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The BIG 40!!! You would’ve been today!!! Happy BDay, would’ve loved to have met you. #Repost @laamofficiel 💔 AALIYAH 'S 40TH BIRTHDAY happy birthday princess 🙏 rest in peace 🙏 #rip #aaliyah #birthday 💔

#TBT #Mommy&Me God is good🙏🏽 @daniel_gibsonjr

#TBT who remembers the magazine cover ? Major VIBES😜 #OMG I loved this hair color📺

Love is in the air- 📸 Credit - @nikokhale

Maybe I’m starting to like Patent leather😳

This picture is dedicated to my last album, 1111 #Reset @elijah.mekhi on the edit @61.mm On the photography

My 🌞 My booski @daniel_gibsonjr

Yesterday’s concert with my @fashionnova top.. loved this top by the way ..... 😩🙏🏽🎤

OMG IM IN LOOOOOOOOVE, I gotta have this color for Christmas. 😩😩😩😩

Should I go back to the blue? Or should I do auburn for my upcoming shows? 🤔 @fashionnova

Last night there were a lot of things that took place, that could’ve prevented me from going on stage, then when I gets on the stage, FINALLY, the crowd couldn’t even hear me for the first song...🤦🏽‍♀️ but I knew what to do!!!! THIS WAS THE REMEDY!!! They were singing louder than me😍I had to FLIP THE BAD ENERGY,😊 into, GREAT, God loving, Love sanging energy..

Ok @fashionnova for the, get in, where u fit in, steez 😩🤤 #ShowOutfit #Tampa

Met a lot of sweet people Here at the meet and greet in Tampa tonight! I love you all. Thank u🙏🏽 G/Night Morning.

Every caption I’ve came up with to this picture, has been a NO GO, sooooo ummmm, yea. Here’s the picture, With 😶

The flash was bright but, This DRESS FROM @fashionnova IS RED CARPET CUTE, CUTE. 💦

Before and after vibes...... was sooooo happy to get my skin cleansed @simonourianmd1 thanks once again.

I’m sooo into my skin and keeping it clean, thank you @simonourianmd1 for taking care of me, Making sure I could get the best FACIAL...... I think I may come back and do the cool Laser 🤔 Help me get rid of these bags, Lord knows I have enough of that 🤨❤️🙏🏽

You can’t block it all, but, When you clear your mind and heart from ALL THE BULL 💩 You learn how to smile MORE! Yea, The more you change from within, the less Bull 💩 you’ll allow to seep through. #GetOffTheBullshit.

I love pigs 🤩

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