Кейнан Лонсдейл


Австралийский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям Юрайи в фильмах «Дивергент, глава 2: Инсургент» и «Дивергент, глава 3: За стеной», Олли в «Танцевальной академии» и Уолли Уэста во «Флэше».
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@dearboymag ❤️🌹 @magdawosinskastudio

@dearboymag ❤️🌹 @magdawosinskastudio

@dearboymag ❤️🌹 @magdawosinskastudio

CRSSD festival

Way Back When

Never quite met anyone more dedicated to their craft than @louisfutonbeats. His debut album just dropped today, titled #WayBackWhen, & I’m honoured to say the first song we ever made together.. “Royal Blood”, is on there. He’s been my friend, my roommate, & the producer helping shape my own music in a way that my dreams couldn’t even predict. You inspire me to work harder every single day. I love you dude. Congratulations. See you on the moon 🌚

Me n ma mofucking guardians ✨✨✨

Never on purpose

The mysterious human then vanished before i could react. He is indeed faster.

Like demons in the dark.. but that ain’t you.. that ain’t real.. | 📷 @stormshoots

“Fierce is LOVE. Something told me to look more clearly at the choice of love over fear, and by choosing love, it seems my career and my heart have become successfully one and the same.” | Excited to be in this extremely diverse campaign, collaborating with @abercrombie as part of the relaunch of Fierce cologne. #FACEYOURFIERCE #AbercrombiePartner 🙏🏾♥️💫🌎🌊

Model @louisfutonbeats

Attempting to be the averagely entertaining amateur gamer no one asked for, tonight 7pm PST on @Twitch. Finally starting #KingdomHearts3 for the first time! I have literally waited 14 years. Also gonna drag ma hiking buddy @derekfallon along to play w me cause I’m too nervous to do this shit by myself lol. Profile is “MrRainbowBoy” - twitch.tv/mrrainbowboy (link also in bio for now) 😄 Wish us all the blessings, see you in an hour if I can figure out technology

Well I’m excited to play this shit | 📷 @stormshoots #kingdomhearts3 💫✨


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