Келлан Латс


Американский актёр, известный ролью Эмметта Каллена в серии фильмов «Сумерки».
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We made it to Black Star Falls 😎 @karla_bliss Such a beautiful day for a Birthday Weekend hike! Such a pleasure hanging with you three! ・・・ Family that hikes together stays together ❤️ && we got a picture with @kellanlutz 🙏🏽 #BlackStarFalls#FamilyGoals#SundayFunday

Puppy Love 🐶❤🐶

Coming soon...😎💪

Time to smash some cars @battlefieldvegas #GetSome

Love that @511tactical Bag my ninja @jeffro_merc Where was my Japan invite!😎 looking good brother! You guys remember that crazy Ninja @jeffro_merc who ran on the tire with @blackoutbands on? He's back and heading to Japan. Good luck on your trip!

Great hanging with you Jonathan! Hope you had as much fun @thenammshow as I did! @jonathan1z ・・・ Hanging with Hercules!💪😎 #selfie#tbt#throwback#namm2017#nammshow2017#celebrities#celery#hercules#twilight#twilightsaga#kellanlutz

Life is a @battlefieldvegas for @jimmyhutcheson Bachelor weekend 💪 Get Some!!! @jimmyhutcheson ・・・ My bachelor party! @jchwa Justin Choi is hiding in the window!! Lol

Good times Top Golfing it up with you and the guys! Huge congrats to you and your beautiful family and Thomas's soon to be wedding! @kuyajoethebarber @vc_thomas ・・・ Just met the coolest guy ever and down to earth!Nice meeting you! #twilight #twilightsaga #emmetcullen

Love this shot @frankiebatista ・・・ #kellanlutz walking on the wild side for #MensHealth #editorial

Yesterday marks the 10th Anniversary of “Rare Disease Day”. This year’s theme is cancer research - which provides a source of hope for millions of people fighting the disease every single day. Find out what @Geoffrey_Beene is doing to support new revolutionary research by going to geoffreybeene.com #rarediseaseday #rarediseaseday2017 #geoffreybeene #amanonamission #mskcc #memorialsloankettering #kellanlutz

Just a Man and his Dog enjoying the muddy Salton Sea. What a sea it is... never knew the history of this place and now that I do, it's even more unique. ... and if you zoom into the pic, yes, there are thousands of dead fish bones on the ground and Koda had the time of her life rolling around on them all. You ask Why all the bones😎? Look up the history of the place and find out why😎! #saltonsea #bombaybeach

Proud and honored to team up with and appear in @Geoffrey_Beene’s 2017 campaign. Learn more by watching the full video here. http://geoffreybeene.com #nationalcancerpreventionmonth #geoffreybeene #amanonamission #mskcc #memorialsloankettering #kellanlutz

We made it to Salvation Mountain! Well worth the trip! Great idea @kriswolfe! Salvation Mountain is a visionary environment covering a hill near the Salton Sea. The artwork is made from adobe, straw, and thousands of gallons of lead-free paint. Salvation Mountain was created by local resident Leonard Knight (1931–2014). It encompasses numerous murals and areas painted with Christian sayings and Bible verses, though its philosophy was built around the Sinner's Prayer. The Folk Art Society of America declared it "a folk art site worthy of preservation and protection" in the year 2000. The remarkable Leonard Knight died on February 10, 2014, in El Cajon. Concern has been raised for the future of the site, which requires constant maintenance due to the harsh surrounding environment. Many visitors bring paint to donate to the project, and a group of volunteers has been working to protect and maintain the site. In 2012, a public charity, Salvation Mountain, Inc., was established to support the project. Check out more about this little gem on YouTube. Leonard was a special soul! So remarkable how one man can build something so unique in the middle of nowhere that so many flock to to witness. Never give up. Follow your dreams, no matter how strange they may seem! #salvationmountain

Hey Team, Did you know, February is National Cancer Prevention Month. Beating this disease is very important to me. Find out why by watching the video I made with @geoffrey_beene on their website. 😇➡️geoffreybeene.com ⬅️ 😇#nationalcancerpreventionmonth #geoffreybeene #amanonamission #mskcc #memorialsloankettering #kellanlutz

#WCW to my biggest crush of all time @brittanybg! Such a blessing being able to sit in the audience and watch this Beautiful Angel do her thing for @jucetv_network! She is the best! So proud of her and all that she does! God, I love this woman! 😇

I love our collaborations! We're running an amazing special for our @blackoutbands on @touchofmodern for the next 5 days. Check out their app or website for the best gadgets of the 21st century. #touchofmodern #kellanlutz #blackoutbands #sleepmask #modern #coolproduct #firstclass #sleep #rest #relax #naps #app #instagood #instafashion #instamodern #ninja #nighthawk

Red Rock Amphitheater! Always wanted to make it here one day! @stpopedavid and I finally did while road tripping in beautiful Colorado! I love this state! Bucket List ✔️

-Generation Kill 10 Year Reunion- So blessed to have been apart of this incredible show and to have made brothers for life with all these amazing guys! Much love! 2-1 Bravo out!

#ManOnAMission joining forces with @geoffrey_beene Cancer Research Center @sloankettering. Join the mission to save lives #cancersurvivors #cancerresearch

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