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Mammoth Lakes, California

Warm and mushy springtime gnar shredding

Big Sur, California

Took myself on a romantic getaway and was mystified by the landscape. Please excuse the sideways nature of my one documented memory. And to the predatory man who wouldn’t leave me alone at my campsite and successfully made me very fearful, fuck you.

National siblings day? I’ll take it. He’s not on Instagram because he’s a natural-born contrarian. Love my baby brother. Whatta kid💙

Spooky, sunny, and enchantingly leafy day at work today

One of my all time favorite shoots, from back in the day ! Photography: @eddiebrakha; hair/make-up: @nicole_san; styling: @conquerloud

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

Respect the poppies, dudes and dudettes

Oh my god I am so happy she’s here

Sweet [rat] child of mine My brother took these pictures!

Killer queen, superior goddess, mother of love. Brother Morgan, you are so important. Happy birthday to a soulmate and a true love of mine. Can’t wait to get u drunk tonight💘

Been living in my new place for a day and I’m already missing my beautiful mama

Alright Felix, my loyal and bodacious companion, time to venture onward to our new home

Happy capitalist heteronormativity day from past me to present me💘

Layla is fashion

Mom and Dad

Little homie !!

Really proud of the progress I’ve made in camera in the past few months. Very grateful for the opportunities I’ve been gifted with thus far. Thank you for the cool pic, and many of the aforementioned opportunities @mikeberlucchi :)

Mammoth Lakes, California

Cross-country skied for the first time today👍

Sandpoint, Idaho

The good stuff

Little did she know... there would be 16 more to come Wish I had never ditched the gap-teeth

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