Кевин Зегерс


Канадский актер, известный своими ролями в фильмах "Рассвет мертвецов" (2004), "Трансамериканска", "Замерзшие", "Орудие смерти: Город костей".
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Hollywood Hills

Lazy Monday

Celebrating the sacrifice and courage of all veterans today. This is Arthur Franzblau. My wife's grandfather and a fighter pilot in Europe during WWII. Flying routes over Western Europe with 5 layers of clothing on so he didn't freeze to death, dodging enemy fire on multiple missions every day, Arthur embodies the bravery we are all thankful for today. He was a teenager in this photo and most of the men and women we send to war are children. Let's acknowledge them today and everyday. Happy Memorial Day.

Someday, she'll find me annoying and boring. But today, I'm the coolest guy in the world. #blake

Man and dog.


Central LA, Los Angeles, California

Hey brother. Your sign really warmed my heart while stuck in freeway traffic. Thanks for spreading the good word, dickhead.

Not an #ad. Just love snickers.

Pre meeting game


I wonder how one tells heir family that they're in the nut cheese business ?

Oh shit.

A real husband slaps on his Grind Guard and his Snore-No-More because he's a goddamn hero. #happywifehappylife

Where the magic happens. @sharonchatten

Playoff time in the Zegers house.

Getting busy.

When the power goes out at bath time, we improvise.

Happy Mothers Day Jaime. If our girls turn out to be half the woman you are, we've done our job. Love you. @jaimefeld

Central LA, Los Angeles, California

Street art

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