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✨ last night... Sad to leave Houston today, its Been too Much fun!!

These girls are all so incredible, what a night🙌🏽💗 3 hours of dancing ...I'm happy I wore Adidas😂🙏🏽

@bokicaboba 🔥💃🏽


Glam glam ✨⭐️ #SISwim headed to VIBES💃🏽

@si_swimsuit #SISwim launch partaaaay🙌🏽🎉💃🏽


I feel so incredibly proud to be in The 2017 issue of #SISwim @si_swimsuit!! The biggest thank you to everyone who made it happen❤️ and thanks @jamesmacari for only making me hold this position for a few seconds, it was harder than it looks😬 Who has their tickets to VIBES festival in Houston this weekend? Hope to see you guys there👏🏽 📸: @jamesmacari

New York Stock Exchange

It was so much fun taking part in the closing ceremony at The New York stock exchange with the @si_swimsuit girls!👏🏽😃

Thanks babe @samanthahoopes! Check out this exclusive shot in SI Swimsuit 2017 by @jamesmacari at beautiful @nihiwatu on Sumba Island... So excited for this @si_swimsuit launch week to continue!!😍👏🏽 👙🌴 Now @robynlawley, YOU'RE IT! #modeltag

New York Stock Exchange

Closed the New York Stock Exchange today!!👏🏽 #NYSE

Homemade Vegan Chili 😋 Recipe in The comments

Its all about the journey❤️

You should either be voting for this Acaibowl or me🙋🏽 to be the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SWIMSUIT @si_swimsuit "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR" and since you can't vote for The delicious Acaibowl😢, luckily you can still vote for me🙋🏽😃 Link to vote is in my bio👏🏽😄 Again, a million thanks for all the love, your support means everything to me❤️

Killed it tonight, like only you can do, as always @ladygaga 💥💃🏽👌🏽 #Superbowl #Ladygaga

HEY guys!🙋🏽 I would love it and be so honored if you voted for me as "rookie of the year" for SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit. If you think I deserve it, that is..😉💁🏽 MANY THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! (The link for voting is in my bio) @si_swimsuit

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