Керри Уолш Дженнингс


Американская волейболистка. Олимпийская чемпионка Афин 2004, Пекина 2008 и Лондона 2012 по пляжному волейболу (вместе с Мисти Мэй).
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“I am a rose” by Sundance 🌹 Suddenly a butterfly goes on my head I imagine I am a rose starting to bloom I think, honey is flowing through my veins And then I hear a loud pump on the top of my head I feel red petals falling off of me I stop blooming and I start to get very cold In my head I say, It is night. I mean .... This kid 😍🤩😇 #SundanceThomas I know I’m biased, but this seems RIDICULOUSLY special & deep & wise & wonderful. Our sweet boy is an old soul and gems like this are his forte ✨ Sundance does great in school, he struggles in testing, he takes his time learning in his way (he reminds me of me 😊), and he is thriving. We adore our Babies and love to celebrate the uniqueness of their sweet souls and ever expanding capabilities. This is a little celebration of our little poet ✨

Dear Southern Californians & visitors to the area, If you’re in or around Huntington Beach this coming Tuesday morning, please join us as we celebrate @platform1440 ‘s sponsorship of 25 beautiful beach volleyball courts at the HB pier. As the flier states, @brookesweat and I will be training from 7:30-9:30 and then the festivities will follow. Following the ribbon cutting, some of our truly wonderful #p1440 developmental athletes will be training with our amazing coaching staff. A great chance to see how the rising stars of our sport get after it!!!! I hope to see you there!!!! @surfcityusa is always the place to be ... 🤙🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️🏐😎

⏪ Scroll ⏪ the last pic is a new favorite quote 🔥 Hey 🌎! Another podcast for you to check out. My conversation with @lochhead on his INCREDIBLE #followyourdifferent podcast hit the airwaves today. It was a great time for me & really got me thinking and pondering various things, events and relationships in my life. It was a gift to sit with Chris and I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have. Always love learning through these experiences 🦉🤓💪 LINK IN BIO TO LISTEN 👊

I’ve always sincerely appreciated & felt empowered by my body armor of choice. Red, white & blue 🇺🇸 #starsandstripes with plenty of GOLDEN reminders ✨ @kttape , for added support & ✌️ of mind, has been my go-to for the past 10 years. The look is always pretty rad & the efficacy is always RADder ✨⚡️✨ Every single day I spend time living in my dreams. Every single day I give thanks for the opportunities in front of me. Every single day my fire burns brighter for my quest 🔥 I have ONE VISION & with clear eyes and a FULL heart, I plan on realizing it ALONGSIDE those who also believe & share the same vision ♥️🇺🇸🇯🇵👊🎯 📸: @gettyimages

#LaughterPermitted 😂🤣😂 HUGE perk of the job .... hanging with LEGENDS, learning from their example & their wisdom, having fun & supporting each others’ initiatives. That’s called #winning 🏆 @juliefoudy As ALWAYS, it was a treat and an honor. Congrats to you & @lynnolszowy for the launch of your podcast 🙌 Solid start with @abbywambach & @simonebiles .... they’re alright 😍🤩🦁🤭 Please check the LINK IN MY BIO to give our podcast a listen. We had fun, I got vulnerable (weird!) and we shared stories from our life on the hunt for greatness. #mytribeisdope SUBSCRIBE!!!! You won’t regret it. ENJOY the good times, insights and inspiring messages that Julie & Lynne will undoubtedly pull from their guests. @pos_project makes a cameo around the 26 minute mark .... makes me so proud!

