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Американская актриса, певица, модель, музыкальный продюсер и танцовщица. Наиболее известна по роли Бонни Беннет из телесериала «Дневники вампира».
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Welcome to Jamrock.

Thank you @artofelysium x @tiffanyandco #TiffanyHardware

Thank you Jill!!! @empower54 #Repost @jillhennessyofficial ・・・ Click the link in my bio 2 learn more about @empower54 & @katgraham 's fab fundraiser!!! Help give aid to refugees & IDPs thru-out #africa #loveisstrength #chooselife #empower54

"Wallace & Wallace" LA. 5:48pm ❤️

Such a beautiful country... with such amazing people. #lovearmyforsomalia

Paisley Park

"We'll always have Minneapolis..." - Charlie Brown


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@dayvidwilson's first Coachella! 📸: @chelsealaurenla. Thanks @jordan_grossman for my disco shorts! ❤️

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@cameronsilver and I at @decadesinc right now for the @empower54 fundraiser. Stop by kidz! #fashionforaction


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My @luisaviaroma story is out... check out luisaviaroma.com.

Thank you @atlanta_wei for joining us in our dreams and actions to bringing opportunities and inspiration to the many women in the DRC... #Repost @atlanta_wei The Mai-Ndombe Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was formed just over a year ago and their Governor has quickly went to work creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, trade and tourism, for its citizens. We were honored to host His Excellency Getiny Ngobila Mbaka, during his visit to Atlanta today and will work with him to mentor women entrepreneurs in his corner of Africa. Along with the generous support of Atlanta's Office of International Affairs, @empower54 and @katgraham, we're excited for great things to come from this partnership! #womenentrepreneurs | #weiatlanta | #womeninbusiness | #globalentrepreneurs | #DRC | #womenempowerment | #womenempowerwomen | #mendotoo

Let's get it. Official trailer @alleyezmovie . In theaters June 16.

Sometimes @sxsw throwback!

"Sometimes" is officially out!!!

"We are always learning... Filling an airplane full of food that you can source locally, is not an efficient way to use resources. It will be harmful to the local economy, crashing the prices of the foods in the local area. Harming local businesses & this will cause long term damage. We don't want to keep the people dependent on aid, we want to co create & help to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. In the long term the people need trade not aid. For now there are many people walking to Mogadishu from rural areas, this is putting a strain on the capital city, as food is in a higher demand in a concentrated area. There are 1.2 million people in camps now in Mogadishu. If we can support the small local businesses & local trade then we will actually be helping. Colonial ideas are those where we bring everything from outside, making the people dependent on outside help indefinitely. It organises the structure of a country not to support itself, but to support the interests of donors/donor countries. At the same time, making poverty & suffering a business for the donors. This is not empowering & not something that I want to be involved in. The people in Somalia know what is needed, but they have been kept out of global trade, aren't allowed infancy business protection, have crazy tariffs imposed, & don't get sufficient subsidies, so that they can't compete at the global marketplace, with the already established businesses. Books to read "Kicking away the ladder" by Ha-Joon Chang, "Dead aid" by Dambisa Moyo. Also watch "Poverty inc" We are still sending the Turkish Airlines flight but we are filling it with 60 tonnes of special food for malnourished babies, all the food we are giving this week, (another 60 tonnes) is sourced locally, this employs local Somali people. We are not an NGO, we don't want to make this a business. We are trying to be as useful as possible. Also we will always be honest, we were slightly naive, but we corrected it before we cause damage. #chakabars #lovearmyforsomalia " - @chakabars

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