Канадская певица норвежского происхождения, автор песен, мультиинструменталист и танцовщица из Калгари, которая с недавнего времени работает в Нью-Йорке и Лондоне. Наиболее известна своим синглом «Hideaway».
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Denmark 🇩🇰 I’m exhausted, but so inspired. Going to miss this special country and all the magical people I worked with! Can’t wait to release the music we made. But for now...back to the pacific coast! See you soon LA ❤️

Gone fishing ❤️

The lipstache is back

BOSS!!! @jonasworup

Sometimes you just need A polarity shift @kasperfalkenberg

Nothing left to have around here. It doesn’t fade, it disappears. No room for wrinkles in all of these years.

Just finished a new piece! What should I call this one?

Los Angeles, California

This ain't a movie love No fairytale conclusion y'all It gets more confusing everyday Sometimes it's heaven sent Then we head back to hell again We kiss then we make up on the way... #johnlegend 📷: @drelladarko

I like my [persimmons] fresh 🍅 (you were all right about them not being tomatoes)

Too Glam to give a Damn 😏😉❤️ 📷: @drelladarko (love this lady)

Throwback Thursday!! I always had so much fun on @theellenshow and this is one of my favorite ballads if you couldn’t already tell from the name of the album!! Hope you enjoy reliving this moment with me 😊 Sound of a Women live on Ellen 🎤🎧🎼 Full video link in bio!!

This could be us, but you playin...

Oslo, Norway

Lucy Goosey ❤️ #ilovelucy #lucilleball

Los Angeles, California

Puttin’ some jam on that studio session! @rynxmanjones #Soul #Music #Love

London, United Kingdom

I spent over two years travelling the globe and sharing these insane experiences with all of you. Nothing makes me come alive like I do when I’m on stage giving everything to you. By the end of every show, my lipstick was usually smeared all over my face from eating the microphone, I’m sweating head to toe from all the knee sliding and dancing, and somehow you all still wanna hug me afterwards, and I’m blown away every single time by how unique and incredible every single concert is. These are photos from when I had the pleasure of opening up for @calvinharris at the ITunes Festival. I love these photos and thank you @del_photos for sharing them with me!


My manager demanded a board meeting...so she got one. @ljubalicious #manager #boss #kieszaklique #kiesza #managerlife #boardmeeting #business

New sketch from my latest plane ride to Copenhagen. #sketch #art #travelart #drawing #procreate #inspiration #kiesza

I 🐆 You

Studs, ringlets, leather gloves and a hint of DGF. #mood #vibe #throwback #kiesza

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