Кирнан Шипка


Американская актриса, дебютировавшая в 2006 году. Лауреатка премии «Молодой Голливуд». Наиболее известна благодаря роли Салли в телесериале «Безумцы».
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The Apophis, devouring worm. 🍦

it’s the freakin weekend!

Last read through of the season😭😭😭😢😢😭😭

Footage of me getting through Friday (hi @michellegomezofficial)

We heard music so we started a party (@lachrwatson get over here!!!)

BRIGHT SOLSTICE!!!! The holiday special drops DEC 14!!!! Who’s excited?!? I’m excited!!! Very excited!!!

happiest of birthdays to my dog daughter / life partner (2 YEARS OLD!!!😍)

Your favorite witches and warlocks and mortals (and goblins and demons) are back on April 5th, only on @netflix (hi @netflix you’re my best friend and I love you)🖤💔🖤

bittersweet that we’ve almost wrapped Sabrina but I really can’t wait for THIS next month

You’re looking at Young Sabrina, aka @mckennagraceful, AKA DREAMS DO COME TRUE

HAPPY BDAY to the king of beets and gucci loafers❤️❤️ilsym✨✨✨

May your day be better than Sally’s

Being on the cover of @seventeen is rad and all but let’s just take a moment for PUPPIES


‘brina would approve of the red phone, don’t you think? #XR

birthday!!! party!!! time!!!

Jazzy’s taking over @sabrinanetflix today

⬆️level of excitement for the #CAOS solstice episode⬆️

HAPPY SOLSTICE!!!! We’ve got a #Caos holiday ep and it’s INSANE. Plus there’s an extra extra super special secret surprise in it that I think everyone is going to freak out about 🤪🤪🤪

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