehow healing me. thanks for the group therapy everyone 😂❤️ . san francisco—you’re up next. see you tomorrow at the @greatamericanmusichall! doors open at 8, show at 9. tickets at kinagrannis.com or pick em up at the door :) . #kgtourdiary

This is the poster that comes folded up inside the sleeve of the new album. On it there are the names of every single person who has ever supported me on @patreon up until the album went into physical production. I read every name. I tried to take a moment to fully take in the weight of what it means to have had so many individuals, many of whom I have never had the honor of meeting, decide to become a part of my team and directly support the creation of my music. I get goosebumps just writing that. . KG Records family, I know I've thanked you all a million times, and I will thank you a million more. This album would not exist without you. Thank you for supporting this journey, thank you for embracing me as I am, thank you for allowing me the time to write, the time to explore sounds and produce this album on my own, thank you for being my cheerleaders, my online family, for keeping me company along the way, for inspiring me to make the best and most honest music I can, and for allowing me to do it on my terms. Thank you for being the label I've always dreamed of--one that understands me, trusts me, that doesn't want me to be anyone other than myself or make any music other than the music that moves me. . I am so proud and honored and grateful to call you my label. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

Tour Diary | Day 1: Hometown shows are so special but also SO SCARY BECAUSE MY FRIENDS WILL BE THERE!! My music life and my social life rarely intersect, so when they do I feel panicked that my real self will be revealed on stage and all my friends will be like whaaaat who is this weirdo?? Anyway. I suppose the truth has to come out at some point or another 😬 . Lovely people of Los Angeles, please join me at my hometown show tomorrow at Teragram Ballroom(and help me forget I have friends in the audience)! (p.s. Friends, I love you.) . The show begins tomorrow at 8pm—doors open at 7! General Admission and pre-show Meet & Greet tickets are available at kinagrannis.com, or pick up GA tickets tomorrow at the door! (Meet & Greet tickets close for sale at 12pm tomorrow.) . #kgtourdiary

San Diego!! Tomorrow is the day!! Can’t wait to kick off the tour with you all at The Music Box 🎉 (Show details at the bottom of this post!) . I kind of can’t believe we’re here. When we got home from being stuck in Jakarta a couple years back I wasn’t sure I’d ever have it in me to tour again. Actually, I wasn’t sure I had it in me to keep doing music either. It feels amazing to be on the other side of that now, with a new album I am so proud of, and a big tour that I finally feel ready and excited (albeit super nervous) for. . The show at The Music Box begins tomorrow at 8:30 sharp—doors open at 7. General Admission and pre-show Meet & Greet tickets are available at kinagrannis.com, or pick up GA tickets tomorrow at the door! (Meet & Greet tickets close for sale at 12pm tomorrow.)

Last chance to win a signed guitar! Tour starts in TWO DAYS and I need your help spreading the word! Follow the instructions below to help out and enter to win 🤗 . To enter to win this guitar: 1. Like this post! 2. Check out my tour dates below, find the city nearest you, and comment on this post with: "(@Tag 3 or more friends) Kina is playing in [Insert Your City]!" . Gigantic thank you to @bedellguitars for donating this beautiful guitar for me to sign and give away! It's my favorite ❤️ . TOUR DATES (US, CANADA & EUROPE) . JUL 10 San Diego, CA JUL 11 Los Angeles, CA JUL 13 San Francisco, CA JUL 15 Portland, OR JUL 17 Vancouver, BC JUL 18 Seattle, WA JUL 21 Salt Lake City, UT JUL 22 Denver, CO JUL 25 Minneapolis, MN JUL 26 Chicago, IL JUL 29 New York, NY JUL 30 Toronto, ON AUG 1 Alexandria, VA AUG 2 Philadelphia, PA AUG 4 Cambridge, MA AUG 6 Carrboro, NC AUG 7 Atlanta, GA AUG 8 Nashville, TN AUG 10 Houston, TX AUG 11 Dallas, TX AUG 13 Austin, TX . SEP 6 • Barcelona SEP 8 • Zurich SEP 10 • Munich SEP 12 • Berlin SEP 14 • Amsterdam SEP 15 • Hamburg SEP 17 • Copenhagen SEP 18 • Brussels SEP 19 • Cologne SEP 22 • Paris SEP 25 • Birmingham SEP 26 • Manchester SEP 27 • London

Starting to work on the set list for tour!What songs do you want to hear?? Speak now or forever hold your peace! Be sure to grab your tickets at kinagrannis.com 🎉

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