Керри Уолш Дженнингс


Американская волейболистка. Олимпийская чемпионка Афин 2004, Пекина 2008 и Лондона 2012 по пляжному волейболу (вместе с Мисти Мэй).
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Creating space so I can fill it in 💪 Working on adding another 🍑 to my system. I just wanna be like @pillar_principles 🤩😎🤗 It’s so interesting to take stock of where I’ve been, where I’m currently at, and where I’ll eventually go 🚀 It’s such a blessing to have a real life example to look to for inspiration 🐛🦋🌱🌲🐱🦁

The louder the 🌎 gets, the quieter I want to become. Usually I can do a pretty good job of focusing on the good & quieting the noise .... lately, it’s a bit harder. “Nothing can bring you peace but yourself” .... and a cowboy hat worn nice & low 😏 Working on the #innerpeace daily 🙏 #chetumal🤠 @danyozka_hernandez 🙏

Our friends at @rokasports are giving away five pairs of the ultra-lightweight shades that I have been rockin’ throughout the @platform1440 & @fivbbeachvolleyball seasons. #Roka was created by athletes for athletes & it shows. I ❤️ these shades. You will too! 😎🤩🙌 #redefinethestandard <>

If you look closely, you’ll always see my #supportsystem nearby 💪🙏👊 @kttape #finishstronger

I’ve always loved candid photographs .... I love this one because it sweetly captured our lion eyed girl & I LOVE the shot of Sundance’s sweet hand in mine 💕💞💖 MY girl @roxylook // @blackbeltbeauty beautified me here & I like that part too 😊

Our Veterans made a decision. They willingly chose to sign up to serve our great country. This, to me, is absolutely incredible and 💯 heroic. We are FREE, because of the selfless service of our BRAVE Veterans. Thank you today & every day 🙏 It is my great honor and privilege to think of you, with sincere gratitude, hand on my heart, every time I hear our national anthem or look at our beautiful flag 🇺🇸 Thank you 🙏 Thank you 🙏 Thank you! (All 📸 from #pinterest )

Huntington Beach! 🌊☀️ We’re only a few short weeks away from an exciting weekend packed with TWO beach volleyball tournaments, health & wellness activities and family-fun! RSVPs are now open for p1440 Huntington Beach, Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, and VIP tickets are available! Get yours now while you can and join us on the beach! >>Link in bio<< #p1440 #surfcity

I’ve been having a little fun with the #lawofattraction lately, and this sweet little note was a direct hit 🎯 A clear #manifestation ✨🙏❤️ My dear friend has been on my mind 24/7 and sooooo .... I find this little 💎 from him (which has been waiting for me to discover since August 😳), which also entitles me a vacay in Kauai 🤙 with some of our most favorite humans 😍 ANNND a RAD #fountainofyouth magical cup - UNREAL 🤩🤗😍 Thanks, Universe 🙏 Thanks, T. “You can have anything you want, when you give up the belief that you can’t have it.” - Bashar #ibelieve #amen #fairytalesarereal #createyourlife #S5 #J5❤️S5 4-EVA

THAT’S A WRAP for my 2018 OFF SEASON 🤪 9 days of no 🏐 & I’m ready for @platform1440 Huntington Beach preparations 👊 Check out LINK IN BIO for #p1440huntingtonbeach details. We’re having 2 events in one .... Top Guns // Young Guns 😎 it’ll be AMAZING!

This makes me think of of R A D team @platform1440 We might be pissed a lot, but we WILL NOT quit because we LOVE & we BELIEVE. @paulrabil @mikerabil thinking of you guys too @pll 🚀 @tombilyeu THANK YOU!!!! 🌎, follow these guys .... they are game changers and world shakers of the very best kind 👊 #alleyesonsuccess #beyondadoubt #plantobethebest

Sundance, Scouty and I had a ton of fun at the @wreckitralph World Premier last night. Outside of watching the movie which was super fun, we were able to hang with the lovely @kellyclaes3 & her big sis, Kristi - such a treat! We were also able to re-connect with #fixitfelix himself, Mr. #jackmcbrayer who was kind and wonderful (& he was awesome in the film). Sundance was SO pumped to meet him! Our boy had 🤩 in his eyes and it was so cute. #ralphbreakstheinternet

My dear, beautiful friend ran the @nycmarathon and this is her upon completion .... @alexiadelbene you are pure ♥️ H E A R T ♥️ This photo says so much. It conveys what my heart wants to feel as I wake up to every new day, as I take on my challenges and as I walk my path toward all of my goals and dreams; excitement, appreciation, joy + deep satisfaction. This photo is PURE JOY & PURE SATISFACTION ✨ I’m so proud of you, Ale! Thank you for the inspiration and for the beautiful example you set. #cleareyesfullheartscantlose it’s impossible ♥️🙏👊 @elsagarrison AMAZING CAPTURE 📸 🙏

