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Американская актриса, известная по роли Вики Донован из сериала «Дневники вампира».
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Warner Bros. Studio

Saturday night we honored @letsfcancer. Thanks to @gberlanti for hosting and @julieplec for having me. Such a great cause that will always be close to my heart. Link in bio to donate or find out how you can contribute.

Coziest Sweater I’m never taking off... 🍁🌾

CBS Studio Center

FAM!! @nina @famcbs

Los Angeles, California

Who else is excited for Fall?!! Pumpkin spice is everywhere. Not sure how I feel about pumpkin spice everything but I’ve got my fall decor out and I’m ready to rumble. 🍁🍁

Los Angeles, California

Episode Three is out today!! YOUTUBE sensation @gracehelbig dishes on how she lives her life online. Sharing some really personal struggles, she talks about how comedy is the one thing that helped her through the tough times. Get her advice on growing up in the public eye and so much more... #directionallychallengedpod

Melrose Avenue


Los Angeles, California

Hey LA, you’re pretty but I’m over here trying to put pumpkins out and convince myself it’s Fall...

Los Angeles, California

📸 @fearlessfallon

Los Angeles, California

“God Bill, your rockets huge.” ~Maureen Sampson. Remembering my first job thanks to @juddapatow and @paulfeig. Watch or rewatch before it leaves @netflix. 📸 @gabesachs

Venice, California

This one 💛

Los Angeles, California

Episode 2 of Directionally Challenged is out today!! Our guest, @manoushz who’s book BORED & BRILLIANT will change your life, has so much wisdom to share. Be sure to check it out while on your morning commute, you’ll thank yourself later... #directionallychallengedpod

Great White

Always this happy when a consuming a croissant...🥐 and love getting my Aussie fix in @faithfullthebrand while at @greatwhitevenice.

Best decision I ever made. Happy Anniversary ✨

Los Angeles, California

Episode One of DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED is out today! @candiceking & I discuss Instant Gratification with the ever so lovely @beccatilley. Not only is she extremely candid and hilarious but she also discusses how to balance social media and live more in the moment. Link in bio!! Check it out & subscribe. #directionallychallengedpod

Los Angeles, California

Tonight some friends & I are taking a fresh pasta making course to celebrate my birthday. I can’t wait. All I want is the best pasta with the best friends...

Los Angeles, California

Really excited about the Podcast @candiceking & I have coming out September 10th. It’s been so empowering to have a platform to speak my mind, strip it all down and be real. Click the link in bio and subscribe. @candicekayla

It’s rare when my whole family gets together to let loose & we enjoyed every minute of it. Love starting this week off refreshed and filled up by the ones I love most. 🌊☁️

Family time starts on Friday and it can’t come soon enough. I love our time together, it really fills me up. So important to constantly surround ourselves with people who encourage us to the best. Who does this for you? Tag them below and remind them how much you love them. 💛

Los Angeles, California

@candiceking & I have a PODCAST!! Directionally Challenged is our now! Click the link in bio & don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!! 💥Follow @candicekayla For more info. Comment below and tell us topics you feel challenged with and what guests you’d like to hear discuss them. We can’t wait to share this with you guys!!

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