Карла Соуса


Мексиканская актриса, известная благодаря роли Лорел Кастильо в сериале ABC «Как избежать наказания за убийство».
  • Все 1959
  • Фото 1863
  • Видео 96

Accepting what is, letting go of what was, and having faith in what will be. Aceptando lo que es, dejando ir lo que fue y teniendo fe en lo que será.

Taking some time for me this morning. How do you practice #selflove?

You smile, but you want to cry. You talk, but you want to be quiet. You pretend that you’re happy, but you aren’t. Mental health is just as important as physical health. In partnership with @theknowcollective for #MentalHealthAwareness Month, I want to have an honest conversation about this. If you are dealing with depression or any mental health disorder, where have you turned to say, I’m feeling a little blue? Friends, family, employers, counselors? Comment here and we can continue the conversation on @theknowcollective’s post today as well.

My refuge. “Whatever season you’re in… trust! Whatever season you’re in… rest!” - #JudahSmith Mi refugio. “Cualquiera que sea la temporada… confía. Cualquiera que sea la temporada… descansa.” #JudahSmith

It is up to us to see the beauty of everyday things. Depende de nosotros ver la belleza en las cosas cotidianas.

Not waiting for everything to be perfect to enjoy my life. Sin esperar que todo sea perfecto para disfrutar mi vida.

Recharging where the wifi is weak. Recargando donde el wifi es débil.

Gina Carey once said, “A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.” 😉 Gina Carey dijo una vez, “Una mujer fuerte mira un reto a los ojos y le guiña un ojo.”

What controls you? Have you experienced a friend or family member that deals with severe depression or bipolar disorder? What did you do to keep this from controlling your life? In my relationship with my loved one who is bipolar, I am learning to set boundaries in our relationship. I’ve learned that we can only have a healthy and loving relationship if these boundaries are respected and when help is needed, they must get it. Getting professional help is a priority. Go to @theknowcollective today to learn more about setting boundaries for the betterment of a relationship. #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth #MentalHealthAwareness

Afternoons, warm tea, messy hair, grateful heart… 😜 Tardes, té tibio, pelo despeinado, corazón agradecido...

I am with you, heart and soul. Tag a friend to remind them. 😊❤️

Did you know it’s #MentalHealthAwareness Month? This topic is close to my heart as my family has faced these challenges, so I’m partnering with @theknowcollective to TALK ABOUT IT and work towards breaking the stigma of those suffering from any mental disorder. Throughout the month, I’ll be posing questions here so we can have a conversation, writing an essay on my experience and more. Let’s spend this month (and beyond) engaging in an honest, non-judgmental conversation. Will you join me? 🙏🏽🙌🏽

She who is brave is free. Tag your brave friend. La que es valiente, es libre. Etiqueta a tu amiga valiente.

Note to self: Relax. Nota a mí misma: Relájate.

My don’t-mess-with-me face. Mi cara de “conmigo no te metas”.

Stretch it out. Artwork @blahblahblanda

Get someone who can make you laugh. ❤️😍 Consigue a alguien que te haga reír.

Finding old journals 🙏🏽 This one had so many funny memories from first meeting the cast members of #HTGAWM 😂

Who’s ready for a game? ¿Quién está listo para un partido?

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