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Американская актриса, комик в жанре стендап, поп-икона и защитница прав ЛГБТ.
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Link for purchase in bio! Thank you so much, can’t tell you how much this means to me.

Congratulations @rupaulofficial on your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 25 years ago you told us "you better work..." and look how all your hard work paid off! xoxo KG

Carnegie Hall is on sale! Link for tickets in my bio! If you’re having a hard time buying tickets your best bet is to call the Carnegie Hall box office! Thank you! Xoxo KG

Look at what a great daughter I am...I introduced my mom to her favorite actress Betty White and was she grateful and proud of her daughter Kathleen? Nope! My mom still wishes she would have given birth to Sean Hannity instead...

Back when he was fu**ing up the Trump Organization, not the country.

This Guy 🙄

Sound On: Like a good Irishwoman, my mom has started celebrating St. Patrick’s Day five days early. cc: @baileysofficial


Swipe Left - Five Screenshots: Wanted to share this thread with you by Kurt Eichenwald. The role of comics is to shine a light on an issue when you sense others may fear shining a light on it. And when I do it, I shine the brightest light possible with the ultimate goal to get people talking about an important topic.

Tickets on sale now ! Link in my bio...adding more cities soon! Thank you for all the love and support.

‪Oh FFS Judge Jeanine get a god damn sense of humor. ‬

Sick of her bullshit.

Great news - I’m heading back to Carnegie Hall in New York! Tickets will be on sale next week. If you want the first crack at the best tickets, join my email list and you’ll get a head start. Link in my bio!

Turns out I was the muse for @gucci’s Fall 2018 collection. I was ahead of my time god damn it. The least they could have done was send me a belt!!!

When life is a pain in the fanny, strap on your “asspack” and go for a walk

See You Soon!!!!

‪It’s #InternationalWomensDay....I don’t want to brag, but I just had to post this picture of me with the President of the United States. ‬

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