Джастин Чон


Американский актёр. В 2008 году исполнил роль Эрика Йорки в фильме «Сумерки», а в 2013 году сыграл Джеффа Чанга в молодежной комедии «21 и больше».
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New York, New York

This one for all the ladies...meaning my wife

New York, New York

Me and this little lady (actually she's taller than me) have been married for 3 years. My how time flies. I ❤u. Lets get some chinese hotpot tonight. Just kiddin. she HATES it.

Don't judge me

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I REALLY loved watching "what the health" on netflix. Then sitting down and eating a deli meat sandwich and cheese fries.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

My back hurts. (w @sashasachon )

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

We cant decide if we want to go watch Blade Runner. But sasha is being hella emo :)

Im a party monster #saturdaynight

Angelika Film Center

HOLY SHIT...thank you sean baker. Just wow. Guys watch @thefloridaproject this weekend. ❤❤❤

New York City - Manhattan - Nyc

In other news... Cant tell if im a chinese restaurant worker Or canto singer Ok guys. Roast me. 1 2 3 go!

Greenpoint Brooklyn/L.I.C. Queens NYC

My universe

@utktheinc seriously fuck this dude.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I will live and die in california but i must say. Ny has not been too bad to me this time. #fallinNYc

For the cities that asked. We still goin #gookfilm

Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge Water Front

Check out my skillz @sashasachon

Wishing i was at sundance hong kong Pc: @kyutani

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I see you. Im so bored



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