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Happy capitalist heteronormativity day from past me to present me💘

Layla is fashion

Mom and Dad

Little homie !!

Ehh changed my mind

Really proud of the progress I’ve made in camera in the past few months. Very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been gifted with thus far. Thank you for the cool pic, and many of the aforementioned opportunities @mikeberlucchi :)

Mammoth Lakes, California

Cross-country skied for the first time today👍

Sandpoint, Idaho

The good stuff

Little did she know... there would be 16 more to come Wish I had never ditched the gap-teeth

1 min apart 😶

Santa Barbara, California

It’s my best buddy’s birthday today !🎈

Better make some room for my big noggin on your timeline

Los Angeles, California

Emerging from my hermit hole to apartment hunt !! Mama’s coming back to the city

San Gabriel Mountains


Fuck this so much. Donate what you can to Transgender Law Center at the link in my bio. Support support support🌈

Grateful for this place to run and hike

Braselton, Georgia

One of the operators caught my lunchtime decompression

Betty Bombers All-American Eatery

Why, yes. Yes I am.

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