Kimberley Garner


Английский дизайнер спортивной одежды, телеведущая, актриса и светская львица, наиболее известная по участию в реалити-шоу Made in Chelsea, лауреате BAFTA.
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Miami Beach, Florida

back in the USA 🇺🇸 do you guys have any restaurant recommendations in Miami? 🍔 🍦 🍹

by the sea 🌊 in the @kimberleylondon newport bikini. Designed this one to be able to be worn as a croptop with jeans too. Happy it’s almost the weekend it’s been a long week! Going back to Miami next weekend excited ☺️

Happy International Women’s Day 🥳💝💁‍♀️ #internationalwomensday #womensday


let’s go here. 🌴 @kimberleylondon #swimwear

Love this bikini, there’s only a few left of this one but it’s always my go to bikini 📸 by my friend @ejqlyons on the way back from the beach in France last summer 🇫🇷 🏝

Kensington, United Kingdom

waiting for uber like... 💃🌟💁‍♀️ @alexandrevauthier last week at home for fashion week @kstewartstylist @alordwalker

New One Piece Style released today 🍋 @kimberleylondon

Club 55

what are your summer plans?

happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ ( one piece )

Kensington, United Kingdom

#tbt warmer days at home in london. Pooch looking very sweet in the pic 🐶 full outfit @forloveandlemons

Spot pooch 🐕 home soon (ish) 📸 photo after #thefloralball 💎 @jamesganh @kstewartstylist

I believe if a boy wants a girl, he goes for her. What surprises me is that he thinks she will always wait around for him.

Trousdale Estates

Should have packed warmer clothes ❄️ #LA

Beverly Hills, California

over LA for the weekend ☕️ breakfast with mumma @geraldinegarner

Goodnight 💗 🍰 💎

Miami Beach, Florida

double denim retro 📸💥 @calebandgladys


Finally in Stock, one piece 😍🌊

Miami Beach, Florida

📸 70s pop colours 🏖 brand new design - spent about a year working on the shape and fit but it’s finally here 🎇 brand New ‘Amalfi’ one piece @kimberleylondon

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami One Piece vibes @kimberleylondon I just finished working on this new cut, making it in lots of different colours but only a limited number of each colour. This ones called Amalfi 📸 photo by my girl @ejqlyons on Miami Beach 🏖

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