Кирнан Шипка


Американская актриса, дебютировавшая в 2006 году. Лауреатка премии «Молодой Голливуд». Наиболее известна благодаря роли Салли в телесериале «Безумцы».
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Ruen Pair Restaurant

Birds eye view

Lots of good art today: @jackhenryrobbins show and then these desserts from @hereslookingatyoula

They grow up so fast

just kidding, I'm excited

my vibe when I was 2 months old is my vibe about turning 18 tomorrow

#Emmys2017 so fun, now home w my main girl ❤️🌹

Ristorante Cocchi

Life changing. I am a new person.

Parma, Italy

Enjoying the scenery but mainly thinking about the pasta I just had for lunch.

Bar Schiavoni

Juuuuusst a little pre lunch bite. Heaven is this ricotta / spinach / toasted almond sandwich situation. 😍

Modena Centro

Buds in Modena

Caffè Terzi Bologna

Froth game?

Bologna, Italy

We were very excited for our dinner reservations

Gelateria S.Stefano

THANKS 4 THE MEMORIES ITALY 🇮🇹 Now bear with me here, I'm about to bombard you with food and scenery photos.

I want to wear this dress all day every day @miumiu #miumiuwomenstales

Burano, Veneto, Italy

Italy is magic! #miumiuwomenstales

Trattoria Da Romano

This was a good thing

Venezia, Italia

Venezia! ❤️ #miumiuwomenstales

This is me dancing to boom boom pow at a Bar Mitzvah alone

The whole fam is loving @handmaidsonhulu, especially Frankie.

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