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Американский игрок в американский футбол, выступающий на позиции квотербека клуба Национальной футбольной лиги «Сан-Франциско Форти Найнерс».
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Starting off the New Year strong! The third month of my Million Dollar Pledge is complete! $300k donated so far, $700k more to go toward the million to help people in oppressed communities! This month my donations went to UCSF for The Mni Wiconi Health Clinic Partnership at Standing Rock, Appetite For Change in Minneapolis, MN and Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation (SOUL) - Chicago, IL. Go to http://www.kaepernick7.com/ to see the details on how they'll be using the money to help their communities. Let's keep 2017 going strong!

Good luck to my brothers @castlemontfootball in the Silver Bowl today! I wish I could be there with you! I believe in you guys, and I'm always proud of you!


My brother @chakabars doing great work in the Congo! We stand united!

We have to continue to keep making steps toward real change! I promised I would donate a million dollars to organizations working in oppressed communities and we're now in the second month of the Million Dollar Pledge! 100k a Month for 10 Months. Go to www.kaepernick7.com to see the organizations that I have donated to that are helping steer that change in the right direction. “I for one believe that if you give people a thorough understanding of what confronts them and the basic causes that produce it, they’ll create their own program, and when the people create a program, you get action." - Malcolm X

@yourrightscamp #KnowYourRightsOakland #KnowYourRightsCamp

I can't thank all of these people enough! They not only believed in the vision, but helped make it a reality! @yourrightscamp @nessnitty @queenkongie @cheynarey @moniquedee_ @cheryhann @remo94k @lisajjay @itsshakela @ruthls1284 @baygator415 @charrielanette @mightykatrinab @djtonedef @cjhuff @djjayplus @ryfl @magicmattmix @nespinole @jon_espi @thisguybrian @ejbeezy925 @hellojaney @jllenabruhh @badabeng @m_johnson_rn @dreddyworks @ttime32 #KnowYourRightsOakland #KnowYourRightsCamp

Young Kings! @yourrightscamp #KnowYourRightsOakland #KnowYourRightsCamp 📷: @ttime32

The Queens are rising! @yourrightscamp #KnowYourRightsOakland #KnowYourRightsCamp #rp @blackpeople_inprogress YahnaiJah Gilliam, left, and her sister Makeda attended the Know Your Rights Camp @yourrightscampby Colin Kaepernick in Oakland, Calif., on October 29

Our youth's strength is showing and growing! @yourrightscamp #KnowYourRightsOakland #KnowYourRightsCamp 📷: @ttime32

That moment Ericka Huggins, former leading member of the Black Panther Party, walks in on the @yourrightscamp and shares her knowledge! Truly an honor! #KnowYourRightsOakland #KnowYourRightsCamp 📷: @ttime32

The education of the youth will bring the change that is needed! They are the future! @yourrightscamp #KnowYourRightsOakland #KnowYourRightsCamp 📷: @ttime32

The first @yourrightscamp was a success! It was amazing to see the youth embrace the knowledge and truth that was shared with them! #KnowYourRightsOakland #KnowYourRightsCamp 📷: @ttime32

I don't have enough words to describe how painful this is to watch.

Strong message from @e.raymond_ #NYPD12

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