Кэти Финдлей


Канадская актриса, получившая широкую известность благодаря ролям Рози Ларсен в драматическом сериале «Убийство» и Мэгги Ландерс в «Дневниках Кэрри».
  • Все 1592
  • Фото 1413
  • Видео 179
Little Brother Island

This is why we can’t have nice things.

When you do a mid-karaoke clothes swap with the hottest human you know in hopes of somehow absorbing some of their hotness (while also feeling gratifyingly attractive). ⚡️⚡️⚡️@alejandroquinteros

Purchases first ever pastel sweater => Instantly becomes your babysitter in 1992. 🔮🦄

I love @kristineilana and I don’t care who knows it 🌕🔮@theportraitsessions @trunkofdresses

Tofino, B.C.

On a lighter note, here’s the cover of my romance novel in which I casually die of consumption. Also possibly the anime where I am blasted dramatically out of the sky into the arms of my sad-boy team mate who never got to tell me how they’ve always loved me. 🌊⚡️✨

🌧Seasonal depression 🌧is kicking my absolute ass, but talking about it is cool and helps because woah living in a human body with a nervous system is bonkers sometimes♥️ How about you? (Here’s a picture of me in a place that I like)

Wild Pacific Trail

Where the wild things are.

Stacey’s Mom. (The classics babeee @laurenandrevvs)

So basically I move through the world like a Cryptid in the guise of a kindergartener.

Impromptu Little Nightmares costume. 🎃🕸

Witchy familiars 🕸🎃


Trans + GNC rights are human rights. Vocabulary matters. Self-Identification/congruency/authenticity matter. Community matters. Trying to legislate human beings out of existence is evil as fuck. 🌈by @hellomynameiswednesday #wontbeerased #transrights

Civic responsibility fam-jam. Defo animal crossing because being the mayor is a serious job but so is showing up for your community and voting. Only with less giant beetles. #vancouvervotes

cozy kids.

I was the only one with a sad sign but we for sure escaped v rapidly. Not pictured: my deep lunge. PS: to clarify, for my ego, I was def helpful and figured some shit out👏🏼

The Straight Up team visited @itgetsbetter last week to talk about, LQBTQA+, community, support and love. If you are struggling, know that there are people waiting to help you on your journey. You’re not alone, you matter deeply in this world, you are loveable+LOVED. #itgetsbetter 🌈 @scullynjames @sweeneytawd

the kids are home.

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