Келлан Латс


Американский актёр, известный ролью Эмметта Каллена в серии фильмов «Сумерки».
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Happy #nationalpuppyday this is @kodakodaks and my happy place to nap😜

I love @childrensla for all the amazing work they do, and I’m asking all of you to join me by participating in the @makemarchmatter campaign. Visit MakeMarchMatter.org to learn how to make a difference!

Love having her on set! We talk. We laugh. We play cards. I go to set. She’s there when I come back. We talk. We dream. We laugh some more. I go to set. She’s there when I come back. We read. We discuss. We dream some more. I go to set. She’s there when I come back. We eat. We nap. The journey in the set trailer with this precious angel is endless fun! Ps. Her smile is freaking contagious! 😊

Been way to long pops... look who’s all grown up 💪😎 #Repost @peterfacinelli ・・・ Look who I’m working with... @fbicbs #cullenfamily

So proud of everyone’s hard work with ART IN THE DARK! You all did such an amazing job!!!! Time to BlackOut😎 @blackoutbands #Repost @knighthawkdeg ・・・ An amazing achievement! Thanks to the entire cast, crew, volunteers and sponsors for such an incredible evening. And a huge thank you to our audience for attending our SOLD OUT event! #artinthedark #AitD #blind #awareness

I have the BEST team ever! So happy to back HOME @innovativeartists Thank you GOD!🙏🙌

Knock Knock... Who’s there? @dickwolf and Crosby Dick Wolf and Crosby who? You’ll see soon enough...😎

So grateful for this guy! Thanks Jonathan Strauss for being so amazing! 🙏💪

The Blue Door

Got some exciting news for you all. My company @blackoutbands is jumping head first in supporting the amazing organization @cre_outreach so proud of Greg, Colin, Abby, Cathy, Regina, and all the amazingly gifted actors involved in THEATRE BY THE BLIND. Come to a show and check it out for yourselves. @evantimothy and myself are so pumped! www.creoutreach.com www.blackouttravel.com for more info and ways to join us in our support. Thank you all!

Happy Valentine’s Day you beautiful world you! #Repost @brittanylynnlutz ・・・ Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to yours! How freakin cute are koda and Kellan in this pic😭😍❤️❤️❤️

Stick It reunion anyone 😎🙌 @mperegrym So excited to be joining the new FBI: Most Wanted team for CBS @fbicbs Now I need to get another crown vic back in LA!

Looks...Feels...Smells...Tastes (Woops- don’t eat haha 😜) DELICIOUS Happy Valentine’s Day my love! @brittanylynnlutz #Repost @brittanylynnlutz ・・・ It’s Valentine’s Day!! Well, almost. My hubby will be out of town tomorrow being the amazing provider he is so we celebrated early. ⁣ Even though I’m married and have my forever special someone, I still prefer low key as opposed to something over the top (what’s up introverts!!). ⁣I LOVE treating myself to at home spa days full of scrubs and masks and treatments so this year @kellanlutz humored me and did some girly stuff with me!! 😁😂 Turns out he loved it! ⁣ The @sheernecessity coffee scrub is TO DIE FOR!!! It smells SO good (so good Kel wanted to take a bite of it 😂) and leaves your skin feeling baby soft. PLUS 20% goes to @uheroes . You can treat yourself while giving back. What’s better than that?! ⁣ ⁣ Whether you’re booed up or not, what are your Valentines plans?

Tonight’s the night!!! Excited for you all to see this hilarious film! I’m going to be surprising a few theatres in LA with a special little intro, hope to see some of you there! #WhatMenWant

Los Angeles, California

Get ready for the comedy event of the season! You won’t want to miss me and this amazing cast in #WhatMenWant. In theatres now! Get tickets: whatmenwantmovie.com

Antelope Canyon

Man is God sooooo Good! On our road trip with @campervanguy back to LA from Sundance I picked a route were we would drive past Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon has been on my Bucket List and Vision Board for a while now but I haven’t gotten the chance to go yet. Typically you need a reservation 3-6 months out to go into the canyons so it’s been really hard for me to plan because I don’t know where I’ll be in a week let alone 3 months from now. But those close to me know that I am a child of God and such a Man of FAITH! The chances of just driving up and getting a tour right away are VERY slim but I prayed to God for FAVOR. We only had a small window of time to be able to do it and make it back to Los Angeles and be rested for the next mornings early Access Live appearance for @whatmenwant . Well I prayed and trusted and long story short I pulled into a parking lot that said they did tours. As expected, there wasn’t a tour available that we could make. Before leaving I asked if I could use the restroom and while I was in there I felt like God told me not to give up yet but to wait on Him. On the way out I started talking to the kindest guy Damon as well as Angelica and Carol. They recognized me from Twilight and we laughed and took photos and that’s when Damon called his CEO Lionel and asked if there was anything he could do and man did Lionel hook it up! We got a private tour by the best tour guide Derick and didn’t just get to see just one but THREE canyons! I mean come on!!! Thank you God! And thank God for Twilight! Seriously the best fans ever. 🙏 I encourage you to always be kind to people and never pass up on something you want without asking. You never know what God will do for you! #aacpt #adventuresantelopecanyon

Solitude Mountain Resort

I like coming to @sundanceorg for the movies, but I love coming to the mountains during Sundance because they are so open and not busy because everyone’s at the movies and parties haha 🏂

Serious super powers with @tarajiphenson 🙌🙌🙌 #Repost @whatmenwant ・・・ Now THAT'S a superpower we can get behind! #WhatMenWant

Excited for the first of many road trips in 2019! Couldn’t have done it without you, Jody. 💪🏼 Thanks so much for letting us take the “Kojak” out for our adventure! Everyone check out @campervanguy CamperVanGuy.com if you need any wheels for your own adventure. 😎🏔🚍🐶👫

Los Angeles, California

Really grateful to Evelyn at UPP Entertainment Marketing and @perryellis for the dashing suit 😎 And thanks @gettyimages for the photo! And the biggest thanks to @sunniebrook for always making me feel GQ ready 😎

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