Кевин Зегерс


Канадский актер, известный своими ролями в фильмах "Рассвет мертвецов" (2004), "Трансамериканска", "Замерзшие", "Орудие смерти: Город костей".
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Los Angeles, California

Skipping into the weekend.

Los Angeles, California

The timing of this news couldn’t be any better. As the world opens its eyes and addresses the inequality in the workplace, this is what success looks like. A strong, powerful, young, ambitious asset and LEADER has earned a job worthy of her extraordinary talents. @snap.inc hit the jackpot. I’m proud to call Lauren a friend and cannot wait to see the incredible work she’s about to begin. To the top LG. To the top. 🙌🏽

Best day of my life.

Panorama City, California

First time on the ice. Look out world. #zoe


The Disney Crew. Thanks Krystof for all of the help. And thank you @b_burk for making it all happen.

Daddy and Blakey looking for Nemo.

Zoë in heaven. Between her boyfriend and her dad.

Mi familia. Tia. Tio. Mommy. Daddy. Zoë. Blake.


Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️

Perfect day for @disneyland !!!!!!!!!

Melissa. 🔥


My life is full of strong, powerful women. My house is full of strong, powerful women. Because of women like my wife @jaimefeld, my daughters will grow up knowing that anything they dream is within reach. Because of the battles women today are fighting, my babies lives will be better. So thank you. Thank you Kari, and Rhonda, and Linda and Judy. Thank you Mom and Katie and Krista and Lily. Thank you to all of the women in my life. I’m forever in your debt. #internationalwomensday

What an amazing moment for my brother @chrishuvane . Been busting his ass on behalf of these two for years. Great taste and an animal for his clients. Love you my man. @margotrobbie @chadwickboseman

My kind of actor. My kind of artist. My kind of performance. Take the character by the balls, take some artistic risks and find the man inside, however ugly. Make us love him in spite of his many faults and shortcomings. That’s what true acting genius looks like. Congrats to my hero #samrockwell #oscars

Goodbye desert. Home in bed with my girls. Hog heaven.

Classic Club

Duck hook

Palm Desert, California

The boyz. @chacecrawford @yourboyswish @fisherpence @dave_annable Thanks to @stjude for inviting us to this amazing event.

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