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Британская певица, актриса, модельер. Дочь Оззи и Шэрон Осборнов.
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What dreams are made of!!!

Did you turn on a red light? Who?

#OutsideMyWindow 🖕

Thank you so much @viviennewestwood for my new #SunGlasses #obsessed 😈🙌💜🤘👓

This is the face of a smug bitch about to go home 🙌🇬🇧

Happy birthday @alibibarone it is a true honor to be your friend. I love you #AllieWally 💜🌈🎂

Ready to hit the rink for @alibibarone #supriseparty 🌈

Last Friday I received a call from #OfficerDarrenDerby A Patrolman for The City of Pittsfield Massachusetts asking me for my help! All I kept thinking to myself was "A cop is asking ME for my help? This is so cool!" Then I quickly remembered that I was on the phone to a cop so I shut up and listened. In hearing the officers story, I realized that officer Darren Derby was a different kind of policeman. He uses positivity and a keen understanding about his community in order unite its members. He brings the community together to help its youth into a positive space and encourages everyone to stay on the right path. Now let's get to the real point of why the amazing officer called me.... An 8 year old boy named Jacob in his town shaved his hair into a Mohawk and dyed it pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. The very first day he proudly displayed his rocking new look he was met by discrimination, abuse, and an Adult man followed him yelling "Mary" at him and asking him "why do you want to look like a girl?" Upon hearing everything Jacob went through It not only broke my heart but resonated so deeply with me. It's no secret I am faced with the same discrimination due to my hair every single day! Jacob is eight years old he has been deeply hurt by people's words and reactions to his hair. He genuinely doesn't understand what the problem is as he only wanted to help people by dying it pink. In honor of Jacobs bravery and huge heart I wanted to meet him via Skype. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Jacob is The most incredible 8-year-old boy I have ever met all you have to do is watch the video below to see for yourself. Thank you Jacob for being so brave and allowing me to share your story with the world. A special thank you to Officer Darren Derby & The Pittsfield Massachusetts Police Department. #BraveJacob

#ZakIsBack 🤘

Much better!!

I can’t wait for you to see me on #ToTellTheTruth tonight at 10|9c on ABC!

Happy 35th anniversary mum and dad thank you for showing me what true love really is! 💜🎉

Feeling like #ShirlyValentine talking to a wall... #HelloWall 😂😂😂

Sitting in the shade! ☀️

Very excited about #AmazonianSaviour from @thebodyshop. It’s made from only 9 ingredients and is my new go-to multi-purpose balm for everything from dry skin and chapped lips to – my personal fave - tattoo healing and brightening! And it’s of course #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting #thebodyshop #ad

A whole new level of humiliation 😂😂😂

#Obsessed with @CarolineJones you guys better vote for her in the #RisingStar contest she brings out the country in me!!!!!! 💜

One of the nicest cards I have ever received! 💜


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