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Австралийский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям Юрайи в фильмах «Дивергент, глава 2: Инсургент» и «Дивергент, глава 3: За стеной», Олли в «Танцевальной академии» и Уолли Уэста во «Флэше».
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Self portrait

💫 @terroirmagazine feature out now.

April cover of @gaytimesmag was just announced 😭💖 My og therapist who told me 5 yrs ago that my fears could one day be my strength was right.

Heyy - this is a long ass post about the secret project from the other week I asked you to submit for. So, in order for it to actually work I realised I need to be more specific with the details.. but also open up the options as well. We definitely still need kiss videos (hehe), but ppl can now submit any sort of cute loving moments - like cuddling friends, laughing, dancing together, or anything really. Even if you have pre-filmed footage you’d be willing to share, that works too. The main requirement is that you support & believe in equal love for our LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈 because that’s what this is about. And I know a lot of you submitted already so I do apologise, but now we need videos only, not photos, they should be at least 10 seconds, shot horizontally, & the higher the quality the better obviously.. but your phone should be sweet. We also struggled to get many male couples to submit, which kind of shows the importance of things like this.. so if you are out and proud I’d love to have you 💖 If you’d like to submit then plz email your vid by this Wednesday to lilvibecatcher@gmail.com xx | #TheKTBProject🌈 (📷 @leahbarylsky)

@verygoodlight feature out now. (Stoked I got to put this Tokyo fit to use 💙🇯🇵)

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but we honestly are getting that much closer to figuring out who and what we are in this Universe. Personally, I think that we’re just physical expressions of this thing we happen to call Love, & if that is the ultimate truth... then there really is no reason for kids to grow up with any shame for who they are, because all they are is Love. There is no reason for us to judge or fear someone else for being different, because they too.. are Love. And finally, there is 💯 percent no reason why a Gay human can’t be the coolest hero & star of his/her/their story, because they are also that same & equal Love. Not to hype you toooo much, but having seen this film 3 times already (hehe), I guarantee that when you watch it - no matter if you’re Straight or Queer, you’ll get to feel a range of emotions that just can’t be put into words, and I think you’ll probably see yourself on that screen. I’m so proud to be part of this game changer, thank you @beckyalbertalli thank you @gberlanti & thank you to every single person involved in bringing it to life. The world is ready for @lovesimonmovie, & it’s coming out tonight ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖

@lovesimonmovie premiere last night was pretty special 🌹Out on Friday. And despite the serious face, I cannot wait for you all to see it :) x

Thanks @peopletv 🏳️‍🌈✨

May I have this dance Mr butterfly?

He’s the boy, in this thing we call “life”? and so am I, I suppose.. Once again, and always of course til the very end, where I shall fall back in my dreams to rest my heart & head. And when I’m ready, when I choose, I’ll wake back up in a new time, a new land, just to fall back in love with him all..over..again.

Couldn’t have dreamed of a better man to direct this story. 10 days til @lovesimonmovie comes out in theatres 🌹

CRSSD festival

Dance to be reminded of who, what, & why you love. 🌸🌸🌸

Hi 🌸 I'm working on an exciting project that involves you guys. I can't give away too many details right now, but if you wanna be part of it simply email a video (horizontal) &/or photo of yourself kissing someone you love (if you are comfortable sharing that)! This celebrates all romantic love, from anywhere in the world, LGBTQ+ & heterosexual. Send to lilvibecatcher@gmail.com ☺️

Vancouver, British Columbia

Season wrap on Legends today yiewww! Very thankful for fun times. Proud to be a black super hero. Proud to be a Queer boy portraying a black super hero. Hope all you kids out there know you truly can live out your dreams, and all while being 💯 percent yourself, whatever that is for you. That’s when you really glow - took me a minute to learn that, but it’s a gift to learn it at all. I ❤️ you round to the stars & allll the way back again, forever x (📷: @caitylotz)

Lay it on me

Ya New Sheriff ❤️ Truth is I joined @cw_legendsoftomorrow for the dress ups. 📷’s by @talaashe

Vancouver, British Columbia

A hoe never gets cold. (caption stolen from @ cevanstann on Twitter 💫❄️🌹)

1 yr ago today central city was changed forever, with the discovery of a new speedster by the name of “Phil”

Gettin long

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