Кэтлин Манро


Канадская телевизионная актриса, лауреат премии Академии канадского кино и телевидения. Манро родилась в Гамильтоне, Онтарио, и после нескольких ролей в Канаде начала свою карьеру на американском телевидении.
  • Все 1638
  • Фото 1565
  • Видео 73
Paris, France

and i • i’d play the fool • for you • i’m sure • you know i don’t mind • whoa you know I don’t mind


for nikki’s birthday she gave me the present of her presence 🌹

Le Mary Celeste

This is good. • @patriotamazon family snapped by our beloved Tavner patriarch @tboneoquinn a few weeks back. #TheEventsOfParis @amazonvideo

how about a whole happy birthday week for this birthday baby 🥂❤️ @allypankiw ❤️🥂

McGill University

A major source of pride in my Canadian heart is being niece to this pioneering woman, Heather Munroe-Blum. Here, she’s giving a convocation address at @mcgillu after receiving an honorary doctorate. Worth a listen. #HMB 🍁🌹🍁

Paris, France


Paris, France

good boys of paris

Paris, France

tied for best costume: “cutest dog in paris” and “nicest rug”

#tb catch the taste #alomar

Paris, France

time-traveled and met my future self in the 2e arr. if you want me in october 2037 this is where i’ll be

happy birthday to the dimple in my chin 🎉🎂💋💃🎁🎩🥃🥂🍾🍭🎈🎊 xxxooo @edwardduncan xxxooo

full heart and nonstop wows starting #PATRIOT 2 🇫🇷❤️🇺🇸 #whothefuckisjohnlakeman #alietteilikeyourhashtag @patriotamazon @amazonvideo

Paris, France

paris is my sexy moody baby

Paris, France

cou cou

Quai de l'Horloge


📸 @justinenelson 📸 @justinenelson 📸 @justinenelson

📸 @justinenelson 📸 @justinenelson 📸 @justinenelson

Having a real good rage LOL at the harassers, abusers and enablers we know who are hiding behind bullshit support posts rn. We see you. Buckle up, your shame's coming. ✨And to the good men, the real men, we see you too. Thanks for understanding that your job right now is only to listen, to be vigilant 'til the end of time, and to call out your bros in real life even if it makes you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable or lame, long after solidarity is a good look. XX #metoo

#tb @kouroshkeshiri shoot on mulholland. precarious robe from @mrsjennawright xx

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