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Американская актриса, наиболее известная благодаря роли доктора Эддисон Монтгомери в сериалах Шонды Раймс «Анатомия страсти» и «Частная практика».
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Can you handle The Handler? ☂ Who’s been watching?! What did ya think of her? If ya haven’t seen it yet, check out #UmbrellaAcademy now streaming on @Netflix. 😘

Courtesy of auntie @anya_marina ❤️🐈

Hey Cupids! In case ya didn't know... It's all happening over at @BoyfriendPerfume. 😉 Go give em a follow kitties! 👀

#Repost @UmbrellaAcad ☂️ “Say hello to your new Handler...@KateWalsh”

SO excited to finally introduce you to…. The Handler. 🖤 #UmbrellaAcademy is on @Netflix..now! ☂

A lil’ #ValentinesDay #TBT for all you babes out there! Sending lots of love to all of you today xo 💋💘

Thank you @SergioWastaken & @ChadwoodHair for bringing this emerald fantasy to life💚💋 #Repost #UmbrellaAcademy

#Repost @UmbrellaAcad Nothing but love for this family.

#GalentinesDay reminds me of how many hardworking & talented women I am lucky enough to be surrounded by. AND how beautiful they all are… I mean c’mon!! 😍 I’d love if tagged ur best gal in the comments and let em know how kick-ass they truly are. 👯‍♀️❤️

The Cinerama Dome

The gang’s all here! 💚 So much fun at the #UmbrellaAcademy premiere. ☂️Who’s gonna watch when it drops on @Netflix this friday?! 😏

My brain every time I think it’s almost summer:

This is the reaction @DerekBrake is gonna be getting from me all day….😹 #MondayMotivation

Rosie ❤️

Sending a whole lotta love to the ever-so-lovely and talented @LauraDern on her birthday, go send her some too! 💞🎂🎉

Ya know… I’m honestly just happy that whoever did this didn’t write “cougar” instead of my name... 🤣🐆 #FauxFur

Um so like….c’mon did I think I was a toothpaste model or somethin? 🤦‍♀️😁 #FBF

Ahhhh! Miss u @angelakinsey #tbt to having a stare off with @katewalsh on @nbcbadjudge ... Kate, I miss me some us! 😘

Loves pretty dresses & dancing! ✨💃 Thanks @gpcbeauty @anthonycampbellhair @cristinaehrlich @jareddepriest & @derekbrake #UmbrellaAcademy

What better way to start the morning than with @KellyRipa & @RyanSeacrest! Thanks for a great time on @LiveKellyandRyan☀️ #KellyandRyan #UmbrellaAcademy

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