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Шотландская актриса, известна благодаря ролям в сериалах "Быть человеком" и "Отбросы".
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Today is #WorldDiabetesDay ! Like all these things it’s important to raise awareness, and today’s a pretty good day for it, so here we go. I was diagnosed with Type 1 aged 10. (Type 1 is the autoimmune disease, Type 2 is more to do with lifestyle choices).This is my kit which I’ve had since day 1 and I carry it eeeeverywhere. It’s changed a bit over time, but the job it does is the same: working as a very basic manual ‘pancreas’. Insulin pens and needles: For me, these are used about 7x a day, much more than I used to inject, but I am much more in control for it. 💉 Blood tester: I use this about 7x a day too, to make sure my blood sugar is behaving - a wee prick on the finger and by the power of magic it tells me if I have too much, too little, or hopefully(!) just the right amount of sugar in my blood. Dextrose (sugar): only when I have a hypo, which is where your blood sugar drops below a certain number and you begin to feel a bit shaky, light headed etc. This brings you up (a bit like a sugar rush!) and prevents you passing out. Some people use lucozade, full sugar coke etc. I feel very lucky it is a manageable condition - not always easy! but very much manageable. And I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve had and continue to get from family and close ones, and the NHS: I’ve been very lucky. I hope today you hear a few more stories about others and a wee bit of awareness is raised about T1D. 💉✊🏻🤘🏻#type1diabetes

auld reekie at her finest...#edinburgh #scotland

snip snip bang bang(s)✂️💇🏻✂️@juliemcguirehairmakeup @anacruzmakeup #fringe #bangs

👻👻👻 back with the AWESOME @anacruzmakeup and @juliemcguirehairmakeup #team

They must do Kay, that’s a well busy road and look at that shading. #dangerouslove #timeconsuming

Scopello, Sicilia, Italy


Palermo, Italy

Sicilia, Italy

Feline good 🐱

Scopello, Sicilia, Italy


♠️♥️♣️♦️#whereawthelassiesat? #coolclub #amsterdam

Sorting through old shite today. How is this 5 years ago??! Fav job ever everrrrrr. #beinghuman

the green (blue) lochan. #lochanuaine

Reminiscing! Can we get the band back together #bandmeeting #studio13 #school

Eilean Shona

dream hoose #smirisary


I have this thing with green...#secretsofgreen

1st year married to my bestie/total dreamboat! 😍❤️🎉🍾 © Maison Pestea Photography © www.maisonpestea.com

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