Киау Кауануи


Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря роли Дэнни в молодёжном мистико-драматическом телесериале «Волчонок».
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Arches National Park

West coast or best coast? 🌅 [swipe for full view]

Oahu, HI

I got here before Moana did. Just saying.

Cape Town, Western Cape

Often the path ahead is clear. Too often it’s obscured by distraction. Some days, you just let nature show you the way 🌅

Grenada City, Saint George, Grenada

To beautiful countries, sunny days, powdery clouds and crystal clear waters - what you got for me 2018? Who’s coming? #fbf

Boulders Beach

While the water was frigid and it was just a year ago, I still think back to Cape Town almost the most of all the places I visited last year. If you’ve never been, it should be on your list! Where to go, where to go? 🐧

Laguna Beach, California

Preparing for the long winter in SoCal like... What #bombcyclone? 😂 To be honest, I’m actually really missing the snow. What’s the BEST place to board right now?

Griffith Observatory

LA bringing out its best sunrise. New Year, new you? 😜 What did you spend your first day of 2018 doing?

Laguna Beach, California

Watching 2017 depart and waiting for the next year to take me to places yet unknown. Happy New Year 🎊🎈 and thanks for the love these past 12 months!

Los Angeles, California

Love winter and the snow but also dreaming about the beach lately. Been to some amazing places this year but California still has me in awe. Have you visited yet? This state has it all.

Fushimi Inari-taisha

I walked to this spot trying to get away from crowds and I couldn’t have been more surprised. Check out my story to see a time lapse. I spent that next hour just watching the fog roll through the trees. Always explore the side paths!


Jeans by “these were the only ones I brought on this trip” Jacket by “it was on sale” Hair by “I woke up like this”


Couldn't be more excited for winter ❄️ to get here but autumn 🍂 in Japan 🇯🇵 definitely brought out its colors for my visit

Kyoto, Japan

Powered by souls.


Miss it already 🏮🎎🇯🇵

Shibuya, Tokyo

One in a million. Actually, 7 billion but you know, who's counting? On this thanksgiving, I'm thankful to wake up every morning with my health, a roof over my head, food in my cupboards and the freedom and ability to create everyday no matter how daunting the task seems in an ocean of amazing other talented creators. • THANK YOU, IRL friends, family and online friends for the love you give. It's what gets me through. • What're you thankful for?


What's you favorite color? • • • (Yes, I still had a blue one left to post)


Blade Runner: Kyoto vibes. Who would you walk these streets with?


Because there was a green one left to post. Now I'm done. Go visit Bokaap. It's a cool place with some interesting immigrant history. Plus, colors like this.

Fushimi Inari-taisha

Maybe it's me, maybe it's my wistful thoughts of my too distant Japanese heritage, maybe it was the gates (look up Fushimi Inari-tasha) but something feels so familial here. In any case, I'm glad to have finally arrived. 🍣 🇯🇵 I cannot express how critical it is to travel, explore and immerse oneself in foreign cultures from your own. No matter how pleasant or rough, it's always done good for the soul. • Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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