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Американский кантри-музыкант. Один из самых популярных кантри-исполнителей на протяжении 2000-2010гг. Является автором более 30 синглов, вошедших в Top 10 списка Hot Country Songs журнала Billboard.
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Merry Christmas from Blue Chair Bay

My good friend @ziggymarley and his amazing family have a cookbook out. Excited for you. #ziggymarley #marleyinmykitchen

My heart is with those hurting in and around my hometown of East Tennessee. Take a second to help if you can. Link in profile.

Looking forward to 2017 with @noshoesnation. #foxboro

Foxboro 2017. NIGHT TWO. 8/26/17. Presale on kennychesney.com tomorrow at 10am.

Presale for the 8.25.17 @gillettestadium show starts today 12 ET to @noshoesnation premium members at kennychesney.com

Even though I’m not going to go out with a full tour next year, I can’t imagine summer without getting out there and rocking everyone at @gillettestadium. From the beginning, the amount of heart and soul that came at us from the first note at Gillette was beyond intense. It’s never let up, it’s never slowed down. Every summer, every show, every song, they push us even harder than we push them. It’s kind of addicting, and something I can’t imagine a summer without. So we’re coming, Boston – and you know, this is our one shot at a big, big show, so you better get ready. The ONLY 2017 stadium show will be at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA on August 25 with @thomasrhettakins and @olddominionmusic. The presale begins this Wednesday, Nov 23 at 12pm ET on KennyChesney.com. Become a premium No Shoes Nation member now for presale ticket access, exclusive content and more at KennyChesney.com

Schooner Wharf Bar

Thanks to the Schooner Warf Bar in Key West for a great afternoon. #barattheendoftheworld


No Shoes Nation, this Pinnacle Award is yours. Thank you for this amazing life. #CMAawards50

@go4valentine @1043myfm #cosmichallelujah

It's here... I’ve been blessed with some of the best songs out there. Some songs written just for this album by writers whose work I’ve loved for years. When #SettingTheWorldOnFire came together, it opened a window of time... and some songs that had come in after we were done, I didn’t have to save for the next album. Suddenly, everything was changing, and the album I’m releasing now truly captures the essential part of who the @noshoesnation is and takes the your-life-is-now piece of The Big Revival and expands it. I'm proud to launch #CosmicHallelujah with @applemusic and to finally have it in your hands.

This record is personal to me. It was an unusual path, but it's taken the album as a whole to new places. #CosmicHallelujah is out now on @applemusic.

There's so much life, angst and truth in "All The Pretty GIrls", another track off #CosmicHallelujah. The majority of my friends who play guitar did it so a girl would pay attention to them. At the end of the day it all comes down to the lost boys and the girls. I love the way this song encompasses that story, flips it around and tells it in such a unique way. "All the 17s said I'm gettin' out of dodge. All the big dreams said I'm sellin' all I got" ...That was me. The album is out tonight on @applemusic.

Tomorrow... @theellenshow @todayshow #cosmichallelujah

@sportscenter tonight. #cosmichallelujah

When you've made a lot of music and have a certain connection with your audience, you look for different melodies to sing and for songs that really stand out. #settingtheworldonfire did that for me. My favorite line is "do you think we'll live forever as we killed another beer". That feeling of two people wanting to live in a moment together forever knowing things will inevitably change... I love that line. I met @pink for the first time in the studio when we recorded her vocal. I swear we were in there for about an hour when she got behind the mic and started singing. The hair on my arms literally stood up. She doesn't have a voice.. she has a God-given instrument and I feel so fortunate that she wanted to be part of my record. To this day I find it interesting that I hadn't met her until that day in the studio, but if you listen to the voices it's as if we've been singing together for a long time. #cosmichallelujah Link to the album in bio.

Get "Rich and Miserable" & 3 more songs when you preorder #CosmicHallelujah on @AppleMusic. Preorder link in bio.

This song really represents the core of #CosmicHallelujah in a lot of ways and it also inspired the album title. Starting today you get "Trip Around The Sun" as soon as you preorder the album. Preorder: link in bio.

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