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Looking up like, God I kno you wouldn't put more on my plate, than I can handle, So when when u pray for blessings, you gotta go through what, prepares u for them. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #Team #ConsciousPrayers

Everybody in this pic with me is 20+ years in. So when I think about losing people, I think about the good people who stayed around. Then I don't feel so bad. #NoPressure #TrustAndBeeeeeeeeelieve #Me ❤️ A few GOOD ones NOT pictured. Only YOU kno who u are 💪🏽#NotAShadyPost to the others I love VERY dearly. Promise.

Had fun last night. 🤤

Happy Unc called me to do this show!!! Crazy to see it come full circle, crazy to think, my brother @sean_cole_the_outlaw introduced me to you, You introduced us to PAC, and every since then, it's been LIT!!!! Opening up for u this Sept at @staplescenterla is a pleasure and Blessing!!! Wit the beautiful @goapele #BlessingsOnBlessings

Goddess vibes 🤤

Wavy super 🌊

This picture embodies everything that this album is about. #officalWave 🌊

Another day another 💰

#tbt💙 #MoneyOnMyMind

#TBT and the game DON'T STOP! Mommy and ME! And a HEART to show my love 😍

Time to relax and take notes. Make a list on what's HAS TO BE ACCOMPLISHED, then PRIORITIZE that list👑 #ButFirstLetMeGrabThisSelfie 😩😜

Happy BDay to my Bottom bish!!! Can't wait for you to get here,!!! Hope u liked the gift I sent. Bottles on me when u Land girl!!! And I have a special surprise for you!! I think ya gonna like 💰💰😩 Happy BDay @marquisha_bitch 💕 #Salt&Peppas here👯

I guess 👑🤷‍♀️ (sarcasm)

Family Love, on this beautiful Saturday!!!!! Featuring Princess 👑 Love💙 (Myself) "The hulk" @daniel_gibsonjr And "Animal King" @sirelijahblake 📌

When he gets it. I didn't tell him to do this by the way. I just asked him to take a pic with me, if he didn't mind. Meanwhile I'm looking for some sangria!!!!!! The GOOD KIND... with the fruit in it!!! 😩🤔

Gotta stay Prayed up. 🙏🏽

Met New family of mines. Very thankful to kno u ALL Baby Jada what up??? @eoydc ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Oakland Family on my fathers side❤️❤️❤️ #Gang 😜

It was never just about the beat of a drum 🥁🙈👀❤️

Thankful And Stressed about this music, All at the same time!!!!! 😩 #Ladies 🎶 but I am Glad I watched #DefiantONES ❤️ #AMustSee👀 I watched it 3 times 😩

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