Керри Уолш Дженнингс


Американская волейболистка. Олимпийская чемпионка Афин 2004, Пекина 2008 и Лондона 2012 по пляжному волейболу (вместе с Мисти Мэй).
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Our movement continues to grow! We are so excited to have @chaos_beach_vb as part of the p1440 family! TOGETHER, we can achieve more and elevate this great sport (& it’s GREAT community!) that we ❤️ SO MUCH. CHAOS will be hosting the p1440 Midwest Regional Championships, integrating a hybrid points system to earn p1440 points and more. More details coming soon! #1440movement #unitedinvolley #fortheloveofthegame

Some snippets of my Wednesday training 👆🙌🤙 Beach Volley with our crew ☀️ @brookesweat @arthurjfc #CoachMarco @coachcam5 Pilates 🤸‍♀️ with my girl @kerrywacht // @contrologiepilates @pillar_principles with @ericisaiahweldon 🦁 “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.” ~ @Bruce lee These things that I do are to boost my athletic performance + to enhance my quality of life. I’m in this for the long haul & I want to feel good NOW + EVER as I go 😊 @lululemon @kttape

“Everything is possible, even the impossible.” Such a heart warming treat to watch #marypoppinsreturns with my Scouty girl. I ♥️ @emilybluntofficial as Mary Poppins. She did such a beautiful job ☂️ #practicallyperfect .... in every way ✨

I am 💦 sweating 💦, I’m laughing so hard. Mind the language 🙉 Enjoy the moves 🕺 KNOW this truth ♾ and whatever comes your way, dance/transform/allow it to make your life better ♥️ @blackbeltbeauty can you please remake this vid?! I can’t stop 😂🤣😂 thank you for that 💋🥰💋 Can we all just talk about the grand finale 💕🔫💕 I can’t .... 😂😂😂😂

Battle ready ⚔️ Those🇨🇭hit hard 💪 We play my girl @anoukvergedepre at 7:20 tonight. Should be good fun! Let’s go @brookesweat 🙌🇺🇸🙌 @kttape thanks for the support #finishstronger #peaceofmind @platform1440 🙌 @ubuntu.life 😍 #noonefightsalone #jackyeager

Many, many, MANY people said “I’ll believe it when I see it.” These people stoked our already lit fire & for that, I’m so grateful. The @platform1440 family believed & continues to believe and so .... here we are and onward we go 🚀 This isn’t everyone, by a long shot, but here are a few of the nears & dears, true believers, doers and creators without who it wouldn’t have been possible #p1440family I thank you all 🙏 To the Mays family: Dave, Kasia, Sydney & Wilson - - I have no words. How does one speak about LOVE?! It’s not possible - words fall too short. What you mean to us, your leadership, your faith, your conviction, character and support (in every single way possible) of the #p1440 movement has been nothing short of invaluable, Divine, & miraculous. I’m so happy we were vibing at the same frequency 🎼 You guys were the perfect answer to an unspoken prayer 🙏 Looking forward to 🌟 2 0 1 9 🌟& all of the aligned, inspired action we will take and for all of the magic we will create #together “When you emit the perfect frequency of what you want, the perfect people, circumstances and events will be attracted to you and delivered.”

♥️ ‘Tis true, My Loves. “You’ve given me a thing I could have never imagined, before I knew you. It’s like I had the word ‘book’ and you put one in my hands. I had the word ‘game’, and you taught me how to play. I had the word ‘life’ and then you came along and said, ‘Oh! You mean this!’ “. - - #theoverstory #richardpowers What amazing words. Such a true sentiment. A beautiful life made deeper, richer and more profound than I knew possible. I ♥️ you, @caseytjennings & our sweet Little Loves. I had the word LOVE ....

