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Канадская актриса украинского происхождения.
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Veiques Puerto Ric

Always an adventure with the talented @kellanlutz. #puertorico #guinessworldrecord #biobay

Puerto Rico

I got this..

Puerto Rico

It's Aye Aye Captain! ⚓️#PuertoRico #biobay #moviemaking

Los Angeles, California

Stayed tuned for exclusive photo's to be published in @bellomag. Out this summer.

Word up 🖐#airportdelayssuck 🙄

London, United Kingdom

@redbulletin 07.19.17

London, United Kingdom

It's out. Check out the new interview for @redbulletin. 07.19.17

To all the amazing father's out there.. Thank you 😘#HappyFathersDay #meetmypops

Toronto, Ontario

To the most loving, funny, incredible man I know.. Happy Fathers Day Tato. Thank you for inspiring me and guiding me every day.. and reminding me not to forget to have fun along the way! ❤️ U. #happyfathersday

Damn. ⚔️ #Lagertha #Vikings

#Lagertha #Vikings

Santa Monica, California

Just finishing up season 5 episodes.. Big news about #Vikings coming soon! ⚔️

Santa Monica Pier

My favorite warrior family.. #vikings

When I started acting my first agent told me that I needed to get a nose job if I wanted to last in this business. Yes, my nose has been broken a few times from competing in Tae Kwon Do, but it's part of me and who I am. Stay true to yourself.

Good friends are like stars.. you don't always see them.. but you know they're always there.


The true behind the scenes of a photoshoot.. 😉 #hairdryer #windmachine #behindthescenes #photoshoot

And this week's #FanArtFriday nominations are... Drumroll please..🥁#fanappreciation

Beverly Hills, California

What a night! Nothing more inspiring to be surrounded by beautiful and powerful Brazillian women! 🇧🇷

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