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Nomad Bar at Nomad Hotel

Tis the season. Happy day of birth @zurwhat ❤️you.

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Benham Falls

Home is where the pine trees are.🌲 #oregon #sunriver

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Parrish Art Museum

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Holding his baby girl, this was taken right before my brothers second brain surgery almost 2 months ago now. He ended up in the hospital this past week with what we thought was spinal meningitis but turns out, his tumor was back. Or so they thought. Hearing such devastating news that it sits on the brainstem so it would be inoperable to then sitting with his actual oncologist yesterday while reviewing the MRI saying they can't actually be sure as there was too much swelling on the brain to tell if it's even the tumor or not. The neurosurgeon who sat with my parents and brother on Saturday to deliver the news couldn't have cared less and didn't give him any hope at all my mom said. We were absolutely broken to pieces. Well it appears that doctor may have been wrong. We live for small miracles everyday. Yesterday was one and we are not giving up. I am praying that his prognosis on Saturday turns into God's miracle of taking this tumor away - forever. His next scan is in 2 weeks. Will u pray with us? #prayersforjosh

My brother Josh had this photo - I hadn't seen it in years! He came to visit me in Miami while filming Transporter 2. #memories #t2 #actress @jasonstatham

This trip home has been life changing. Forgive me for this being so long, but I felt like I needed to share this so if you have a moment, read it or just keep on scrollin down your feed 😛 Pictured here is Bill Johnson, the lead pastor of Bethel church praying over my brother, Josh. While home visiting my family in Oregon this past week, I felt led to drive my brother and his wife to Redding, CA this weekend to attend their healing services on Saturday. What an unbelievable experience. My brother was diagnosed a year ago with brain cancer. A glioblastoma brain tumor -stage 4. He just underwent his second surgery. It is very rare to get at his age of just 36 years old. The doctors gave him a terrifying prognosis of a 1% chance of survival. Under any other circumstances, it should take his life and soon for that matter. BUT and there is a BIG but here. We believe in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ who is more than capable of giving my brother life and healing him. It has been a painful journey for him. Going through this but he was also an addict for many years up until he was diagnosed. I believe Jesus allows us to endure certain things in life because of the greater call and purposes he has set before us. Wow and have I ever seen this in Josh's life. My brother's heart is to have multiple homes for addicts and people on the streets where they can come and be loved on. Where they are given a second chance. Without his struggles in life, he wouldn't be able to relate to other addicts and he certainly wouldn't have the heart for them that he does. It's when we walk the same road that we truly are able to empathize with others because we too know the thoughts - the doubt - the fear - the pain and cycle in which they live. I believe we are all here for one purpose in life. To love. I know without a doubt, somehow someway this brain tumor is my brothers second chance. After this weekend with him, I saw it even more. From death to life. God you make all things beautiful. In a year from now, mark my words. We will be celebrating a miracle. #ibelieve #lazrus

Excuse my knotted mess of a headphone but I'M COMIN HOME!!! 🏡❤️🙏#thankyoulordforthistrip #sanfrancisco --- #nyc

New interview in @reservedmagazine Link in Bio 👀💥 Thank you @aleburset @juleswstylist_ #singer #songwriter #lennykravitz #albumrelease #2017 #reservedmagazine

Thank you @surfcollectivenyc and @victoriamarieclark for the sweetest piece on us! Check it out in my bio ❤️ xoxo #ourlovestory #coupleswelove #surfcollective #surfcollectivenyc Photo by // @scottrudin

Coffee, palms and foggy mornings. ☕️☁️🌊 #cali #sanclemente #vacation

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