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Американский актёр, известный ролью Эмметта Каллена в серии фильмов «Сумерки».
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Happy Birthday Sofia! 🎂

We got you Eddie! It's a team effort! Thank you for being such an amazing father to all these kids! #Repost @blackjaguarwhitetiger ・・・ Guys: I just created a goFundme campaign that will cover the costs of the Sanctuary for the next 3 months (I will do it quarterly). If 1 percent of our followers donated 1.5 Dollars per month I would be able to do real Magic, but this, unfortunately, is not the case. The active link is on our bio, but I will write it here also. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart…www.gofundme.com/500RescuedAnimals Grand Total 426 Lions 94 Tigers 94 Jaguars 24 Leopards 11 Pumas 7 Red Lynxes 14 Margays 7 Jaguarundis 7 Ocelots 2 Servals 4 Birds 77 Dogs 41 Coyotes 8 Red Foxes 2 Black Bears 2 Wolves 2 Primates 5 Goats 1 Pigs 3 Donkeys 2 House Cats 12 Pygmy Skunks 4 Raccoons 3Hola, acabo de crear una campaña en goFundme que nos ayudara a cubrir los gastos del Santuario por los siguientes 3 meses (La pienso hacer cada trimestre). Si el 1 por ciento de nuestros seguidores donaran 1.5 Dolares al mes, podria hacer verdadera Magia, pero desgraciadamente este no es el caso. El link activo esta en nuestro bio pero lo escribo aqua también. Gracias de todo Corazon…www.gofundme.com/500RescuedAnimals

Thanks for having me! Best Group Moto Ride I've ever done and such an amazing cause to be apart of! Can't wait to do it again with you all @bartelsharleydavidson Thanks Angel! #Repost @bartelsharleydavidson ・・・ We are proud to announce that @kellanlutz is going to here Sunday for our celebrity charity ride! @liferollsonfoundation

Each year in the US alone, approximately 16,000 to 24,000 deaths are attributed to lung cancer in people who never smoked in their lives. It may surprise you to learn that lung cancer in never smokers is a completely different disease at the molecular level. Help beat lung cancer and other cancers by supporting men’s fashion brand, Geoffrey Beene. 100% of net profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC fund revolutionary new cancer research at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. http://geoffreybeene.com/ #geoffreybeene #amanonamission #mskcc #memorialsloankettering #kellanlutz #lungcancer #beatlungcancer

So proud to call you a friend @piersonfode Thank you for all your authenticity and vulnerability with this interview for @theliberationproject You have such a beautiful soul brother! So proud of you! Check out this amazing interview at @theliberationproject podcast or on @piersonfode Instagram profile page. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 #Repost @piersonfode ・・・ The road to creativity passes so close to the madhouse that we up vacationing there 👇👁 I get dark deep and vulnerable about my journey into Hollywood and where I am today with @theliberationproject - Listen to "Humanizing Hollywood" (LINK IN BIO) 📷/@adamkay_

Bucket List - Work with John Travolta ✔️ Last nights shoot was one for the memory books! What an honor and pleasure it is working with and learning from the legend that is #JohnTravolta on our movie Speed Kills. Thank you John for always giving 150% ever single take. Thank you for making acting so much fun! 👏👏👏 Side note- I love this shirt. Feeling a bit like Zack Morris from Saved By The Bell. If they ever brought that show back...they know who to call 😎

What is sarcoma? Sadly, unless your life has been touched by the disease, you probably have no idea what sarcoma is. A rare cancer of connective tissue and more prevalent in children than adults, sarcoma is often called “the forgotten cancer” because awareness is so low. July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Help beat sarcoma and other cancers by supporting men’s fashion brand, Geoffrey Beene. 100% of net profits from Geoffrey Beene, LLC fund revolutionary new cancer research at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. http://geoffreybeene.com/ #sarcomaawareness #geoffreybeene #amanonamission #mskcc #geoffreybeenecancerresearchcenter #memorialsloankettering #kellanlutz

HAPPY BIG 25 to my favorite twin Smash Brothers! Love you guys! I hope You guys are having an amazing day! Try not to break anything😎💪 @stpopedavid @danielpope0707 Love what you did with this @marlutz990

Had a blast zip-lining @toroverde_adventure_park!! Huge thanks to @brendamrodz and Luis for setting everything up and for giving us the BEST guides in Kristian and Xavier! You guys were amazing! Hands down the most beautiful zip line tour I've ever done. So much fun going 90mph down the longest zip line in the Guinness book of world records #ElMonstruo- it's almost 2 miles long! Can't wait to come back!! 😎#Toroverde #ConqueredTheMonster #Aventure #Orocovis #PuertoRico 🇵🇷

Great time working with the awesome cast and crew of the thriller MONEY. It's out now on DVD and Digital HD – check it out!

