Джонни Вуджек


Американский художник, стилист. Учавствовал в создании фильма "Кэти Перри: Частичка меня".
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Hollywood Hills

The Ball's in your court today. You call the shots. Get it done, check it off your List, move forward. #2ballBackrightPocket 🎱

This kids a BARREL of laughs. My MANnequin @huxch & 👁 rockin the Latest @strike_oil by one of my faves @natsgetty #ilovemyFrendz photo cred: @mdmolinari #itsaCRAFTdaze

After a birthday weekend full of celebrations, My Monday morning is starting off a little Slowwwww. Emails from bed & cuddles with my little man Wilber. #inaMonDAZE

Montage Beverly Hills

Class ACTing...... GETTY up, the party has begun. @robertsidneymull @klmasse @ickymaestro #SigmaMuDeltaKappaLamduhNOW

Get into this. It's everything & more. Turn it up. Open the windows & DANCE. @eden that's what's up. #danceParty

I remember the exact moment this photo was taken. The camera my mom took it on, that sweatshirt I never took off, and the excitement of that crazy fun house I just ran through with my brother chris. (He's living on that slide in the background). When life was carefree. When all I had to worry about was getting my homework done. I was blessed with such an incredible childhood full of Love & Light. I just turned 38 yesterday, & I still feel like that little kid running around the St. Joan of Arc Fair. I don't know all the secrets to Life, but I do know that spreading Love, Light, & Compassion has done me right. Thank you to everyone for all the Birthday LOVE. Here's to another amazing year on this Crazy journey called "My Life".

FYF w/ a side of @eden. Thanks for the dance party @hudsonjeans & @mrdrawas #laLife #downtownDanceParty

Twelve & A Half hours later & still going STRONG. #setLife #ineedaMassage #cantWEIGHTforBedtime #SETlife #costumeDesigner photo by @countmichael

In a SEAfoam painting I'll pose for you. Let you look into & see what's TRUE #MYbestfriendsWEDDING #seafoamSuit

Making hits w/ Katy #setLife

Finally got my summer BOD. From a store on Hollywood Blvd. 😉

When you've got a lot on your mind. There's so much information in your head. You don't know which way is Up or which way is Down. But you LOVE your Job, so it's worth it. Art by #costumedesigner #currentMood in a sunDAZE

I'm taking a bite out of Friday. Getting it done in the Sun. #workworkwork #costumedesigner @tackartistgroup

If you could spend a day with your young self, what would you do? What advice would you give yourself? What questions would you ask your younger self? #tbt #whatif

Thanks @jules_horn #manifest

WHAT's in Her bag? Take a Guess.

Self LOVE. Don't forget it.

Feeling extra large & in charge today.

Fitness Fridays. Inspiring me to get back in the Damn Gym. @marco_ovando @adam_nicklas #nyc @equinox

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