A few of my favorite 📸 of ✨ 2 0 1 8 ✨ Thank you for the love, the lessons & the beautiful memories I’ll forever keep in my heart. Thank you for the transitions, the changes & for the exciting + good feeling new beginnings. Thank you for the sunshine & the rain. Thank you for the opportunities and for the abundance of GOODNESS you gifted to me; the goodness that came in disguise, too 😊 Most importantly, thank you for the beautiful souls who made my life so full of .... life giving, soul enriching, heart touching KINDNESS // LOVE // SUPPORT // INSPIRATION ✨ My heart was constantly overjoyed & my cup surely runneth over. To my family, my friends, my @platform1440 family, my mentors, my supporters, my pride of 🦁’s - - I am in love with my life because of the beauty it holds; I am in love with my life because the people in my life are so truly incredible. Each one of my beloveds & each soul with whom was able to share a nice moment or a simple smile, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ♥️ 2018 made me go DEEP & it taught me to surf some REALLY big waves (not the literal ones. Not yet!) 🤙 I am grateful for all of it because all of it made me better in some capacity - new understandings, new perspectives, more clarity, and new depth to my heart & soul. I truly am GRATEFUL. Goodbye & thank you 2018 🙏 2 0 1 9 ✨ I’m ready for you ♥️🙏🔥✨ ( @shoot802 @nigelbarker thx for the art 🎯)

N O 🤭 W O R D S My abs STILL hurt 😂🤣😂 My goodness, I love him 😍 I grew up in the 80’s, the era of amazing staches, yet I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen such a perfectly full stache 🤔 holy h🔥ll. He REALLY is a cowboy 🤠 Thanks for the giggles, MY Love. Thanks for livin’ & for loving life the way you do. #yourloveisking I hope you don’t mind, @caseytjennings 😊 our little world can always use a smile starter 🤟 I LOVE YOU ♥️

If you’re looking for an amazing way to start the new year, check out below 👇 Register for a course designed by: @competetocreate @michaelgervais @petecarroll I haven’t done it .... yet! And yet I KNOW that it will be game changing and life enhancing for ALL. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU 🎄 #Repost @competetocreate with @get_repost ・・・ #Repost @michaelgervais with @get_repost ・・・ I know you know high performance. I’d bet you want more, too. 50% off our online mindset training course for the first 4 people who #competetocreate with a pic of you doing something flat-out epic. Happy holidays!!! @competetocreate

To those of us who have a loved one up in Heaven, whom we keep close at all times and especially during the holidays .... this depiction is for our hearts ♥️ “First Day In Heaven”. This, to me, is THE TRUTH & it gives me great solace. I hope it does for you as well ♥️🙏♥️ @el_kurlo .... I am grateful for you 🙏 L O V E J O Y P E A C E ON EARTH 🕊

I found this on @pinterest & it hit my heart ♥️ I agree wholeheartedly with Pooh Bear. Even when I’m not with my Loved Ones, I’m with them all the same because of the TOGETHERYNESS of the season. Sending love & merry happiness to you & yours. Also sending birthday wishes to my girl @kerrywacht whom I love & adore 🥰 This quote reminds me of you, KW ♥️🎄

“Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention on the part of the actor. It is a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.” - #stevenpressfield #thewarofart The ✨ C R E A T I V E ✨process is where I aspire to live; constantly creating magic, using a sound foundation for consistency & leverage, feels purposeful, exciting & inspiring. #InspiredAction holds power, charm & momentum 🚀 and .... it’s SOOOOO MUCH FUN! #JoeyMichael took a photo of our most recent @platform1440 meetings. It was clearly a family affair (which warms my heart) and we left the boardroom eager to execute our BOLD visions for 2019. #Together it’s ALL possible. 2018 was all about soundly setting our foundation. 2019 will have us lovingly wrapping our arms around the sport we love & the lifestyle we believe in so much, so that we can inspire & serve the world.

The 🎁 G I F T 🎁 of good health is a beautiful gift to give and so, I’d like to share with you what our family leans on for #immunesupport during the winter months (& always when we’re feeling a bit off) We are ALL about setting ourselves up for success in our household and these are some of the @standardprocess products we reach for when a little extra support is needed. #echinecea •immunity booster •fights infection • speeds healing #immuplex • supports healthy inflammation response •immunity support • high in antioxidants #congaplex • immune support •supports thymus glad • supports the building of new cells • CHEWABLES are PERFECT FOR KIDS My favorite of these three is CONGAPLEX. Our kids eat the chewables when we sense a cold coming on. I used congaplex while I was breast feeding, A LONG TIME AGO, so my babies would get an extra boost of fortifying support through my milk - GENIUS! This gave me great peace of mind. I’m writing this as a proud ambassador for this company that I trust so very much. Their integrity & efficacy are unmatched. 🌱 Which #StandardProcess products are your favorites?!

