Канадская певица норвежского происхождения, автор песен, мультиинструменталист и танцовщица из Калгари, которая с недавнего времени работает в Нью-Йорке и Лондоне. Наиболее известна своим синглом «Hideaway».
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Handsome RoMeow calling out to his tender one-eyed Juliette. These two poofs were adorably inseparable. 🖤🖤🖤 #cats

Love travelling. When I'm back... time get rolling again 😉

A very dramatic hotel room 😊

Friendly little stray cat I came across in Split, Croatia #cat #stray #croatia #split #photography

Time for the beach! 🌴☀️

These cobblestones have seen a great many things. Today they will see me eating lunch.

Laundry day in Old City Dubrovnik

Such a little grass fox. Miss my furbabies.

Lunch in Dubrovnik 😜

Taking a leap into photography, so I can better capture all my travels and adventures to share with you. My brother @blayreellestad recommended this Fuji Fujifilm X100S as an amazing camera in a small package, so I'm excited to share what I capture. Currently I'm in Croatia, and didn't bring my computer, so I'll share some of my favorite pictures when in get back! #newhobby #photography #camera #fujifilm #fuji #kiesza #travel #croatia

@endy You know it's an new era when your new mattress arrives via bike currier, in a cardboard box. Very excited to watch this thing inflate and then have a really epic nap! @gingapotato is also pumped.

Gorilla ambassador's in our element! @savinggorillas 📷: @tibalism #rwanda


In honour of 9/11, I wanted to share @aliceandtheglasslake 's beautiful hymn "Maiden Lane," which she wrote for this day. Link is in my bio.

Pippi K

NY strollin' #throwback

Sometimes you just gotta smile like a dork, and take that day off to binge on homemade guacamole and swoon over the profiles of abandoned cats you know you can't adopt.

Throwback to when I used to be a unicorn.

Happy Birthday to this monumental legend ❤️#freddiemercury #birthday #legend #idol #queen

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