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Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря роли Дэнни в молодёжном мистико-драматическом телесериале «Волчонок».
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Downtown Los Angeles

Caution: Cars may be moving slower than they appear. This is LA.

Downtown LA

“Vuht are yew sinking abowt?” - he asked himself, amusedly. And then traversed down a deep, dark rabbit hole of thought like, “Is that bird going to poo on that rail?” and “Did I leave my laundry in the washer again?” . Same? 😂

Downtown Los Angeles

There goes my camera, romanticizing DTLA again w/ @shainblumphotography

Mojave, California

Found the light at the end of the tunnel... buuuuut, I don’t fit through the opening. Guess I’ll just live here now.

Valley of Fire State Park

Taken on the first night of that crazy 5 day, 1200+ miles trip around the southwest. Can’t believe it took me so long to explore even just this little beautiful nugget of the U.S. but thanks to @831gaberodriguez, I got to witness some sick sunrises and sunsets chasing after that perfect light.

Valley of Fire State Park

“Mmmm cookies.” . This is not my @jeep but wish it were! Please remember to care for your regional, state and national parks. We wouldn’t have these beautiful playgrounds to visit and get so easily reconnected to nature without them! 📷: @champagne_images

Sedona, Arizona

Chasing roadrunners.

White Pocket

I’ve come to learn the secrets of earth bending... and done. Believe it or not this was taken with a self-timer. The light was just right in this little nook at White Pocket and as much as I hate sand, it’s still fun to shoot. ——-BONUS GIVEAWAY——— You still have 24 hours to enter the metal print giveaway! TAG A FRIEND BELOW in your comment who you’d travel to Namibia with and I’ll throw in a leather bound journal from @partikularinc with the giveaway!

Sossusvlei Desert, Namíbia

Signed Metal Print GIVEAWAY! —————————————— I obviously love to share my art and since I don’t have anywhere to hang this piece, I thought I’d do a giveaway to help find it a good home. It’s a metal print from one of my favorite places in the world, Namibia during a flyover of the Sossusvlei dunes. —————————————— RULES TO ENTER ARE SIMPLE: 1. It’s free! 2. Like AND Comment on this photo within the next 48 hours 3. MUST be following 4. International entries are OK but shipping is unfortunately not included. 5. Good luck!

Shot from a moving car. We were racing to catch the sunset. This range was in the distance. I had my camera in my lap. What else was I going to do when I saw light pouring through a canyon like this?

Searching for that magic lamp... what would your first wish be? #caveofwonders


Land of fire and ice. Just got back from a crazy trek across the Southwest w:/ @831gaberodriguez @neilbennett3 @the_lost_coast @champagne_images. This is not a photo from that trip but with how cold it got at night in the desert, this is what it felt like. Blog post coming with those shots in the next few days!

Treasure Island, San Francisco

See that hand? It’s feeling for the coffee that should be sitting next to me at this early hour. #coffee #menwithoutcoffee #ilovesf #sunrise

San Francisco, California

Yes, this is what morning people do. Also, I love this bridge. But not more than the Golden Gate. Where my early risers at?

Laguna Beach, California

There are heavenly blue beach-y pics and then there are set-the-sky-ablaze-🔥 beach-y pics. Today seems an appropriate day for the latter 😜. Happy February 14th or whatever. Now, who wants to go on a normal, not for any other reason besides it’s just a Wednesday date? 😘


This is not a drill: WIN A #DreamJourneyJapan TRIP! I will be heading back to Japan soon to get better acquainted with some of my ancestry! With such a peaceful and venerable culture, I'll be going beyond Tokyo and Kyoto to places like the Kanazawa and Fukui prefectures (which also have tons of untouched gram locations ;) Want to live it yourself? Don't know how you'd get there? Well, I'm super excited to spread the word about a chance to WIN A TRIP TO JAPAN! Link in bio! #JapanSweepstakes #VisitJapan #ad

Always wait for that after-sunset glow to happen before you stop shooting. LA, you definitely have your moments. 🤙🏼 Running around trying to find a good spot w/ @samcahill @harrywander

Death Valley National Park

To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. - William Blake

Death Valley National Park

Time to go.

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