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#selfcaresaturday PILATES EDITION!!!!!!!!! LOL Exercise is one of the fundamental cornerstones of how I take care of myself. I do a lot of different things to work out. But the CONSTANT for me is Pilates. And I have needed it during this run of #AmericanSonPlay more than ever before. I love sooooooo much about Pilates but mostly I love that it is a way to challenge myself physically while also being loving to my body. The gal in these pics is my dear friend and teacher Erika Bloom (of @erikabloompilates). She is a bad*ss force of nature and a force for wellness and care. She has been in my life for 10 years, helping me to take care of this body. As my various characters have walked through their stories, she - and her team - have helped me bring them to life and she has helped me to take care of myself in the process. #Gratitude #Pilates Ok! I WANNA HEAR WHAT WORKOUTS MAKE YOU FEEL HEALTHY & STRONG & CARED FOR… ❤️

I am loving this #FashionFriday x #GoldenGlobes moment with my @Neutrogena sister @NicoleKidman. This shade of red 💋 looks sooo good on you! #ProudCreativeConsultant #NeutrogenaxKerry

We had such a treat backstage this week at #AmericanSonPlay. With visits from two of the #MothersOfTheMovement 🙏🏾, #ScandalFam, @timesupnow sisters, the LEGENDARY Activist|Actor @theharrybelafonte, and so many friends. Thank you ALL for coming. We only have 12 days and 16 performances left on Broadway! Come see us!

Love the flowers 💐. Thanks @AimeeMolloy718. AND I love this book so much we’re making a movie 🎥 @SimpsonStreet. Read #ThePerfectMother, now in paperback before it hits theaters. #SimpsonStreet

Happy birthday @shondarhimes. I love and adore you. #ScandalFam

On 2 show days I try to do something to care for the physical effects that trauma can inflict. Sometimes that means that I get a massage. As someone who has endured personal trauma in my life and then as an actor has experienced the embodiment of a lot more... I have learned the powerful impact that massage can have on healing myself on many levels. I guess this is kinda my way of saying thank you to my body for being on this adventure of #americansonplay with me. And for carrying me through life!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO Thank you for coming to help me practice self care at the Booth Theater today @thepipercenter 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #selfcaresaturday

I cannot believe that we're heading into our final 2 weeks of #AmericanSonPlay. It's been such an extraordinary journey. So many new and old friends have stopped by to see the show and show support and be on this ride with us. And I am so very grateful. Come join us before we close on January 27th 🙏🏾 XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

#SelfCareSaturday Sometimes the best thing to calm my heart and ease my soul is quality time with my first baby/fur baby. I didn’t grow up with a dog so this angel has taught me soooooo much about the art of the cuddle. And making time for cuddles is definite self care. Time with #JosieB brings me back to me. I’m soooooo grateful that she joined us on our adventure back to the Big 🍎 for #AmericanSonPlay. XOXOXOXOX Happy Snuggles y’all.

#FBF to our #AmericanSonPlay rehearsals. I was taking a little time to smell the lilies backstage. This room is the perfect place for meetings at the theater and to greet guests after the show. Thanks so much @mikeharrisonart and @Instagram for creating such a warm, inviting space.

We cannot ignore these women and their stories. #TimesUp on R. Kelly. - But also... PLEASE take care of yourself. Take care of your heart. And your soul. If you are triggered by what you see and hear, call a friend. And remember that you are not alone. You are NEVER alone. - Please tune in to the premiere of #SurvivingRKelly on @LifetimeTV TONIGHT at 9/8. Don’t miss this important 3 night event. #MuteRKelly

WE THE PEOPLE WEDNESDAY. #Repost @ocasio2018 We’re in the building. Swearing in tomorrow. 📸: @martinschoeller for @vanityfair


2018 will always be an unforgettable year for me. Declared in all black everything that TIME IS UP, spread #Scandal love and celebrated a SCANDALous goodbye, had fab fashion fun, crossed over into MURDER with my sis @violadavis, celebrated new beginnings with old friends (love you @evalongoria) and sooooo much more! Thanks for being part of this journey. Happy New Year!!! #bestnine2018

This week’s peek into the self care that is sustaining me through the run of #AmericanSonPlay also happens to be a #proudcreativeconsultant post. But I’m still gonna share it here! I’ve been having more breakouts that usual during the run because of: change in climate, environmental pollution, lots of make up, STRESS, etc. But I love our light therapy mask from @neutrogena 😍 it uses red and blue light to help clear my skin while also giving me an excuse to just sit and meditate for 10 minutes. I mean you CAN walk around and do stuff while it’s on but... this is #selfcaresaturday 🤣 XO

It’s been a crazy week of visitors to #AmericanSonPlay. From my beloved #ScandalFam to #Aquaman’s Ocean Master (but we’ll always have Lakeview Terrace!) to a few of my acting heroes and sheros to one of my real life sheros - the extraordinary #AnitaHill. 🙏🏾 Love y’all. So grateful for your support. So good to share time with you during the holidays. Thank you for coming!

If you celebrate, I wanna wish you a very Merry Christmas 🎄 And whether you do or not, I hope that, whenever you are & whatever you’re doing, your day was full of sweetness and beauty and creativity and sharing and yummy food and love. Mine was! And I am endlessly grateful. #ChristmasCrafts 🎄Hey @nysci thanks for the amazing gingerbread inspo 😜!

#selfcaresaturday I believe in baths. In baths I trust! YES! I sometimes forget how much I love a good bath... but not these days. I TRY to do one at the end of our two show days (Wednesdays and Saturdays) to help me let go of the stress and trauma that we embody during the 1 1/2 hours of doing #americansonplay. This play is teaching me sooooooooo much. Vigilant self care is one of the lessons I am most grateful for. (And I have a few different bath salts in my rotation but the @herbivorebotanicals DETOX blend is one of my absolute favorites!)

Happy Birthday @samuelljackson ❤️ Love you. Very much. Thank you for being in my life and always welcoming me into yours. Xo

I can’t believe there’s only a little over a month left to our #AmericanSonPlay run. I’m soooooo grateful to everyone who has come to our play. The energy and engagement of our audiences is spectacular. And palpable. The play is a wild ride and we are so blessed that you join us day after day and that you continue to spread the word! Here’s some more pics of friends who’ve come backstage... but just know that we LOVE and are grateful to every single one of you. 🙏🏾

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