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Chilliwack, British Columbia

Scout tracks. Slow jams. Future jazz. @indianmotorcycle 📷: @hookersandpopcorn

Fire tower. 2018. 2am possible unidentified flying object. If it smells funny, it wasn’t me. No mountain lions today. Hawks. Bloody chin. No more propane. 360 degrees of possibilities. Fire tower Brought by @hookersandpopcorn

I dream of swing arms. May 2018. BYOB Campout 📷: @deanbradshaw

Vancouver, British Columbia

Congrats to @indianmotorcycle for building the raddest bike I’ve seen from the factory to consumer in years. We’ve entered a new era for the LAPD now that race bikes are about to hit the streets. This video was directed by my talented and dear friend @deanbradshaw and starring my long time riding partner who followed me to Argentina @nik_dean_ The #FTR1200 is here. Check the @indanmotorcycle bio link to see more. #indianmotorcycle #IMCinfluencer


The simple life. @hookersandpopcorn home made hot tubs by @d_russian Family portraits by : @deanbradshaw

Who else can’t wait for the #FTR1200? Check the @indianmotorcycle bio link if you want to win one. #indianmotorcycle #IMCinfluencer

Burns, Oregon

This is a photo of me taken by my talented bud @deanbradshaw aka Rattlesnake in the white sandy desert of southern Oregon moments before my cousin buzzed our home made high tower with his airplane. Good buds are hard to find. So are cousins with airplanes. And good buds who have the time to take off 12 days to ride nowhere and everywhere is the hardest. Dean bought a dyna and we left the next day with our other bud #jaywhodoesnthaveinstagram for a 3000 mile jaunt to a pig roast in north eastern Oregon. Why? For no good reason. These photos and our story in the next issue of @meta 📷: @deanbradshaw

Vancouver, British Columbia

Love this whip. @indianmotorcycle @blaschko.builds 📷: @deanbradshaw 2018 Indian scout 1200 converted to desert hooligan tracker

Squamish, British Columbia

EPIC British Columbia ridge line summits with mountain man 📷: @juliankenchenten

Wednesday vibes. UTAH 📷: @deanbradshaw

Vancouver, British Columbia

Always Scouting new roads @indianmotorcycle 📷: @briangarxia #scoutflattracker

Sun Valley, Idaho

Most of my friends are cool. Others are cooler. @mistersmims & @fosterthepeople Thanks for letting me shoot #35mm. #Filmisnotdead @robbiejeffers

Hamilton, Montana

Home is where the hooker is

Grand Teton National Park

Death by disco. #donnadiscoball

Jackson Hole Wyoming

Kicking around Jenny Lake

Enterprise, Oregon

THE BEGINNING. THE MIDDLE. AND THE END.. @crowcreekoregon 📷: @deanbradshaw

Last weekend was a real hot dogger at the @onemotoshow & @seeseemotorcycles #thewildonerace and @indianmotorcycle for letting me crash my new scout. 📷 : @_douglyon

Castle Rock, Washington

WELL THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. @indianmotorcycle 📷: @hillsack. #gofastdontdiveintothehaybales

The Gingerbread Mansion Inn

LOSTcoasts. LOSTroads. LOSTminds.

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