Кейт Микуччи


Американская актриса, комик и автор-исполнитель песен. Наиболее известна своей ролью Стефани Гуч в телесериале "Клиника" на канале NBC.
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I love my dog so much! ❤️

Another drawing I did last night. I wish every restaurant had paper table cloths and crayons.

I ❤️ when restaurants have crayons

Tonight on Another Period, @bridgeteverett and @armenweitzman sing and dance to a song @rikilindhome and I wrote! Choreography by the one and only @katmburns. 💃 Check it out tonight. 10 pm on Comedy Central.

Does anyone else remember wearing grass? 🌱🌱🌱

Confidence in a puddle

10 years ago today we had our first hour long @garfunkeloates show at the Fake Gallery on Melrose. We didn’t know if we would get an audience so we had the show on Riki’s Birthday in hopes of friends coming to celebrate. Riki’s guitar cable was only 3 ft long so she was pretty much stuck in one place. We had no idea what we were doing but it was a blast and I’m so glad we kept this party going. Happy birthday Riki! @rikilindhome

Happy birthday @rikilindhome! 10 years ago today, we played our first hour long Garfunkel and Oates show. So happy anniversary too! I love being the Oates to your Garfunkel. ❤️🎂

Sunday morning cartoon

#tbt a few weeks ago. Backstage at UCB with the one and only @hamillhimself. Mark played my dad on Motorcity. He is one of the best! ❤️

Crossroads Kitchen

Celebrating one year of knowing these two crazy kids. Happy anniversary @rachandstuff and @alliestamalama! 🎉

Thank you @scribcreative for this cool art! 👍❤️

@matthewmicucci made pasta for the Micucci’s. 🍝 Mom and Dad in town!


Found this in my backpack. Also, carry the one...(I’m bad at math)

#tbt -eating m&ms like I always do

The cast of Scooby Doo wants to congratulate all of our “medal-ing” kids at the Olympics! @nbcolympics #pyongchangolympics2018 @greydelisle #frankwelker

Fake cigarettes, real love ❤️

Got married today ❤️ Photo by @lindseybyrnes

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