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Американская актриса, известная по роли Вики Донован из сериала «Дневники вампира».
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Paris, France

Dinner with a view. 💫

JEMAA Las Vegas

Suns out, Buns out. ☀️ (The one in the oven, that is)

One of our all time favorites, @julieplec is on #directionallychallengedpod. We sat down with one of our mentors and discussed success, inspiring others and all things Vampire Diaries. This episode is longer than usual, she had so much wisdom to share, we had to leave it all in! So many of you have already mentioned how it’s changed you. If you haven’t listened yet, be sure to check it out, and share it with people you love!!

Los Angeles, California

When @tannernovlan_ likes Birthday Pie... also, my belly👌🏻

Blurry. But I still love it. 💫

Commune Salon

Ugh. Multi tasking.

Los Angeles, California

How you feel when you’re wearing @roenbeauty ⚡️

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California

Many of you reached out & asked for an episode on Grief. We instantly knew @heatherkmcmahan HAD to come on and share her story...in the only way Heather knows how, laughing, cracking jokes and stripping it down to the raw, real truth. Make sure to tune in to #directionallychallengedpod this week for an amazing episode with our girl who you’re guaranteed to fall in love with if you haven’t already!!

Los Angeles, California

I have the loveliest news to share!! @tannernovlan_ & I have a little one on the way.

Los Angeles, California

Spent today brainstorming and planning some exciting new stuff for #directionallychallengedpod. It’s been such a challenging but fun experience, stressful at times but really worth it. Thanks to all who download and listen. We’re so glad you’re a part of it💥

Los Angeles, California

Playing with color & reminding myself to have fun 🦋🤖

Venice, California


Los Angeles, California

This week we sat down with author @monicaberg74 who challenged us to change our mentality when it comes to fear. This brand new episode of #directionallychallengedpod is a personal favorite. Be sure to check it out, we hope you gain as much wisdom from this one as we did!! @candicekayla

Los Angeles, California

This morning’s sky was 👌🏻💫

Shutters on the Beach

Surrounded by women I respect & love. Today & everyday, let’s honor each other. #celebratewomen

Los Angeles, California

Taking my own advice & being more playful with my daily makeup routines. Love this look. The launch of #UZ and their Eye Opening Liners has inspired me to play & experiment with color; to unframe the limits I put on beauty. @unframethebeauty #love

Los Angeles, California

When it’s almost Friday & the weekend’s practically here...💥💥

Los Angeles, California

Do you believe in aliens? 👽 This week on #directionallychallengedpod @michaelvlamis from @cwroswellnm shares his candid thoughts on this and so much more. Check it out on @spotify, @itunes or wherever you get your podcasts!

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