SO SO SO SO VERY PROUD!!!!! Way to finish strong @stanfordwvb 🙌🌲🤓🙌 So RAD!!!! @huskervolleyball you girls are WARRIORS 👊 So fun to watch! Congrats to @ncaavolleyball @avcavolleyball for a wonderful weekend! @kateformico CONGRATS, CHAMP 🏆

He’s the yin to my yang, and the yang when I’m feeling yin-y ☯️ That goes for me too .... we fill the gaps and love/support each other throughout it all. We’ve most certainly been to a self created 🔥 together and yet, it didn’t break us, it made us stronger. At our best, we always remember to lead with love and with the knowing that we are forever on each other’s team. At our worst, we take out the microscope to each other’s flaws & we live/love conditionally ... not fair, not kind, not the way we want to live & love. Together for nearly 18 years & my love has never waned. Even when I don’t like him one little bit, I still want to be right by his side .... in a lovely kind of misery 😊 I love you @caseytjennings Thank you for reminding me to take better care of my #1440. Thanks for livin’, my love. I couldn’t love you more. @onherturf thanks for this sweet little video. I LOVE and appreciate happy reminders on how truly blessed life is 🙏✨❤️

OH MY ✨ These words are for ALL of us. I believe these statements with everything I have. I truly BELIEVE. I believe unconditionally ✨ If I could gift this to the world, I’d do it in a heart beat. If we all believed in ourselves .... my goodness gracious, infinite possibilities! Let’s do it, shall we?!?! And then we can watch the magic that unfolds ALL because we made the choice to believe #abracadabra #amen “You have it in you to live the life you want. & you have it in you, the life you want.” @itscarus

I LOVE THIS GAME ❤️ Always have, always will. 30 years & counting .... my love is unconditional. @jimwolf9426 just posted some awesome images from our final @platform1440 of the season. I love how you consistently capture #thedance of the game. You also consistently capture the heart & the joy ... two things that have kept me going for so long. Thank you, Jim 🙏 I’ve said it a thousand times and I’ll continue to say it - - our sport is incredible and deserving of so much. I am proud & honored to play a small part in the creation of this #movement that was founded to serve and to inspire. I am infinitely proud of our team and all that we have created in the 365ish days that we have been in business. Our output has been insane & so soulful. Volleyball is a hidden gem 💎 & we aim to shine a bright light & to expose it to the world. Those who KNOW, KNOW. It’s undeniable, the special place our sport holds in the world of sports. Our other pillars are there to serve as well. #healthandwellness #personaldevelopment #entertainment These are the pillars of the #p1440movement // they are evergreen and fit to serve any & all. As an athlete, a mommy and as a woman wanting to truly LIVE my best feeling life, the resources I choose to surround myself with are directly related to my success. @platform1440 wants to be part of your success story. Our experts, our app, our events .... they are curated for you, for US, so that we can all enjoy the benefits that come with access to incredible humans/resources. Please check out our free app #p1440 Please 👍 & FOLLOW & subscribe. Your support means the world 🌎 we promise to honor it and always strive to exceed expectations 🚀 The last quote 🎯 it for me // #p1440 “He who wants to succeed should learn how to fight, to strive and to suffer. You can acquire a lot in life, if you are prepared to give up a lot to get it.” - Bruce Lee 🥋 I plan on succeeding & I’m all in for whatever it takes 🦁 #wellness #technology #innovate #create #community #inspire(d) #ALLIN #AMEN #together #joy

There are a whole lot of arm chair critics out there ... so many people who complain, mock and critique any & everything they disagree with or perceive to be wrongheaded; perceptions based largely on ignorance or the limiting habit of cynicism. Fundamentally disagreeing on an issue is one thing, disrespect & 💩 talking is another. Haters have plenty of reasons to hate // I’m of the mind that haters hate because they’re projecting their own issues on others. It’s too bad ... for both sides. Thank you, @caseytjennings , for shining a light on that which needed (arguably 😏) to be exposed. Thank you for standing up for your team & for living with integrity & a sense of honor. I ❤️ your wild heart. I ❤️ the Vegas in you. I ❤️ when life fires you up & when you tackle things head on. You are a good man and you’ve always been the one with the courage to be in the arena 🦁 #onward

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