Келли Роуленд


Американская певица и актриса. Выступает в стиле современный ритм-энд-блюз, является автором текстов песен.
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Premiere of "I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO" This film is not to be slept on! #GOSEEIT!


PSALMS This morning, I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. I turned on the t.v. And watched the movie,"Miracles from Heaven". 1, it's so good! 2) I weeped with joy! It made me reflect on how GODS miracles are constantly around us. Afterwards, I was overwhelmed with Gratitude that I just couldn't stop saying,"Thank You Lord". What a mighty God we serve! I know our days can sometimes get the best of us with time,or even try to steal our joy. But take a moment TODAY and remember YOU ARE GODS GREATEST MIRACLE and THANK him! Through the good and bad! Through everything! He is not done with you, you WOKE this am! STILL HERE! Have Faith and know YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS! Have a beautiful day! #GODBLESS

#MorningMeditation 🙏🏾




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