Кейнан Лонсдейл


Австралийский актёр. Наиболее известен по ролям Юрайи в фильмах «Дивергент, глава 2: Инсургент» и «Дивергент, глава 3: За стеной», Олли в «Танцевальной академии» и Уолли Уэста во «Флэше».
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Brooklyn, New York

❤️ is the 🔑 | 📷 @lovemiyako

South Williamsburg/Schaefer Landing East River Ferry Terminal

She's the most colourful light 🌸✨ Thanks for showing me new sides to this great city x

New York, New York

Thx for the good chats about flash, music, & life @abcnews 🌹


Thanks for having me @dashradio & supporting @kasbomusic and I's song #LayItOnMe 🤙🏾🌸❤️

The best. Love my friends to the moon.

That pure wonder you had as a kid is not lost forever, I promise you. The truth is that it can become infinitely more amazing as you grow up & glow up - that happens only when despite your very awareness of life's painful challenges & heart breaks... you learn how to see the light anyway and you use it to keep moving & smiling! Let go of yourself, let go of the mind that tells you stories, let go of all the judgement & all expectation. Just simply... be. That's joy. 🌻🌻🌻❤️❤️❤️🌊🌊🌊👑👑👑🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🌈🌈🌈🔑🔑🔑🌎🌍🌏

The key has always been for everything. It's whatever I want it to be, and it's whatever you want it to be 🔑🔑🔑

Unlocked the key to happiness now all there is to do is spread joy & lots of magic 😄

TAO Los Angeles

Because speedster

Bishh every human around the world is royalty 👑👑👑

On my way to @variety's #powerofyounghollywood event. 📸: @itsjordanjr

I'll just post it


Griffith Park

Awesome morning volunteering with @treepeoplela to help nurture some trees n stuff in this heat ☀️😄 It was a super fun/easy way to give back to our beautiful earth 🌏 Excited to keep learning more about our home & put my body to good use. Also I definitely hit myself in the head getting the pole out I'm obviously too strong for ma own good 😂😎

Go through this life with best friends / humans who stand out from the crowd ✨❤️🤣 @isabeldurant @itsjordanjr

Look a lizard

Our purpose on this earth is to learn that despite each & every difference, we are all in fact just, one. And by the time we do meet other life forms out in the universe, we won't be threatened nor will we act out of fear, we will join them, infinitely discovering throughout time that we are again just, one. ✨❤️🔑

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