Кент Бойд


Американский актер и сценарист.
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New art New me #displaypic 👩‍🎨 @mandrewspalding #kentboydfashionman

We are becoming ☝️

Denver Botanic Gardens

Fun with bb @karenschuang

Northside, Cincinnati

I’m looking at you - - - - 📷 @codyszarko @2manmovement

Fingertips by @codyszarko

Hats From the Heart

Hat Time Fun Zone @theeternalchild

Happy Old Year! 📷 @theeternalchild


Mount Hood, Oregon

Mountain Moves 🎥 @theeternalchild #earthgender #dance #maledancer #mountainmovement

Merry 🎄

Headed 🏡

The name game. Kent! Kent, Kent. Bo-bent, bo-na-na fanna. Fo-fent. fee fi mo-ment, Come on ev'rybody, I say now let's play a game. I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody's name. The first letter of the name, I treat it like it wasn't there, But a "B" or an "F" or an "M" will appear; And then I say "Bo" add a "B" then I say the name. Then "Bo-na-na fanna" and "fo" And then I say the name again with an ""f" very plain, Then "fee fi" and a "mo" And then I say the name again with an "M" this time. And there isn't any name that I can't rhyme. Try below! #kent

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Take a hike. #butte

Do you wanna wear this long sleeve shirt? @theeternalchild #earthgender 😏

Pose 1


✨ these bros are shinin✨

☯️ . . . . 📷 @theeternalchild #lifestyle #kentboydfashionman

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