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Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря роли Дэнни в молодёжном мистико-драматическом телесериале «Волчонок».
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What's you favorite color? • • • (Yes, I still had a blue one left to post)


Blade Runner: Kyoto vibes. Who would you walk these streets with?


Because there was a green one left to post. Now I'm done. Go visit Bokaap. It's a cool place with some interesting immigrant history. Plus, colors like this.

Fushimi Inari-taisha

Maybe it's me, maybe it's my wistful thoughts of my too distant Japanese heritage, maybe it was the gates (look up Fushimi Inari-tasha) but something feels so familial here. In any case, I'm glad to have finally arrived. 🍣 🇯🇵 I cannot express how critical it is to travel, explore and immerse oneself in foreign cultures from your own. No matter how pleasant or rough, it's always done good for the soul. • Thanks for coming along for the ride!


I call this one: where TF do these stairs go and why is this bottom step so steep?!

Mount Baldy, California

This is LA. Hard to believe right? Sometimes you just have to disconnect, hike 9.5 miles uphill - both ways - and take in some fresh air at 10,080 ft. Hope you all had a great weekend and went outside!


"This doesn't look like I'm rolling up my sleeve on purpose does it? Ok, now let me look down and away from the camera..." 😂

It's always good to remember that finding the best solution(s) often takes well rounded perspective. Explore. Try. Fail. Learn. Try again.


This is my: it's MY effing turn to take a picture in front of the ⬜️wall face.

Aspen, Colorado

Found my batcave. Time to move in. (Actually, Aquaman is better). Who's excited for the new DC movies? Be honest. And no I'm not dressing up as Batman... again.

Brooklyn Bridge

That Spidey-Sense got me like...


Thinking back to tanner days

New York, New York

It was one of those humid, not even moving but still sweating through shirt kind of nights but the cloud cover was just right and I wanted to shoot the bridge. It's weird how self conscious I get shooting in LA but when I'm traveling, I just don't care who's around. While I was looking for angles, I grabbed this shot very randomly. I only took one. You can't see it but it's slightly blurred. Guess I'll just have to go back 😉. #i❤️nyc #brooklynbridgeig


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Brooklyn Bridge

While you were sleeping... 🌃 • • • • • • #agameoftones #2instagood #justgoshoot #brooklynbridge #exploretocreate #neverstopcreating #gramslayers #slowshutter #illgrammers #way2ill #urbanandstreet #milliondollarvisuals #instagoodmyphoto #heatercentral #beautifuldestinations #streetmagazine

San Francisco, California

In all the mornings I've spent photographing the Golden Gate Bridge, I've never seen a sunrise as jaw dropping as this one was. I'll never grow tired of shooting my favorite structure in the world. If you are ever in San Francisco, do yourself a favor and wake up early to experience this bridge at its peak. • Also, don't forget to thank your park rangers and the @nationalparkservice for preserving places like this for us to enjoy.

Waikiki, Hawaii

🔥in the ground. 🔥in the sky. Pele, the goddess of fire, makes herself known on the islands whether you know her name or not. The meaning of my whole name is actually "place where the fire gathers" and saying I LOVE fire is an understatement. Can't wait to get back to @hawaiivolcanoesnps at some point for some of that eyebrow singeing lava photography


Still so crazy that I'm from these islands. As I am in tireless awe of their beauty, I couldn't imagine having my home devastated by not one but two hurricanes. If you can spare anything to my fellow islanders in Puerto Rico, please donate, send water, survival gear their way. 6 months with no power ahead and bleak supplies. They may not have statehood but they still deserve the help of the mainland and their American ohana.

San Francisco, California

Nabbed this shot last week. We're so dependent and addicted to being connected, especially on our phones nowadays. It's why I like to take my camera and go off grid for a while. I'm always looking for that next "middle of nowhere but the landscape is place." Know of somewhere you haven't seen on my feed? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!

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