Джастин Чон


Американский актёр. В 2008 году исполнил роль Эрика Йорки в фильме «Сумерки», а в 2013 году сыграл Джеффа Чанга в молодежной комедии «21 и больше».
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Sony Studios , Culver City, Stage 28



Sony Studios , Culver City, Stage 28


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Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

I'm proud to announce my film GOOK is an official selection of 2017 sundance!!!!! Holy shit! We worked so hard on this thing. Thank you to everyone who helped out from the kickstarter to the set. Truly blessed

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Kamilla and Keith from our film are so appreciative. Please continue to support our kickstarter. Link is in my bio #gookthemovie

Thank you guys so much for getting us so close to our kickstarter goal for our film GOOK. But every extra dollar helps us get other things like the song in this video to make the film even more amazing. Thank you for your support and I'll keep pushing to make the best film possible. Our kickstarter link is in my bio

Hey friends. I have been dreaming of making this project for the last few years and I was able to put it in the can this past summer. I'm so proud of this film and what it represents. I'm just trying to get over the last hump and finish post production. If you have a second please check out my kickstarter. The link is in my bio. Thank you so much guys. I won't let you down!


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