Кевин Зегерс


Канадский актер, известный своими ролями в фильмах "Рассвет мертвецов" (2004), "Трансамериканска", "Замерзшие", "Орудие смерти: Город костей".
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Stilll recovering from @judyhofflund Thanksgiving feast. Thank you, to our LA parents for taking us in. Love you.


Los Angeles, California

Jaime. Lucky men find women like this. Strong, loving, powerful, sensitive, successful and kind. I’m proud that my daughters get a daily reminder of what a woman is. They don’t have to be one thing or another. My wife manages to accomplish balance between her family and her career with an ease I could never muster. Thanks you J for being the bedrock of our family and an inspiration to our girls, and many others.

Sun down, man up.

Wednesday slow flow. #notellin’ @champagnepapi

Grunting my way through an off day.

El Paso/Juárez border. #sicario

LAX - Los Angeles International Airport

On the road again. #nomorelateralmoves

Busted out the suit last night for the @sagaftrafound .

‘These kids keep fucking wit’ me!!!’ -Nugget (OG)

My family.

Back in LA just in time for the @leafs game. #T.O.

Dodgers JetBlue 😢

Thank you #Nighthawks.

East Village, Manhattan

WF on #nighthawks . What a trip.

New York City Halloween Parade

Fuck that guy. Happy Halloween from the West Village.


Washington Square Park


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