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Американская актриса, известная по роли Вики Донован из сериала «Дневники вампира».
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Cheers to all the hard work and love this woman put into another great tour with @pink ✨#proudfriend

Los Angeles, California

Guys, I’m trying to eat healthy right now & all I can think of this amazing meal I had in Belgium. And yes I ordered both plates. Send help...I might have to eat something other than a salad for lunch. Oh no.


Los Angeles, California

Sometimes I take Instagram breaks, not purposefully, it just ends up being a few weeks of silence. I’m trying to find a healthy balance of social media in my everyday life. It’s proven so much harder than I thought. Anyone else? ❤️💥

One of the most inspiring, giving, graceful woman I know. Lucky me.

Los Angeles, California

Sunday Uniform ☁️🥋

Los Angeles, California

💥💥💥 Loved celebrating Good Girl Ri Ri yesterday!!!

Los Angeles, California

Stormy. (LA, not Daniels)


Just casually chillin’ on these giant lips...how’s your day going?

Palm Springs, California

Floats on floats on floats ☀️🌴

Palm Springs, California

Doesn’t get much better than this.

Finding my own unique expression in a city filled with talented people is a daily inspiration. Come find yours with #windex and share your #sparklegraffiti 🤩with us at 7400 Melrose Ave LA, CA. #ad Show me what ya got 💥❤️

Mama Shelter Los Angeles

Doing our best Barbie & Ken

...and here are some palm trees 🌴

Los Angeles, California

I love working out, the endorphins and the confidence that empowers me but as an actress sometimes the pressure of maintaining a perfect physique can be hard. It’s important to learn to love ourselves first and stop playing the comparison game. Reminding myself of that everyday.

Venice, California

Daydreaming of pj’s all day and endless coffee

Coachella Valley

There he is 👋🏻

Hi there, old friend.

Neon Carnival

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