Джульетт Льюис


Американская актриса и певица. Льюис номинировалась на премию «Оскар» за лучшую женскую роль второго плана за фильм «Мыс страха», после чего снялась в ряде успешных фильмов.
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Hey all my man @bradwilk is gonna be on @latenightseth all week rockin his delicious beats !

Work that shit out in whatever way you need to! But work it out! #musicmonday #drums #animal #muppets

Make the best of every day. Damn it. RG @theacademynewyork

#musicmonday #neildiamond #rage ✨ (back when I took a desert trip w the 🍯 @bradwilk )

#Repost @eodmofficial ・・・ Our brother @boceaser -- also one of our favorite humans on the planet -- needs our help. Please read, please share, and please send your donations & your best thoughts. We love BOC. And we love you all. https://www.gofundme.com/bocs-medical-fund [link in bio]

Yes thats Chester B upper left. I had the pleasure of meeting him that night and playing rocknroll. He seemed friendly, open, talked about his kids and was a phenomonal singer. I have been having a hard time processing and trying to put into words the impact of another senseless death of one of our peers. The point is I understand that kind of pain. I understand the thought patterns that leads one to take their own life. I think lots of people do. It made me want to validate all the people who have felt like quitting like that and DON'T. Who don't get tributes or recognition. And you have fought and chosen to live! I want to validate you! For remaining! For NOT causing indescribable grief and pain to the ones who are left living without you. THANK GOD. YOU ARE HERE. Because I can tell you just the people in this pic alone- (I dont think they'd mind me saying) have survived and made a choice not to let it destroy- on any given day- poverty, murder, suicide, cancer, drug addiction, lawsuits, ridicule, childhood trauma, and enormous success that didn't change a damn thing internally. I know friends of mine who have terminal cancer, degenerative diseases and are fighting to live another day to hold their children to go to Trader Joe's and fill the dog bowl one more time to sit in traffic to laugh at nothing with a friend to have a silly argument with their idiosyncratic mom to watch butterflies to go on hikes, to mull over life's questions to breathe deep without coughing... there are people who move through crippling fear and sorrow and pain, they come to know this will pass, they move through it, to embrace once again the small joys and not so small joys and triumphs of life. And those people I want to give a big warm hug to and a big giant round of applause! you know who you are because I'm talking to you we are one in the same. And THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING LIFE AND LIVING AND SEEKING AND TRYING. I RECOGNIZE YOU. All my love. ❤️✊🏽👊🏽 keep on fightin that good fight. (And OFCOURSE we say a prayer for the ones who went! Big kiss to the sky. With feet on the ground. )

Happy birthday 🎉#woodyharrelson the Mickey to my Mallory.. You taught me you can bring the rage to your art but also be full of humor and start the day doing yoga standing on your head. And that was in 94'! #balance Youre a fckn renegade.


Could not be more true. Fuck. #nelsonmandela REGRAM @mrchuckd_pe

Dagger 👀

#Repost @makersmess ・・・ Makers Workshop: Embroidery + Embellishment // 7/22, 1p-3p // $36 // Sign up at makersmess.com/adults! This workshop is perfect for beginning to intermediate students who are looking to take their embroidery technique to a new level. In this workshop you will use embroidery, beads and trims to create a beautiful embellished designs ready to hang! All materials are included, but feel free to bring vintage fabrics or prints from home. As always, BYOB!

Hey guys my brother @lfl84 made another incredible music video for @markballas @_alexanderjean_ called "Paper Planes" GO TO MY IG STORY TO CHECK IT OUT!

Seriously what is he thinking about? 😂😍 @loveteddyline #deepthoughts #blissout

👍🏼 👎🏼?? If yes what colors?


Plz donate and or repost this link to help @eddie__sm 's sister Jessica #fightagainstms 🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏🏿

This sweet kid had nothing but smiles while I sit stranded at the airport and I found out him and his brother and mom are taking care of their sister Jessica who has MS and are trying to raise funds for her care. Please donate and help REPOST #fightagainstMS @eddie__sm https://www.gofundme.com/jessicas-battle

Look ya'all me and my fake tatts (from last night's work) are stranded at the airport. #poser

Look 👀 my first meme ☝️😁

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