With the days getting longer, it’s important that the entire fam is keeping their digestion dialed-in to be at their best. We are also one month closer to our next qualification tournament, so it’s time to really make every day count. Before we all headed out for the day, I made sure to snag a drink of Sunsweet Amaz!n Prune Juice (from my partners at @sunsweetgrowersinc ). It helps me to feel good and I know my kids are getting the nutrients they need. #ToFeelGood #Sponsored

Sound on 📣 It’s a sure sign that I pulled a 🦴 head move when I apologize to my partner DURING the rally 🙃🥺😔 Sorry @brookesweat .... I’ll figure it out ONE of these days 🤗 Fun practice today with @estock2 & @kelleylarsen 🙌🇺🇸🙌 Always fun with our amazing coaches @arthurjfc @marcosmiranda1961 @jdubbeach // @eviematthews11 too! Thank you all 🙏 @platform1440 #homecourt @hermosalocal @lululemon @kttape @mikasasportsusa

A little story about MY loving man 💕 We started dating in 2001 when we were puppies. I was 22, Casey was 25 and we were deeply into each other & in love from the very start 💕 We were both new to the profession of beach volleyball, we were quite broke, we were chasing our dreams and we were so da💘n happy. The very first birthday I had as Casey’s girl was a pretty special one; It woke me up to the sweet and thoughtful soul with whom I had fallen in love. I came home from a trip to Europe and we were celebrating belatedly. I heard a knock at my door and I open it to find Casey, in a suit, holding a birthday cake. We had no special plans that night & so I asked him why he was so dressed up ... he said, “It’s for you.” 😭🥰 He melted my heart with his simple, thoughtful love // to me, it was profound (still is ♥️). Fast forward 18 years to last night. Casey took Scouty to the Father Daughter Dance & it was THE most precious thing to witness. Casey bought her a corsage, he put on his suit & his dancing shoes, Scouty wore her dress, lip gloss and her Jordan’s .... what a perfect fit. My heart exploded with love. #heavenonearth My loving man and his golden heart. Our kids have his heart (& plenty other of his characteristics 🦁) and this makes me infinitely happy, grateful & proud. It’s not up to others to make us happy in life, yet it’s important to surround ourselves by people who bring happiness 🌈 I’ve hit the jackpot x’s a million & I KNOW it 🌈 I ♥️ you @caseytjennings and I love the way you show your LOVE 💗 @dontforgetdads 💘

⏪ Take a scroll to see a glimpse of a gr8 week ⏪ It was a FULL, wonderful week in our household 👊 Standard 👊. It was full of love & delight, heart, hustle and grit. Thank you to @disney & @nicolaparish for getting us to the @dumbo world premier. That lil guy warmed our hearts 🐘🎪 (how cute were my dates?! 😍🥰😍 @caseytjennings 💋) We had great time with our Japanese friends @koichi.nishimura & family. If you’re not peppering with @officialqueenmusic #wearethechampions on blast, you’re doing it wrong 😊👑⚡️ #littlechampions #startemyoung #arigatougozaimasu My heart was filled right to the brim while in OZ with my sweet, amazing family (@marciamarciamarcia12 ♥️) and with some fun volley. I love my God Babies 💕 @platform1440 continued to grow awareness and its support of our amazing sport with the #livestreaming of @ncaavolleyball collegiate matches & with the streaming of our IntraSquad tournament today down in @surfcityusa So rad! SOOO about time :) Great things are happening all around ✨ I’m feeling quite grateful for this wonderful week and the opportunities I was given show up in love, in service, in appreciation, in an abundance of good vibes ✨ Cheers to a wonderful weekend for all ♥️ @gettyimages thank you for the family pics 🙏 @roxylook thank you for the beautification & your ♥️ @brookesweat thank you for that sweet set (@richyusa thx for the 🎥)

We always encourage our Babes to be active whether that means soccer, basketball, dance parties or pickle in the back yard :) This proud mama LOVES sitting in the stands, taking a breather from the crazy week, watching my Babes compete & play for the love of the game. Of course, I always have my go-to snacks from my partners @sunsweetgrowersinc, because let’s be honest ... There ain’t no rest for the wicked & the wicked must be fueled properly ;) #Sponsored #ToFeelGood Click the link in my bio for a great interview with @parademagazine 🙌

