Джастин Чон


Американский актёр. В 2008 году исполнил роль Эрика Йорки в фильме «Сумерки», а в 2013 году сыграл Джеффа Чанга в молодежной комедии «21 и больше».
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Selanne Steak Tavern

Happy birthday mom. Made it to 60!

Protege in the making #weirdos

Beautiful sunsets w/ @sashasachon

Who loves Swiss Army Man!!! I do!!!! @dunkwun

I am SOOO PROUD of you @iamsimonebaker this is what makes the film completely worth making. I know you will go on to do AMAZING things in life pc: @sthanlee #gookthefilm

What a wonderful night...truly appreciative! #gookthefilm

@latimes supporting SO HARD!!! #gookthefilm @goldwynfilms

Hey guys. A teaser for my film GOOK just dropped on itunes. Check it out and let me know what you think. Link in my bio.

@latimes article about my families experience during the 92' la riots. Ill put the link in my bio if youre interested #gookthefilm

Poor banana

Me and my dada

Lets create together! So stoked

I wanna be on TOP #thisiswhatididforeaster

This came to my moms house today. She bought some flowers so she could take this picture and text it to me ⚘⚘⚘ love you MOM!

Los Angeles for life

I mean. Come on guys. Tell me this isnt FIYAH

Tea time

We didn't have sriracha for three weeks

This is the most amazing thing ive EVER seen in my life @paulochun

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