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Американский актёр, известный ролью Эмметта Каллена в серии фильмов «Сумерки».
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We're getting closer to my favorite party of the year! This Saturday January 14th, no matter where you are in the world, you can join in National Vision Board Day simply by buying a few magazines and cutting out and pasting your dream life onto a collage. Hang it in your room, or closet and take a moment everyday to see the life you most desire and you will naturally, sometimes even subconsciously start taking the right action steps in creating, participating and living the life you've always dreamed. Visit www.nationalvisionboardday.com Email me a picture or video of it when it's done and any success stories you have of this year's board or last years at kellanvisionboardday@gmail.com Or to @Nationalvisionboardday on Instagram and use #nationalvisionboardday

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 #Repost @_maximuslife ・・・ Change the world + Win a flyaway trip to meet @forkingandcountry + VIP Passes + Hotel...ENTER at MaximusLife.com #pricless30 ・・・ 👋🏽 from a warehouse in Nashville! I have an 💡idea to run by you...a challenge as part of #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay with @A21! (link in bio)

-Friends – Got plans this Saturday? I know I do...while watching the @nfl Playoffs 😎! I encourage all of you to either host a party for your friends to all make one, or just make one yourself. Check out www.nationalvisionboardday.com for more info, And follow us on instagram at @nationalvisionboardday The future belongs to those who change it, and you can change yours by simply believing in more! First step is cutting out pictures and making a collage of your dreams and hopes and hanging it somewhere you can see everyday. No, a vision board doesn't magically make things come true, but by seeing your goals everyday, its the first step to taking action. Use #nationalvisionboardday and post a pic of your board when done!

Hey everyone, HOPE your 2017 is going amazingly! I was recently interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts, The Liberation Project. We had a heartfelt conversation about the ups and downs of my personal journey, as well as how I approach my dreams and how I see them become a reality. With the new year well underway it’s time to START dreaming for your life and taking ACTION and move in FAITH that your dreams will become your reality. If you're inspired by the episode to start dreaming, join me, and many others, on National Vision Board Day, Saturday January 14th, as we collectively dream about the lives we want to live. Thanks again to my spiritual brothers Justin and Blair! Your Liberation Project is changing lives. So proud of you both! Thanks for having me while in Redding, CA. You can listen to my interview and check out some of their other transformational messages by clicking one of the links below: (Mac users) iTunes: http://apple.co/1RhbN8o (Android users) Stitcher: http://bit.ly/1QEP1pe\ Also to learn more about National Vision Board Day head over to: http://www.nationalvisionboardday.com #amovementformanhood #theliberationproject #nationalvisionboardday

Happy 2017 Everyone... Guess what time it is again... A week from tomorrow, Saturday January 14th! National Vision Board day! Host your own party for friends! Visit link in bio for more info www.nationalvisionboardday.com and post your pics w/ #nationalvisionboardday

Happy 2017 Everyone! Are you ready for a new year? We are! We're launching with new products this quarter! Stay tuned for some big announcements 😉😎 #blackoutbands #kellanlutz @foresightcreativegroup @blackoutbands

Eyes are the window to the soul... and what a soul she has! Puppy lovin' #australianshepherd #aussieshepherd

Happy holidays Atziry and Fam! Great times bumping into each other during our road trips. Hope you all enjoyed the Ghost Town of Jerome! #Repost @atzmad ・・・ When you find your favorite Cullen in a Ghost Town 😍 #LuckyUs #Jerome #KellanLutz #HeDoesSparkle #MaderasAdventures

Thanks for all the love McKenna! Hope you and your friends had an amazing time exploring the beautiful island that is Catalina😎 #Repost @mckennalbullock ・・・ Celebrity sighting on Catalina. And if you're wondering: yes, he does sparkle in real life. #twilight

Hello Heros 😇, HUGE announcement! Your donations between NOW and 12/31/16 will be doubled! A donor has agreed to match up to $50,000 of donations that come in before the end of the year! You are powerful. You are the hope. You are the mercy. You are the Love in this season for the hundreds of children we have rescued from the darkness of being for sale within our communities. With your one time or monthly donation you play a crucial role to end child trafficking in the United States and give deserving children the chance at their fullest life! We are currently rescuing 2 children a week and need your help to be ABLE to expand our partnership with law enforcement in other counties and states. Please join us! {link in bio of @kimmybiddle #ourkids #american #bethelight #bethedifference #❤️

Puppy lovin'

This is the perfect TRAVEL COMFORT combination. Time to gift yourself or someone you know traveling during the holidays- with some real love 😎 Glasses by @blackoutbands socks/undies + garment washable travel bag by @relatedgarments passport case by @bellroy Use code LUTZ25 for 25% off your purchase! Order now to receive your package before Christmas Day. Follow the link in the bio. Happy Holidays 😎 🎅🏼 🎁

I've been a bit MIA from social media lately and just living life to the fullest. 2016 has been an amazing year and I thank God for all that he has blessed me with. The biggest blessing has been finding the love of my life and the ONE he has promised me. It's truly mind blowing to surrender to Him and see the blessings he has in store. Over a year ago, in a season of being single, I wrote a letter to God with all the qualities I truly wanted in my future wife. I stayed strong, I pressed in, I fixed some things I didn't know I needed to fix and after a period of prayer, patience, and perseverance, He brought her into my life in the most beautiful of ways. I now know what true love looks like! I knew it the moment I saw her. She is the love of my life. The one God created for me! She is my best friend and the best teammate to shine brighter with. Thank you for loving me the way that you always do. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for your beautiful unconditional heart. When you know, you know! I am so blessed to have her in my life and so blessed that I never settled for anything less. For all of you out there looking for love, don't settle for anything less then His best. Your best friend is right around the corner! Trust me, I know! Thank You God! Thank You My Love! Jeremiah 29:11 - For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Amen!

Hey Amazing Team, Today for Giving Tuesday I'm teaming up with KultureCity to raise money in support of autistic children and their families. Join me by Clicking this link and registering with GoodWorld. Anyone who registers will be entered into a drawing to receive an autographed picture #KellanGives #GivingTuesday https://gdw.io/fe595a

It's been an unbelievable last couple of weeks and such an honor working with the one and only Neill Blomkamp and his amazing crew! I've been such a HUGE fan of Neill's work and how much his movies make you think about the world that we live in and the future that may come. Really proud of this project and all the hard work our cast and amazing crew's in Cape Town, South Africa and Bangkok, Thailand put into it! We all know I love to travel and this mission took me around the world. Neill- Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for your beautifully creative mind and coming up with this movie, and having me along for this unforgettable adventure, and also for your amazing sense of humor and story telling! Until next time... Lima Out

The Top of Lions Head

On Pride Rock on top of Lion's Head! Roaring like a lion!!! I love Cape Town!!!

The Twelve Apostles, Cape Town, South Africa! Bucket List ✔️ One of my most favorite cities in the world!

Goodbye Goldie Locks...👦 It's Play Time💪 Lights. Camera. ACTION!!!

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