Кулиа Прескотт


Американская актриса.
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Thanks for capturing my genuine snark @deanyoshihara

Neck tendon always poppin

@lnaynay is a badass

North Hollywood, California

My loving, beautiful, free-spirited gypsy of a companion. You take care of all of us and you make this apartment feel like home. Thank you for being such an important part of our family. Happy morning after your birthday, Mango🎈❤️

Happy Valentine's Gay

I want to kidnap them

Canyon Lodge, Mammoth Mountain

He hates taking pictures with me, but I make him do it anyway🙃

Mammoth Lakes, California

My hella rad family

Her name is Dita and man oh man, what a lady she is

Feat. Layla in the background

Happy 20 years, Mom and Dad💕

Playa del Rey Lagoon

I promise we're happier than this bts photo would suggest

Back in the game... @jessica__elaine is the dopest at what she does👌🏼

My small grinch

Fairmont Newport Beach

Alpha squad gets charitable

We're both making weird faces but we still look cute so who cares. Also I love you

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Everyone go wish my super rad girlfriend a very happy 18th birthdaayyy! She's the most wonderful being and deserves all the birthday love in the world. Jules, I hope you had the best birthday ever in Germany and I'm so stoked to see you in a few days. Keep kicking ass, Queen Microbee💛

Sharks Cove, North Shore, Hawaii

Thanks for the cool pic mom !

West Hollywood, California

National best friend day? I'd say these two sex machines are pretty high up there

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