Кэтлин Манро


Канадская телевизионная актриса, лауреат премии Академии канадского кино и телевидения. Манро родилась в Гамильтоне, Онтарио, и после нескольких ролей в Канаде начала свою карьеру на американском телевидении.
  • Все 1658
  • Фото 1584
  • Видео 74
Paris, France

GUESS WHO got her phone back, got her voice back, is slowly crawling out of unintentional silent retreat /quarantine 👍wish I saw you in my mime phase 🌹

@patriotamazon got a matriarch 🌹champagne for one on a plane bc i’m returning to Paris to get back to work with my beautiful pals, and we have this queen with us 🌹

Rolling up to @city_tv to talk @birdlandmovie with lowkey Canadian visionary @peterlynchfilm • #birdland comes out in theaters and VOD jan 26

@michaeldorman81 @jwhitphoto xo

TD Tower

@birdlandmovie is coming in january, i can’t wait for you to see it • dove in deep with the great @peterlynchfilm for this one • it’s not like anything you’ve seen, i promise. #canadianfilm

Domaine de Chantilly (officiel)

this is a castle made by a man who spent his life building the biggest, most luxe stables in Europe because he believed he’d be reincarnated as a horse

Paris, France

things don’t change #tb

HEAVENLY HEAVENLY LOOK WHO’S SEVENTY 🥂🎂🥂 happy birthday sheil, you’re a beauty of a ma 🥂 here’s to 70 years of blazing trails while keeping that big heart in tact 🥂 thanks for having my back and esp thanks for not ditching me when I was a teen with the most attitude 🥂 XO🥂

so happy and immensely proud to see our little @patriotamazon slide into a @criticschoice awards nomination for best comedy series • here’s my favourite song from season 1 • 💙 • @michaeldorman81 @alietteopheim @mchernus @tboneoquinn @amazonstudios •

Toronto, Ontario

In case you didn’t know, you should watch @cbc’s #howtobuyababy. Aimee wrote some real beauties for the soundtrack and the score. And that’s not all: @megsieheff is a true delight, @marcbendavid is hyper-talented hot stuff, the incomparable @therealhuse is in it (!), it’s wonderfully directed by @mollymarymcglynn and written by the candid and funny @wendy_litner. Lucky me: i got to contribute a few things to the soundtrack too because of probably nepotism (thx @adreamacoast 😘). Pictured here: some official moments from the series and some exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from the music studio.

Amastan Paris

W🌸W @callaparis @amastanparis

Quai du Louvre

how do you even know you’re living ‘til @mchernus snaps a moody candid of you strolling the seine #theeventsofparis #patriot #whoisjohnlakeman


ghouls by @rickowensonline

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