Kimberley Garner


Английский дизайнер спортивной одежды, телеведущая, актриса и светская львица, наиболее известная по участию в реалити-шоу Made in Chelsea, лауреате BAFTA.
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Beverly Hills, California

sunshine state second home

🌴 say my name and everything just stops, I don’t want you like a best friend

a little bohemian always @kimberleylondon new style

🥥📸 holiday pics @kimberleylondon

rain bikini new style @kimberleylondon

📸 hot day in Miami wearing the Sardinia Bikini. I designed this high rise bikini style for the top to be able to worn with jeans, first time have tried it and love it! @kimberleylondon

Miami Beach, Florida

over in the US for a little bit, amazing to have been given a working visa 🇺🇸 loving it already

🇺🇸 new city new adventures @kimberleylondon

South Beach, Miami

day two in 🇺🇸 very happy to just been given a working visa 🇺🇸😍 @dasmodelmanagement @hollywoodmodelmanagement

The Lone Star

holiday nights, waiting for everyone else to get dressed 💫🌟🏝

baby blues @revolve

New Year’s Day 🥂🌟🏝🍕🍕🍕 bikini @kimberleylondon

last on the beach 🌟 #newyearsday @kimberleylondon bikini

first day of 2018 🎇 new bikini I designed, the Classic @kimberleylondon

sandy baby 🎇 New Year’s Eve 2017 @kimberleylondon stardust bikini

Near Years eve lazy Sunday in the Caribbean with my family. Been the most amazing year 2017 would do it all over again, thank you to all my loved ones who have been my world this past year 🌟🕊❤️

where my heart is

happy christmas. what a year it’s been :) x ❄️🎄🥂🕊🕊

Tonight was amazing. Hosted Christmas dare challenge around london. Love my girls x 🎄🎄 @ejqlyons @iamamyjackson @aliceameliajeffrey @olivianewmanyoung

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