Карла Соуса


Мексиканская актриса, известная благодаря роли Лорел Кастильо в сериале ABC «Как избежать наказания за убийство».
  • Все 1838
  • Фото 1753
  • Видео 85

Proud to be a part of Ammo Theatre where we believe #Art can be a strong form of #Activism. Each year, we pair up with a charity and this year was all about Pops the Club. These kids are so cool, proud of you for your strength and positivity.

Mexico City, Mexico

Gracias a todos! #24HoursofReality #theroadforward @climatereality

Mexico City, Mexico

With my first guest, Juan Carlos Villalonga. Tune in at www.24hoursofreality.org now to watch #24HoursofReality live from Mexico City. Thank you @climatereality for bringing us all together to talk climate change and #theroadforward! Con mi primer invitado, Juan Carlos Villalongo en www.24hoursofreality.org ahora de la Ciudad de Mexico! Muchas gracias a @climatereality por reunirnos para platicar sobre el cambio climático.

We now have a piece of legislation in the #ParisAgreement and it’s time to take bold action. Tomorrow, I’ll be joining Al Gore and others to host #24HoursofReality on 24HoursofReality.org. It’s an opportunity to educate ourselves on how we can continue to make real change. Tune in tomorrow!

Going back in time with a Polaroid land camera. #vintage

Playing the best game I can with the cards I'm dealt. 👊🏽😎

I am woman. Hear me roar.

Traveling can open your eyes and give you a new perspective on the world. Tell me about a trip that’s given you a new perspective.

Who else is doing their homework right now?


Ready for leftovers.

Feeling like Joan today. 💪🏼 #joanofarc

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

Caught me cheesin'...

Celebrate the small things.

“La fuerza no viene de la capacidad corporal, sino de la voluntad del alma.” artist unknown

💔 Wes. #HTGAWM

Who do YOU think is under the sheet?! 😳 #HTGAWM

Don't waste another moment. #reminders

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