Киау Кауануи


Американский актёр, получивший известность благодаря роли Дэнни в молодёжном мистико-драматическом телесериале «Волчонок».
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New York City

My house needs to be at least 3x this size! 📷: @samsheffer

Dolby Soho

When you show up at Dolby’s pop up so you can low key cosplay as Eddie Brock but your cosplay game is so casual they assume you just dressed “nice”... in any case, it’s worth a stop if you’re in the friendly (SoHo) neighborhood (and free) and includes setups from this years contenders + some obvious winners ;) What’s your sickest, casual cosplay? @Dolbylabs #ad #dolbysoho

Skydive Perris

No baggage check. No TSA. No boarding lines. Just straight to the plane, into the sky and out of the door. Anyone have a parachute I could borrow? 😂 That #skydive life... 😍

New York, New York

Winter... so hot right now.

New York, New York

It may be 31 degrees outside but I effing LOVE winter. Who’s with me?! ————— 🏖 or 🏔?


These are by far my choice pick in the @colehaan #ZEROGRAND All Day Trainer collection so I saved it for last. While they squish down great to pack for the gym, they're low profile enough to wear all day without LOOKING LIKE that's where you're headed. Cool, dark and stormy treads? Done. #colehaanpaidpartner #ad #colehaanallday

Skydive Perris

Skydive Perris gave me wings. The instructors gave me the confidence. The group I learned with gave me the moral support and laughs. And the rest of the skydive community who were there during my 25 A-License jumps gave me the stoke. I’ll never forget, especially not the epic 4-way, 25th jump I made today. #addicted Who’s down for a jump or 10?!

Skydive Perris

The plane reaches 12,500ft. You take a deep calming breath as the the large, roll up door once barely separating you from the infinitely endless blue opens with a gust of crisp fresh air. Houses, buildings and warehouses, now just tiny specs on a well developed map below guide your eyes to the triangular drop zone just above the PERRIS tarmac. The palms of your hands, now cold, glisten slightly with anticipation but as you approach the opening in a crouch, you remind yourself, you’re about to get the closest you’ve ever been to flying and for a total of almost 50 whole seconds. That realization, at the precipice from the plane floor to sky, is the push. You’re free. Welcome to skydiving with the #skydiveperrisfamily. Couldn’t be happier to be finding my wings here. ——— What’s the closest thing you’ve done to flying?

Las Vegas, Nevada

For those long walks through the concrete urban jungle... and then some. When @colehaan challenged me to try out their new #ZEROGRAND All Day Trainers, I did a full 10,000+ steps day in these and they actually kept my🦶🏼nice and comfortable all day. This color rocked it in the city too. Not too “flashy”, “not too “I’m on my way to the mountains” and just the right amount of “Don’t effing touch my new, super clean shoes” - yep - keeping these. #ad #colehaanpaidpartner #colehaanallday

Skydive Perris

5 days of insane fun, 6 skydives and gained a huge new adrenaline junky family. I can’t thank @skydiveperrisfamily @skydive_perris enough for this past weekend. The instructors, the facilities, the staff and the skydive community made our group’s introduction to the sport an experience I’ll keep with me for a very long time. Thanks for the memories and looking forward to more, especially with my ragtag class of misfit skydivers. #skydivers #skydiveperris #adrenalinelife

International CES - Consumer Electronics Show

Ready for an eSports team. I think. Am I doing this right? #help @samsungtv 📷: @mattmonathphoto

New York, New York

CAN. FLY. Not to be confused with landing... with style. It’s always nice to have a solid, fresh pair of kicks. After a sneak peek at @colehaan's new #ZEROGRAND All Day Trainer, I could definitely wear these all day. They have a cool, earthy, fresh design and feel like wearing socks with marshmallow souls. Coming in some of my favorite colors, can't wait until you see the others! #ad #colehaanpaidpartner

Walking away from 2018 like I murdered it violently in the woods... orrrr just taking a stroll through the forest, enjoying the fresh air, whatever. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New York, New York

Morning person ✅, Mid workout snack ✅, Non-dairy AND Caffeine ✅ also... 12g protein and only 1g sugar aka keeping the abs ✅ @nocow #nocow #EarnThoseCalories #Running #Outdoor #Workout #Dairyfree #fitfam #fitness #RealGoodEnergy #ad

New York, New York

‪Whether it’s epic raid team saves or farming for that new armor set, dry eyes = harsh IRL handicap tbh. Keep eyeballs nice & lubricated ALL DAY & night. VISINE® All Day Comfort Dry Eye Relief locks in moisture AND... higher K/D ratios 🤞🏼🤞🏼 #ad #VisineAmbassador #ForYourViewingPleasure‬

Los Angeles, California

This throwback reminds me of what today’s government feels like...

Los Angeles, California

Who’s excited for the Chicken of the Sea movie?!

Some places you can’t get to unless you build them first. Anyone remember where this is? #fbf

Downtown LA

RNF. Resting Nerd Face. 🤓 Glasses or nah?

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