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Filming for the amazing show #Tanked @brettraymer @waydeking

Tune In now!!!! @mtvwildnout 😡

Hope u ALL HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! Did u have a Christmas Bae tho? 🤤??? Or naw?

Yea !!! It’s a major VIBE!!!! #Family4Life #PastLife #He’sHappy

Anchorage, Alaska

Happy BDay mommy!!! Love u! Thank u for the solid upbringing 🏠

@beatfacehoney @tokyobradshaw_ @marquisha_bitch #Dallas it’s cold here so I’m wearing some chill shyt !!! When u sexy wit clothes on🔥☄️

Ha! Got my hair, makeup and nails done and went no where. 😩 Say hello to Dej'a Lo! But hey, Have a awesome night on PURPOSE 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

My little Honey bunny @daniel_gibsonjr spent a entire week in NYC with me the week of release of my album!!!!! This is @iwantkaykay his Nanny, she took him to get a few things to wear on our trip, I'm so happy to get back home and spend over a week off with my munchkin 🎉🎉 hmmmmmm what should I plan for us to do?? 🤔 Maybe Disneyland on the weekend🤔 Great Wolf lodge? Or maybe go up to Oakland and spend some time with my father Virgil❤️❤️❤️ missing my Old man😩 and my DJ😍😍

#WildNOut #MTV #11:11RESET OUT NOW!!!! ❤️❤️❤️💎✈️

Just finished Lip sync battle!!!!! Now I'm headed to Vegas to celebrate My BDay it's gonna be #GroovyBaby🤙🏽

😩 I really must get some rest, too many exciting things happening. Sheeeeeeesh! #Vault #Out #NOW!!!!!! #Preorder #11:11Reset

Warner Bros Studio, Los Angeles, California

This is MY INSPIRATION, MY MOTIVATION, DJ SAID MOMMY, the doors close by themselves, get this in blue, I like it. 😩💎My father (Who I just met after 35 years says "Baby focus on equity" as he owns properties💪🏽 I've ALWAYS BEEN MOTIVATED TO GET MY OWN! And as I focus on RAISING A YOUNG MAN, WITH MORAL, I will say this, growing and learning from our mistakes, define!who we truly are. And I will continue to focus and STAY On THE RIGHT PATH. I thought this video was so cute,him dancing and all. 💎 #ProtectedByGOD #Period

Celebrity Theatre

The vibez were too real 😩 why my punk ass cry during heaven sent 😓🤦🏻‍♀️ The energy in the room, was waaaaaaay too real. A gangsta had to walk off stage for a second. God, thank u. For letting me do the very things I've always dreamed of, since a little girl🙏🏽

Staples Center

A true performer, performs REGARDLESS of mishaps!!! When all else FAILS!!! Perform with a smile!!! Because you what??? WE are BLESSED to be able to do what's on our hearts!!!! Many people, May NEVER get to LIVE their dreams!!!! Thank You GOD, for giving me the life I ALWAYS dreamed of. 😭Notice the address to the staples center is #1111 #ThisWasMeantToBe😏 @chuckthemover

I had the time of my life last night!!!! OMG 😩🙏🏽 #Seattle from this point on, you'll ALWAYS have a special place in my heart❤️🕺🏽💃🏻🕺🏽 @chrisgranted thanks soooooo much my love!!! Wes I LOOOOVE ya Please don't EVER GO!!!! #!!!!!! My handsome dancers!!! Glad I have u both!!!!! And my pretty DJ on the ones and TWO's 😩🏆🏆🏆🏆💕

🏆 MommyAward !!! I'm in it to win My munchkins ❤️💕 #AgainThanks @brunomars and TEAM Bruno and #TeamKeyshia for making this happen for us. Bruno did AMAZING so did the BAND!!!!!!! Yes!!!

Mastro's Restaurants - Steakhouse, Beverly Hills

@neneleakes will sit my ass down in a minute and run me the GAME!!! Love her for that!!! #Solid we were debating on who's worse with our quick reactions/Quick to pop off😩!!!! YALL PLeASE tell her it's HER #BeHonest🙏🏽#VideoCredit @erndukes ❤️

@gucci everyone wants me to cut my tags😡 But I feel like if I do how will I remember that it's Gucci, years down the line 🤷🏻‍♀️what do I guys think 😂#GucciFit #GucciShoes

If I give this, one more try🤷🏻‍♀️#Incapable

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