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Американская модель, актриса и певица.
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Woodburn Foursquare Church

Part 2 - I CAN'T EVEN. 😭 And you can see I'm about to lose it cause that's what happens when she opens her mouth. Addy Lou, you have an incredible gift. #boss @addylula #hillsongunited #oceans

Woodburn Foursquare Church

This was truly one of the most special moments in my whole life... sharing the stage with my sister at the church where we grew up together. You see, up until a year ago, no one knew this incredible voice was inside her soul because she was always too shy to let her light shine. Well, she has let her fears go and can I just say that I am completely blown away! Every time I hear her it brings me to tears. Don't be afraid to step out and use what God has given you. So many people will be blessed because of it. She is now leading worship at this church and impacting so many people that come through the doors! Love you Lou and am SO proud of you. @addylula #hillsongunited #oceans

Surftides Lincoln City

Memories we will always treasure together. Forever. #mysiblings #brothersandsisters #thefourofus #beach #bonfire #oregoncoast #lincolncity

I've always loved this song. #peoplegetready #curtismayfield

Sometimes you gotta bust out the ole' vintage starter jacket. Photo / @jcastillophoto MU-hair/ @zurwhat

Dreaming about last Sunday... what fun we had! Let's do it again! Oh ok! 😝 September 3rd - Labor Day Weekend I'll be back here singin my ♥️ out. More details on the @surflodge website. Would love to see you! XO @jesshrrs @benjaminlazardavis @jeremygustin @ryandugre

Sometimes you end up in @voguemagazine because your friends are cool. @eyeswoon @jimmychoo Photo / @bfa

"And then, daughter, do those things you love with Me. What I’ve given for you to love is my heart in you. Try it out. See more of Me. Hear Me more. Watch Me move in you. Come on now. I’ve got you. I’ve got you." @jenniferjcamp Lately I've decided that no matter the hardships I face, and there have been some big ones, the one way that I can overcome them is by doing what I love. It's my way of worshipping the One who gave it to me in the first place. I have always prayed when I'm on stage that people will be touched. Lately, I've been thinking about my brother as I sing. He's battling terminal brain cancer. It's my way of fighting for him. Because worship breaks down walls, it catapults us to the mountain top when we've been drowning in the valley, it destroys what is trying to destroy us and it makes us STRONGER. #prayersforjosh

Bushwick, Brooklyn🕴🏼 Photo / @jcastillophoto Hair-MU / @zurwhat Styling / all of us

Sunday night @thesurflodge! Thanks to all who came out! @anderson._paak was INSANE. We had SO much fun!!! #loveonthebrain Special thanks to @jesshrrs @jeremygustin @ryandugre and @benjaminlazardavis for backing me like 🔥🔥🔥 you killed it. @jaymacardoso for entrusting me always. Love you girl.

Tonight! Come see us! I'll be playing with @jesshrrs and his gang. XO

I'll be opening for @anderson._paak this Sunday! Come out to @thesurflodge if you're around! Would love to see you!! X

OPENING FOR ANDERSON PAAK! Come see us if you are in Montauk! XO @anderson._paak @thesurflodge

Thank you to all who came out last night. My ♥️ is full. And thank you Prince for writing such a beautiful song. 🎥- @adamerickwallace #nothingcompares #prince #rockwoodmusichall

Just got word that my show tonight at @Rockwood Music Hall will be streaming live in Virtual Reality on @Endlessriff. You can download the app for free on @oculus at http://bit.ly/EndlessRiffOculus. 🙌🏼💥

TONIGHT! LINK FOR TIX IN BIO *** OR $10 CASH DOOR! Hope to see you there! Your support means everything. XOXO

I'd LOVE to see you there!!! LINK FOR TICKETS IN PROFILE ***

Montauk summer nights in my USS Okinawa navy engineer jumpsuit. Thanks @joetermini for the find. #didntfitrob

Summers call for lil red dresses and vintage mint colored trucks while sipping @volcantequila.

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