Hey SoCal! ❤️ We have a p1440 event schedule update! The next event will be held in Huntington Beach, Nov. 30 - Dec. 2 and we will be forgoing San Diego in 2018 with a commitment to return to San Diego in 2019. One of our most important values is listening to and honoring the athletes, which is why we’ve decided to update our schedule to honor off-season time so everyone can rest their minds, bodies and spirits! 🙏 We will be hosting TWO tournaments over that weekend in Huntington Beach—the p1440 Beach Volleyball Top Guns Invitational and the p1440 Beach Volleyball Young Guns Invitational. General admission will be complimentary and VIP tickets will be available very soon! We are so thankful and grateful for your support and love throughout our inaugural season and I can’t wait to see you all in Huntington Beach! 🏐❤️ #p1440

Happy Halloween 2 0 1 8 🎃☠️👻🤡 It was a good one with Hans, Phantom, Josephine, Vampirina & the Outlaw. @caseytjennings ♥️ #J5

2 tourneys in and we’re starting to figure each other out a wee little bit. @brookesweat is clearly a stud & comfortable hugging me on HER terms 🤗☺️ (I love the 1st photo!) however, looking at the others, I’m not sure she’s ever played with such a hugger. I can’t help it. I’m full of 🤟 & 🙏 - a whole lot of 🔥 too! We had a great time in #chetumal which is a town full of warm and joyful people. We had some good moments and some 😬 moments too. The good thing about the 💩y play is that all went fast 🙃 and we were able to get back to the good stuff after the 💩 played itself out 🙌 Thanks for the wonderful time in 🇲🇽 Brooke, @nicksweat17 & the Youngquist family. Looking forward to everything 🙌🙏♥️🎯 (& I’m sorry for the assaults, Brooke 😬) #nochill #SUPERexcited #onward #newbeginnings #stoked #amen

N O W N E S S is where it’s at 👊 It’s so much better to look forward than to look back. It’s so much better to live in the moment, in the NOWNESS, than anywhere else. If I am to create the life I want to create, NOW + NOW + NOW is where I’ll do it. And so .... here is where I am - - I’m grateful for it, I’m eager for what’s next, while enjoying my NOW ✨ #setthetone #vibratehigher #allwillalwaysbewell #eagerformore #appreciate #beherenow

I’ll take what I can get 🤗🙏♥️ A message sent with love from my Loves always hits the spot 💘 Thank you @caseytjennings 🙏 very much. #J5 I know for certain that I’m not alone when it comes to feeling guilty about time away from my family. Leaving & being away is the hardest part of my job, x’s a million, and yet I choose to follow my heart & chase my dreams because it makes me better; it helps me to live a fuller life of purpose and it helps me to become my best, ever growing version of myself which is my privileged duty. I pray that these things also allow me to be a better wife, mother & human. If I wasn’t so supported by my Loves, this wouldn’t be possible nor could I handle it. It takes a man to support his wife the way my man does and it takes a loving, deeply connected family to survive & thrive throughout the ups and downs of the adventures. To say that I am deeply appreciative of the love & support of my family is a vast understatement. To say that I am deeply in love with my family barely scratches the surface. My family is my 🌎 even when I feel a world away. Wishing you all a happy weekend with your beloveds. Sending LOVE to mine 💕

“Your success is found in your daily routine” #truth I’m loving my daily routine! MEDITATION 🧘‍♀️ @chopracenter @abrahamhickspublications @calm BREATH WORK @powerspeedendurance // @_brianmackenzie 🌬 PHYSICAL TRAINING @kerrywacht @ocfasttwitch @pillar_principles 💪 NUTRITION//SUPPLEMENTATION @standardprocess 🌱 GRATITUDE/MINDSET TRAINING @michaelgervais #FindingMastery LOVE//PURPOSEFUL LIVING @caseytjennings // J5 @platform1440 #familyandfriends C O N S I S T E N C Y is where the magic is at .... ✨

This town warms my heart ♥️ The promoters here at the @fivbbeachvolleyball #chetumal 3* are amazing. They care so much and it is evident in all of the details. The town has shown up EN FORCE for everything!!!! My hubby is 1/4 Mexican and so our sweet Babes have a wee bit of this beautiful, warm, family centric, hospitable, kind culture in them; It makes me proud. Looking forward to more volleyball and more #chetumalquintanaroo 🇲🇽🇺🇸♥️ @brookesweat + I won our pool today 🙌 onward to tomorrow 🙌 @hildafernandagaxiola 🙏

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