Карин Ванасс


Франко-канадская актриса. Она снялась в ряде канадских фильмов на французском языке, самый значимый из которых «Политех», за роль в котором Ванасс удостоилась премии «Джини» за лучшую женскую роль.
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Absence • Présence By @yandesse | How easily these two can co-exist...

Il y a 15 ans, l'animateur de l'émission littéraire BOOKWORM sur la chaîne radio @kcrw, Michael Silverblatt, donnait quelques conseils a un jeune auteur. Cet auteur publie maintenant son premier livre de poésie. Ils reviennent ensemble sur ces conseils offerts il y a 15 ans à un jeune homme qui rêvait de poésie... Un extrait de leur discussion qui s'applique à pas mal tout. ••• A discussion on @kcrw BOOKWORM between host Michael Silverblatt and author Alan Felsenthal who's first poetry book #Lowly is dedicated to Silverblatt. They reflect on what the host told him years ago : "I would say be sure to write poetry that means something. We have enough poetry that has forsaken meaning and that has somehow discredited poetry in the gesture of forsaking meaning. And I said that although it may be hip or what everyone is doing, the task at hand is to bring meaning. Not conventional meaning, but discover what kind of meaning is suitable for poetry in our time. Now, how did you feel when I would schooled you in this way ?"- Michael Silverblatt. "I wanted to find meaning as a result of being schooleded that way and I tried to find it outside of myself by reading. And I did find it in poems or through poems or spiritual texts and I tried to combined that with whatever moral impulses were already in me. And find some way to convey meaning or the search for meaning."- Alan Felsenthal. The whole interview is incredible !! I highly recommand it. Find it on the @kcrw app, under the BOOKWORM show.

Cette lumière crée par les pinceaux de @nickalmart ••• unrequited... "Hotel ghost", oil on canvas by @nickalmart

Agités ••• Boisterous

À quoi ça sert les histoires ? ••• From the author behind the book that inspired the film : "We need spiritual guidelines to know which options are good and which bad, that's what litterature had always done. It enlarges the world of emotional and ethical options. When you're finished reading a novel, you are stronger than when you started though it may have made you feel pained or shocked." - Jerzy Kosinski #BeingThere

"Listen to the quiet wind chime of your intuition." - Gavin De Becker quoted this morning on @cbc radio show #UnderTheInfluence

La force et la liberté d'une réelle présence... ••• #visualthatinspiresme 📷 by @elizavetaporodina_official

L'appel des profondeurs ••• The depth of it all... will I dare to take the leap ? #visualthatinspiresme image by @jessedraxler

Cropped eyes, but a great suit and a talented & joyful back seat passenger ;)) Hello @matthew.lill ✨

"Life is a state of mind." 📽 #BeingThere.

Poser pied à terre. 🖇 To run ashore...

Ces deux jeunes femmes, @gaellegraton & @andreannegraton ... je ne remercierai jamais assez instagram d'avoir provoqué une rencontre avec ces deux âmes. Leur univers, leur sensibilité, leur quête me bouleversent, m'émerveillent et m'éveillent... Suivez-les sur ces deux comptes pour vous réconcilier avec ce que les médias sociaux peuvent envoyer de beau dans notre quotidien quand on sélectionne des comptes comme les leurs. ✨ 🖇 For the art that moves them, the words they explore... i simple adore these two souls I thankfully met through instagram. #AccountsThatInspireMe @gaellegraton & @andreannegraton

Ah voilà ! To all my friends in the U.S., the Canadian series @cardinalctv is now available for streaming on @hulu ! ✨ The six-part series based on the books written by Canadian author #gilesblunt and coming to life in the hands of quebecois director @podzzz couldn't make me prouder. We are currently shooting season 2 and 3 in Northern Ontario, so know that more seasons are coming too.

"Recherche personnelle et indépendante de la vérité." ... je l'avais quelque peu délaissée celle-là. Jamais trop tard pour y revenir. 🖇 Standing tall for that piece of humanity inside... 📷 by @jensingvarsson model @louschoof #visualthatinspiresme

C'est gris aujourd'hui ? Formidable ✨ 🖇 Grey Friday leading to introspection before the week-end ? Anytime.

... merci a l'@academiecdn pour la nomination au Gala #PrixGémeaux pour la serie #BlueMoon saison 2. Merci bien humblement pour cette reconnaissance de la part de mes paires. 🖇 Can you feel glamorously humbled... thank you for the nomination @academiecdn ✨ #BlueMoon season 2 | 📷 by ?? #IWishIKnewWhereThatPhotoIsFrom

Lake Nipissing

Créer ses propres rituels. 🖇 Rituals...

Précisément comment je me sens quand l'été arrive 🖇 When the summer heat wave hits. Via @__s____o 📷 by @esmaywagemans #visualthatinspiresme

Si je souris, c'est parce que je les vois du coin de l'oeil... ✨ @daviddamours ✨ @jeanfrancoiscd ✨ @thejayforest ✨ @mariep_tremblay. Pas de chichi. Qu'une réelle présence offerte le coeur tout ouvert... 🖇 @chatelaineqc put me on the cover of their magazine for the first time when I was only 16 yrs old. More than 15 years later, I have been on their cover 5 times... they might have been my strongest on-paper supporters ;) As a young woman, it meant more than I realized then to be recognized by this iconic magazine that has been speaking directly to Canadian women since 1960. 📷 by @genevievecharbonneau

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