Джастин Чон


Американский актёр. В 2008 году исполнил роль Эрика Йорки в фильме «Сумерки», а в 2013 году сыграл Джеффа Чанга в молодежной комедии «21 и больше».
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Los Angeles, California

On no. I dont usually post stuff like this but i was a HUGE fan. My heart is broken. RIP X

Los Angeles, California

So this was a backyard that was designed for zero dollars by our super super talented art department Bo and Hyo. And this is the crew from our film. #misspurplefilm

Happy father days to me

Los Angeles, California

It's really really hard making asian american films. Mostly because the lack of resources and how difficult it is to raise money for them. The industry still believes that AA films arent financially viable ventures. Secondly, they dont believe that there are AA talent out there to lead films. I am here to prove both of those ideas wrong. Tonight i finish shooting the most difficult film, to date, I've made and i couldnt be happier. The community that came together to make this tiny film was inspiring. Just when we thought the film would shut down, someone always came through. To the crew that came and worked for next to nothing, I owe you my life. I will do everything within my ability to make you proud!!!!!!! #MISSPURPLE


Koreatown, Los Angeles

We party

Happy mothers day Sasha You are the BEST mom!!!! (Even though you ate all my chocolate raisins when i wasnt home)

Look at me being tricky/sleight of hand. All new #DECEPTION tonight at 10pm! On @ABC

Congratulations Jin and Sarah!!!! May you be healthy and continue to prosper.

Los Angeles, California

Good morning

Los Angeles, California

Thank you #goldhouse for including me in the A100 most influential asians list. Super honored and will strive to continue to make films that bring empathy to our community www.goldhouse.org

Los Angeles, California

I look forward to going home tonight...

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California

Here we go #misspurplefilm

Los Angeles, California


I think todays episode of #DECEPTION is my favorite of the season!!! @10pm on #abc

Newark Liberty International Airport

Thank you Princeton! PC: @tinathebat

Boiling Point USA-Irvine, CA

If you havent already. This is a must watch!!! Its on netflix now. And yes im at #boilingpoint. My wife wants to kill me. @nybongiovi @mimivaldes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Newport Coast, Newport Beach

And i give you...the ocean my child.

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