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Thank u @rollacoaster 💛💛💛 chaaaaaaaaa-nel

Hey here with all my friends!!! I’m answering fan questions on the @detectivepikachumovie insta story go ask some questions!!


my little lady bird

Netflix, Inc

@netflix and chill 🍿❤️

I’m excited to announce my retirement at 22. This is my life now.

@thombrowneny you really get me

So it’s gonna be a great day for golf on the #firsttee @stjude golf tournament music courtesy of my team lol

New trailer is out for #detectivepikachumovie !!! #MEWTWO

FEELING LIKE A PRINCESSSSSSS thank you @vanityfair


Puppy and pillow all in one !!


Sorry I can’t go out I’m really really busy ...

#repost by the iconic @ellenvonunwerth this baby is 22 🐥 excited to share the rest of this 1920s shoot we did in Paris !! LOVE u Ellen 🦋

🎂 feeling full of love surrounded by some special people best bday ever ❤️

Thank you @ralphlauren for having me wear custom RL collection to the show. It was a dream w tea and croissants and new friends!!!! I felt like a superhero in this dress 💪 started off the bday perfectly

Overly excited about how cute this is!!!!!! #detectivepikachumovie art by @curecherry55

Look an obvious tourist!!!!!!

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