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This is a video of Jeffrey T. Mezger, the CEO of @kbhome, and my next door neighbor. He and his wife, Sandra Mezger are now suing me and Randy! For more of my thoughts, go to the link in my bio to read my Medium.com post. #TimesUp

I have a very unique voice that is in great demand. Born this way!

Good morning! Happy #PresidentNancyPelosiDay.

This cookie dough isn’t going to make it to the cookie sheet... or the oven. Proud AND ashamed, DAMMIT!

Since we’re in a national emergency, get all your goods & supplies ASAP! 😂 https://store.kathygriffin.com

58-year-old hot body & post its. Deal with it!

Seriously, she would be a better President.

Flowers from my Falentine. Valentine with an F for friend. 🙏🙏🙏❤️

Sex Education with your very own Maggie Griffin #mylifeonthedlist #tipit

These two assholes.

After watching @shanedawson Conspiracy Series, I’d like to know how he explains what happened with my tiny, little doggie Elliott today!

So grateful this @goldsmithklein dress is getting so much love! 💋

Couple of living dolls. Luv this gurrrl. @nlyonne

When I took Maggie to a psychic...

I didn’t TECHNICALLY go to college, started acting at 17, but GAVE A SPEECH AT F IN OXFORD UNIVERSITY. Thank you, young intellectuals🙏

So honored to be invited to speak at Oxford University. Thank you @theoxfordunion!

Trump said today he would be willing to take a “human wall.” I hope Melanie wears this human wall attire.

I’ve been asked to give a big fancy speech about comedy and the 1st Amendment in a foreign land. I’m GLOBAL DAMMIT

‪On September 15, 2017, we lost my sister Joyce. She was a proud public school teacher for decades. Smart and funny as hell💖 #worldcancerday2019 ‬

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