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Atwater Village, Los Angeles

Atwater Village, Los Angeles

📷 @sarahsebring

I love my mom

My favorite little dude, not so little anymore !!

Me n my bones

Arts District

📷 @jentriee

This will make the presentation I have to give in Women's Studies much more interesting

Laguna Beach, California

📷 @wolf_wallace

North Hollywood, California

So much fun last night with these ladies @saracrystallove @thetaylor.morgan 💙 Happy birthday @masonscottmiller !

Downtown LA Art Walk

@ash_knows 💙

I'm an alien !!!!


It was my little corn cake's 12th birthday yesterday🎈 I love you with all of my heart, Layla. Here's to what I'm sure will be at least 20 more years of me cleaning up your poop❤️

An actual situation that happened to me the other night

I got a bike today. It's from the 80s and it's blue and I love it. Also I ❤️ you @ambermidthunder

Blue Daisy

She totally let me win❤️

Aye, hairs

Laguna Beach, California

Thank you for having me back, @silverjeansco

Chinatown Central Plaza

Thank you for your energy @nasrahomarphoto and @marilynval__

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