Today is your birthday and I ran into this beauty of a notion ✨ and when it comes to you & this amazing life, it’s 💯 TRUE!!!! I LOVE you @missbell11 and I’m sending you my whole heart today & always, as always. Make it a great day and a magical year. I Love you, Kelli Joan 💕

⏪ Scroll away ⏪ The land of OZ 🇦🇺 was a gracious, lovely & inspiring hostess. Great fun, great beauty, and great opportunities to compete against great teams 🇦🇺🇨🇳 🇬🇷 🇨🇿 🇯🇵 🇫🇷 We have much to work on and so much of which to be proud. We most certainly forged a deeper connection as a team this week & we are figuring each other out 😊 WONDERFUL playing @brookesweat 🙌 So fun to grind it out with you. Proud to rep 🇺🇸 as ALWAYS✨ @lululemon @kttape @michelobultra @rokasports THANK YOU. The dream is REAL & your support is fuel 🔥

We take on 🇨🇳 at 12:30 here in OZ. Great moments in the semis v. Australia 🇦🇺 but not enough to get ‘er done. We aim to fix that in the next match. This 📸 is how I envision us ending the tournament. Heads up, smiles on, hugging it out, proudly 🇺🇸 @blentley great photos all week! TY! Let’s GO @brookesweat 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Let’s finish with a resounding WIN!!!! 🦁

I come from a LONG line of 🔥Breathers & 🐲 Slayers. This is my cousin @taylorformico ... see what I mean 😏 Cheers to the women in my family who’ve paved the way with sincerity, love, faith & courage 🦁 Cheers to the next generations and to the battles they’ll wage with all their hearts. May you set the world on fire in the most beautiful ways. #internationalwomensday #FormicoFire #itsinthegenes

To my brand partners who wholeheartedly support WOMEN doing kick 🍑 things in this world 🌎 @kttape // @lululemon // @michelobultra // @rokasports Thank you for walking your talk 🙏 You allow me to put everything into my goals 🦁 and I aim to make you proud ✨ AND to my partners in crime who stand beside me as I create this beautiful life & chase my beautiful dreams ... I THANK YOU with my whole heart. It’s an amazing time to be a woman going after big things; the opportunities, the support, the interest, the appreciation for what we do & what we bring, have never been higher or more. Let us continue elevate the playing field & to raise the tide for ALL. AND To my @platform1440 family .... thank you for giving me & all the women (& young women) of our great sport the platform off of which to thrive, elevate, connect, and become more of ourselves IN such an empowering and inspiring environment. #entrepreneurship is NO JOKE! Thank you for the gift of my participation and for the blessings of growth and wisdom bearing experience that comes with it. #happyinternationalwomensday

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.” - W.E.B. Dubois Love this video by @platform1440 🤩 Our sport is blessed with kick 🍑, determined, passionate, kind, fierce, proudly authentic girls & women ... Happy International Women’s Day ✨🔥👑✨ #togetherwerise @justintaylor___ your 🎥 work//art is 🔥🤩😍🎯

This about sums up our match from yesterday 🙃 Onward to this brand new beautiful day & new opportunities to compete, grow and carry onward ♥️ @brookesweat

Let the great fun begin ✨💃⚡️🔥🦁! Main draw for the @fivbbeachvolleyball 3 star event here in Sydney starts tomorrow. This is our pool 👊 SUPER EXCITED to get going and to put into use all that we’ve been working on. Let’s GO @brookesweat 🙌 #unwaiveringfaith #indomitablespirit #together

Defending national champions and #1 ranked team, @uclabeachvb takes on #3 @peppbeachvolley this Wednesday at 12PM PST! We will be live streaming 3 courts on our p1440.com website with commentary by Mike Dodd, Tim Hovland, Travis Mewhirter and Rob Espero. This is one you will not want to miss! #p1440 I can’t wait to watch to of my favorite collegiate super stars @skylarmcaputo + @smsponcil 💫 #beachvolleyball #studentathletes @trammew @robonthemic @platform1440

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