Кейнан Лонсдейл


Австралийский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям Юрайи в фильмах «Дивергент, глава 2: Инсургент» и «Дивергент, глава 3: За стеной», Олли в «Танцевальной академии» и Уолли Уэста во «Флэше».
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Ball so hard mo fuckers wanna find me at comic-con

Cool cast & all but where's wally?

Comic-Con International: San Diego 2017

& it's only 11am 😆 Comic-Con you wild.

Happy Birthday to my soul brother. What we've been through this year is beyond. I don't know what else to say but forever. Love you forever. I'll learn from you forever. I've got your back forever. All the forevers lol.

My mumma & her kid flash 😄

Mum flew all the way from home in Australia so obviously got to bring her on set & show her the ropes ✨🤙🏾⚡️

Danced in the park by myself yesterday for like 30min lol. It was really fun. @chronixxmusic album inspired me.

Was feeling some anxiety today being in the city... I'm very glad tho cause it made me get out, put on my rainbow shirt, jam out to nature, & just reconnect. Sometimes being anxious can result in something pretty beautiful.

Eagle Bluffs

Drake calls em views

Sat down to take this all in and just be open to a new lesson if one wanted to come thru. It did, & I cried lol cause I can't seem to stop doing that recently. Good tears dw ✨

Eagle Bluffs

Escaped a bear so now we dance

Morning reminder: do what u want 🍊

Look at my big dorky ears I love em 😂

Missing my #megajourners 💖

Week 2 interlude @tha_los 🎥⚡️

There's always some special shit going on in the world if you really open your mind to it ✨🌻☀️

Just a thank you from the bottom of my heart. You're helping my dream come true & I hope I can help provide you with at least 3 min of bliss in return 😆🎶 Song link is in bio. It's already in the US Viral 50 for @spotify which is kind of crazy, so if you want to, save it to your Spotify playlists etc & share it with your friends to keep it growing. I can't imagine where this could go, but I hope wherever it is you'll be with me. @kasbomusic and I are so happy & thankful. I think this may only be the beginning 🌸👁❤ #LayItOnMe

Central City

That's a wrap on week 1 🤙🏾 I'd say it was the chillest we've had in a while⚡️(pic @kategray_)

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