Captain Lagertha Lothbrok, I am at your service! Always love it when someone says I won't make it somewhere on time and they don't know how competitive I can be! Thanks Frankie and Brenda for all the help! We made it! Great Navigating @katherynwinnick 👏👏👏 What's our next adventure!😎 #Repost @katherynwinnick ・・・ Always an adventure with the talented @kellanlutz. #puertorico #guinessworldrecord #biobay

-Once you have tasted flight, you will always look to the heavens, for there you have been, and there you will long to return-

The pleasure was all mine Blake! Thanks for all the laughs and good talks... and one of the easiest/best shoots I've ever had! Can't wait to shoot with you and the amazing team below again! Congrats to you! You got quite an eye for photography! Many blessings! #Repost @blakeballardphoto ・・・ Had the opportunity to work with the incredible @kellanlutz earlier this month. HUGE thank you to my amazing @goodtalentmanagement family for setting this up! blakeballard.com Actor: @kellanlutz MUAH: @eriktorppe Wardrobe Stylist: @chaserandall Assistant Stylist: @blairewiththeredhair #kellanlutz #menswear #menstyle #mensfashion #editorial #portrait #blackandwhite #blackandwhiteisworththefight #blakeballardphotography

Huge thanks to fans and especially @kellanlutzjapan for always finding the coolest pics and videos that I haven't even seen yet! This is awesome! What is OATS?!😎 You all will find out soon enough...💪 @neillblomkamp @oatsstudios #Repost @kellanlutzjapan ・・・ 'Oats Volume 1' behind tha scenes What is Oats? #kellanlutz #oatsstudios #oatsvolume1 #volume1 #neillblomkamp #ケランラッツ #ニールブロムカンプ #オーツスタジオ #ボリュームワン @kellanlutz @oatsstudios @neillblomkamp

Time to reflect... First off, thank you God for my life! My life is nowhere near perfect but I CHOOSE to be THANKFUL and count my BLESSINGS daily! I am so grateful for my creative mind, thinking up different ideas for products that open up doors for other ideas and opportunities. I'm thankful for amazing best friends/ business partners of @evantimothy and @lorenalberts to work and create with! I'm thankful for our @blackoutbands and @foresightcreativegroup business that started as just a fun idea that we all were passionate about and God has helped us grow into a successful business. I'm thankful for my family and friends who have always been there lending all their countless support. I'm thankful for companies like @hudsonnews, @hudson_group , @travelandleisure, @marines and so many more for all the amazing opportunities and I'm extremely grateful for all the amazing people we get to work with at these places. I'm so grateful for all the fans and consumers that enjoy and use our products and for all the love they show. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!😎 #Repost @blackoutbands ・・・ Come check Blackout Band products and more at the Southern California Mud Run today! Look for Tammy and she will give you a free hug with purchase 🤗 We love supporting these troops. Have fun and enjoy the Annual Mud Run. #camppendleton #mudrun #mudrun2017 #marines #blackoutbands #marinecorpsmudrun

@princessaashie thank you for making my night! It was so great seeing you again and even better Salsa dancing together! You got moves 💃!!! And what a way to beat the tie breaker haha! Blessings to you and your awesome mom! Until next time! Keep that beautiful smile and light of yours shining bright! Much Love! #Repost @princessaashie ・・・ I guess I win the tiebreaker Mom! Lol @theprincessmum @kellanlutz Thank you for the salsa dance!!! I had a blast! Until next time 😉😉 #secondtimeacharm #kellanlutz

Loving all the new @thegivingkeys products that helps people trying to transition out of homelessness! Choose your Word & style at TheGivingKeys.com What's your word?😎

Feeling a bit more wise lately...not sure why 😎🎅

Love me some good old heavy sweating @f45_training while wearing my 20lb @titin talk about getting my A$$ kicked! Thank you @mah1111 for kicking my butt and @tjstaffordmusic for keeping me going! #f45training

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