Кэти Гриффин


Американская актриса, комик в жанре стендап, поп-икона и защитница прав ЛГБТ.
  • Все 1901
  • Фото 1764
  • Видео 137

Oh no, he didn't. Recognize this for what it is. When I went to Capital hill for the repeal of don't ask don't tell, it was so #equality could move forward not backward. #TransRightsAreHumanrights

POTUS with New attorney general? #ojsimpsonparole

WHAT? My look for next week's testimony before Congress from Donny jr, Kush and Manafort. Too much fierceness? #instagood #follow

Very eloquently put, fuckface. You too, MIKE. Luv, KG

Who's this guy? Take a look. You'll be hearing a lot about him soon😎😎😎

BREAKING These 2 @kendalljenner @krisjenner characters somehow snuck in to my home and tried on my "magic hair". Ginger envy!!!

A story from my book Celebrity Run-Ins about @arianagrande she has shown such grace under fire, I’m proud of her. Link to purchase in my bio.

VIDEO 15-seconds with birthday boy @coltonlhaynes from Grannie & @lisarinna

Happy birthday to @coltonlhaynes my favorite DADDY! Love, GRANNIE

Someday I'll explain this picture

BREAKING important message from @tipitmaggiegriffin

‪Holy Fuckballs! Don't recall taking this 2010 picture with Russian intermediary Rob Goldstone, but I am wearing my DYNASTY hat preparing for my interview w Mr. Mueller

RIP Larry the #Dog. Awww, the last pic of HAPPY, HEALTHY Larry. 3 days ago 😥😥😥#dogsofinstagram

RIP Larry. Today our beloved Larry The #Dog lost his battle with a long illness. He was the bestest, most loyal, hilarious, loving, mischievous Good Boy EVER!! #Dogs #dogsofinstagram

Hahahahahahaha #priorities

Thx @coltonlhaynes @jeffleatham 👍❤️👏

Haha! Luv it. Werk Kween 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 !!!

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