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#HappyBDay beautiful #MaryJBlige ❤️

Shine baby girl Look @philippplein78 Shoes @Prada Stylist @zellswag

Las Vegas Strip

Love ❤️

Bellagio Las Vegas

Young Keysh, 😜 And with faith, and strength I weathered the storm through adversity. I really look forward to #2017 #Happy #Blessed #appreciative #Love #Album7 looking back, honestly didn't kno how I would make it to where I am today. Nor How I would take care of myself. All I knew was that there was always a song in my heart, that I couldn't help but sing! And it was here in Las Vegas where I connected hearts with a few, who were just like me. So I post this today to say, thank u to EVERYONE who EVER!, believed in me. And if I've ever let you down, I truly apologize. I feel grounded, energetic, and ready, once again, to share an extremely personal, passionate album with the WORLD!!!!!!!


Big Bear Ski Resort, CA

Awesome time in Big bear With awesome people, Beautiful snow, and great food. Hope you all had a wonderful CHRISTMAS Thank u God for all that you do, for all your protection. Also visit my girl @liasluxurylistings for all your listing needs, (Realestate) I gave her literally 1 day and she CAME all the way THROUGH!!!! 🎄

Download silent night by me, Keyshia Cole. Now we just have to figure out how to get to the store through all this snow 🙄

#Album7 . Fun fact.. in the Bible the #7 - is the foundation of God's word and I felt his love throughout the process of creating this body of work. Thank you all for the continued support ❤️🙏🏾❤️💎 and with that being said #Album #7 is COMPLETE!!!!!!!!! Without you I don't kno where I'd BE. 😇

Sony Music

Signed my first deal at the age of 21, released my first album June, 2005 second album, Sept, 25 2007 then my third just a year later Dec,16 2008! After that, I've released a album EVERY 2 years consistently 2010, 2012, and 2014 being the last album released Under my then, and forever IGA FamBam!!!! ❤️ Well 2016 is about to be over, 😳 AND IM PAST MY INTERNAL DEADLINE!!! I'm extremely anxious, and Extremely proud of My work, And 💯% prepared for the world to hear this NEW project. I haven't worked so hard on a album since back when I had that hunger, since this music thing was all I had. When it was the only way out! 🎙📺📽🎞💰⏳⌛️ I take Pride in saying I'm NOW APART OF THE EPIC FAMILY!!! And a GOAL that my EPIC fam and I mutually share is to take this Passion (I CANT BE WITHOUT) to new heights! God I would love a Grammy to take a look at, as a representation of what these last 4 (365) days have been like for me, 😩🙏🏽something meaningful, yet tangible. It would be the first accolade received 👀 🙏🏽💪🏽🏆🎙💪🏽 God Has been so good, every time I find myself looking around for someone to turn to, he's always there to Provide the answers I need. When you believe, You can achieve, look within to find all the answers you need. #EpicAlbum7 #7isABlessin #7 #Album7 #LAReid #SylviaRhone #DougMorris #JeffRobinson are now #MyHeavyHitters Sucka💪🏽 👊🏽 ILOVE YOU GUYS, THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS JOURNEY WITH ME👁

So proud of you @remyma SO PROUD!!!! I love you!! God is so good. Sis you are the definition of strength, you've been a work in progress, and YOU did what YOU needed to do!!!! Learn, Grow, work hard, and you put that work in!!!! Congratulations 💪🏽💪🏽 #2GrammyNods And I hope we collect them both 👀 they can be just like it's both of ours, but we'll just keep them My my house 😂 #Cool??? @fatjoe 👀 Lol naw, congrats BraBra 💪🏽

Thank for coming down to listen to the album 🙏🏽 Billboard Interview with Gail Mitchell. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #Album7

Bahama Momma,,,, happy she's decided to be sober on her own. I sung like a angel tonight with her by Myside 👯#Bahamas👯

@daniel_gibsonjr been growing at a rapid rate lately!! 😩 took him out today to get a few things. 🎓 #TodayAtJoyRich

#RIP mommy dearest!!!! Thank u for making my dream come true of doing a song with my brother 2Pac!!!! I love u both!!!!!! Thankful I met such strong individuals!!! That was a blessing!!!! I really love you guys like family!!!!!!! And always will!!!! #RIP beautiful!!!!!! I will work even harder to make u guys proud up there!!! #MyWord!!! #IPromise ❤️❤️❤️😇😇 goodbye for now. 🙏🏽

Listen. Don't judge ok!!! This is life!! And I'm thankful for it all!! The good the bad and the ugly!!! Failed marriage, bad choices in a few that promised me the world and said all the right things and did opposite. What can I say, it's facts!!! I'm human! Yes I have issues that I deal with from my upbringing, y'all kno my life!!! Shit I've had how many reality shows... displaying the truth!!! ? I've never fronted on my mother, neither one! Never disowned my mother because of drugs. (She's the reason I would NEVER even try Drugs) You all have seen me grow, I've created a wonderful life for my child. #ThisGirlFromOakland #Cali so yes it pisses me off when someone says She's just like her mother!!!!!! You kno why? Because no I'm not perfect but God made a way and I took it!!!! I put that work in!!! #Don't #Take #That #Away #From #ME I love all my fans and people who have seen me since the age of #21 I'll be #35 this year!!!! A lot of changes are happening in my life right now!! #I respect you all!! No judgement passed!! All ❤️✌🏽️ thankful for all my real friends! 💋

Love them!!! When it comes to them, it's whatever!!! Love!!! Love! And more #Love!!!! I promise!!!! Wish y'all were there!!!! So much more popping!! So happy and proud of y'all!!!!!!!!!! @papoosepapoose @therealremyma love u both!!! Stay down for each other!!! ❤️❤️

This pic is so awesome!!!! Smiles, love, and just pure awesomeness!!!! #Father&Son can't wait to also have a girl version of me!!! Cause clearly, @daniel_gibsonjr all me 💁🏽 (Shade) 😂🤘🏼

I kno Mary and I spoke about doing more shows together but, November 8, 2015 meant so much to me to open for a woman who I always, as that lil girl in Oakland looked up to! Thanks Mary, Kendu, And also Manny!! You guys really truly don't understand how I felt!!!! Inspired! Inspired! Inspired!!!! Thank u guys. 👯

#TheRealBaps ✌🏽️@Whoisparisphillips

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