Кэтлин Манро


Канадская телевизионная актриса, лауреат премии Академии канадского кино и телевидения. Манро родилась в Гамильтоне, Онтарио, и после нескольких ролей в Канаде начала свою карьеру на американском телевидении.
  • Все 1598
  • Фото 1527
  • Видео 71


LA • WED JULY 26 • I'll be playing an early show • TICKET LINK IN BIO • thx sweet pea @staceymusic for inviting me • XXOO • • • 📸 @taliashipman obv

"Best walk since Emge" is some of the highest praise I ever heard from a director. In the words of my dear Muldoon / @devbostick : Rest In Peace then come back and eat our brains. X

best art in marfa / surveillance blimp


Austin, Texas


Toronto, Ontario

last night: you were a good time. thanks so much to all my sweethearts who came out, to @pjcostello for slaying us, to @feroche for making us sound so nice, to the darlings who played with me, to @timleyes from whom I stole this pic. XX


Hamilton, Ontario

via @cbc_music • srsly big-hearted to be with these gorgeous souls/wicked talents/hometown brethren on the list of emerging acts from #hamont • also I got very lucky to have moments of collab w #BenjaminMuñoz and @noahfralick of YR • they're fresh-faced Hamilton babies and music gods, make no mistake xx 📸 @taliashipman


TORONTO SHOW ON MONDAY • v excited my friends are playing w me inc. STEVE MCKAY who put drums on this pup for me • COME OUT • link in bio • XX


Holy shit Aimee just graduated from her @cfccreates residency and she is so good I can't even believe it. Hire her immediately as composer, songwriter, scorer of your films unless you hate wild talent and astonishingly versatile creativity. XX

who's wearing who


TORONTO SWEETHEARTS • I'm coming thru • JULY 3 at @burdockonbloor • with heartbreak kid @pjcostello • event & ticket link in bio • I love you •

#tb my blonde days. otherwise not much has changed: @munroerobert remains top of the pops (also he's a must-follow if you like a 21st-century man with an avant-garde take on the macabre, steeltown, and/or basketball). (#colder #than #ice) • bonus #dad: the baby brother on the right has 2 kids now and he's wonderful at it too

straight out the box • aimee on #35mm

LOVES • my album is out TODAY • it's called Oblivion • it's on iTunes and Spotify and Amazon and all that • THANK YOU • xx • Oblivion by Munroe https://itun.es/us/UdN9ib • • • • •big heart to @michaelkeire who produced this baby with me and mixed it at @thresholdrecordingstudio in #hamont • Benjamin Muñoz for inspiration and instruments • @anthony_carone for string arrangements • Julian Brown & Dean Stone for rhythm • @kirk_starkey and friends for strings • CJ Altman for that beauty of a pedal steel • @cohenwiley for studio support • @noahfralick for infinity things •

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