Канадская певица норвежского происхождения, автор песен, мультиинструменталист и танцовщица из Калгари, которая с недавнего времени работает в Нью-Йорке и Лондоне. Наиболее известна своим синглом «Hideaway».
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In the Bu!!


The new hair. It’s been decided.

Happy Mother’s Day to the most important woman in my life. You brought me into this world and showed me all the magic it holds. You protect me, give me strength, support me no matter what. You tell me the truth, even when I don’t want to hear it. You fight for me and you take care of me. You’re always there and I can always rely on you no matter what. You are the greatest blessing in my life. Love you to the end of the universe and back Mom!

Bringin’ in the horses with @tutulens

Punk junk

Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm. -Abraham Lincoln .....clearly I was misinformed.

“I tried carrying the weight of the world. But I only have two hands.” -Avicii For greatness to been seen, one must hide the sacrifice. RIP Tim. Thank you for the gift of your music.

❤️hope you're having a rad day! ❤️


Too many stripes. Too few polkadots. #fashion #stripes #polkadots #opticalillusion

Incredible story ❤️ "This is the definition of strength, love, and pure raw beauty. Mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer halfway through pregnancy with her surprise gender baby. She had one breast removed and underwent chemo while carrying her miracle baby. She was induced at 36 weeks in order to receive more treatment. Baby BOY was born ready to prove to the world his strength he inherited from his strong mommy. He latched on to her remaining breast all on his own and the room erupted in so many emotions. Breastfeeding is such a sacred bond, and this one just makes my heart break and swell at the same time. I am beyond blessed to have met and gotten to know this woman and her family, and so honored she asked me to be there to document these precious moments. Please share, and continue to pray for this family as they go into their next journey together!" -All Credit and Copyright to Katie Murray Photography #cancer #breastcancer #cancersurvivor #wwshero  #wwsstories #miraclebaby  #blackandwhite via @whatweseee

The painting is watching me...

"Not only does God play dice, but... he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen." - Stephen Hawking Thank you for teaching us all the that we are limitless. Rest In Peace. ~ Stephen Hawking passed away both on #piday and on Einstein's birthday. ~ #stephenhawking #rip #incredible #greatman

On the road again... #travel #journey

Yep...Happy place.

Malibu, California

Low riders and bell bottoms are coming back. #readyforit

Venice, California


To be truly creative, you've got to find a way to sink and soar all at the same time. It makes no sense... and yet, it somehow contains all the sense in the world.

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