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Американская актриса, известная по роли Вики Донован из сериала «Дневники вампира».
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I mean... @tannernovlan_ is so hard to look at.

Westminster Abbey

Tourist Alert 🚨

Los Angeles, California


Toasting all the love and positivity on social media today

“Your best friend has to be your hype girl, remind you of what you’re worth, have jam sessions with you, pray for you & never judge or put you down.” To all my women, I love you. Happy #internationalwomensday

Los Angeles, California

Feeling empowered by last night’s Oscar speeches and proud to be a part of a movement that will shape history. 💥❤️


Rainy day delicious. Like if you want spaghetti as much as I do right now...

Los Angeles, California

Rainy day mischief 😏

Los Angeles, California

Not gonna lie, this week has not been a favorite of mine. So lucky to have great friends who inspire me.

Los Angeles, California

...when you suddenly feel good because you’re wearing @koral 💥



Okay lunch, I’m ready for you 💋💥

One of my fav’s with one of my fav’s

Los Angeles, California

Hey Monday, let’s share the love today. Maybe with a stranger? See if we can help this world become a more bearable place to be.

Los Angeles, California



First coffee since I’ve been sick and I’m reeally excited about it. And I’ve realized I’m not addicted to caffeine, which was definitely something I’ve questioned for a while now. 🧐☺️

Los Angeles, California


Venice, California

Stopping for a minute, in between auditions. Daydreaming. In my own little world and absolutely okay with it. 👌🏻

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