Джульетт Льюис


Американская актриса и певица. Льюис номинировалась на премию «Оскар» за лучшую женскую роль второго плана за фильм «Мыс страха», после чего снялась в ряде успешных фильмов.
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#fbf Never saw this one before! 👹👺 #mickeyandmalloryknoxdidit #NBK RG @juliette_merch

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#tbt I think this is true... 🙆🏻🤔💪🏼 RG @elreynetwork #NBK #MalloryKnox

#tbt On a hike, playin with the sun, after my dad died, every day was a wonderous adventure in being lost and found and reclaiming the here and now. #2015 (While shooting the doc "Hardlovin Woman" directed by @michaelrapaport this photo by @thedeancollins 🙌🏽

For the good people in Mexico who need our help right now! Any little bit helps especially when we do it together! Give what you can! #mexico

I don't want to mess with your minds.. but it is almost #October !! How the F did that happen?!! 😫

Hi 👋🏼 from my inner child. RG @adorable_animals

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To my beloved Mexico and all my Mexican friends and family, My heart beats with you. ❤️

Hi 👋🏼everyone. Here's me- just trying to figure out life and shine a little love in the form of a "backseat selfie"! 😘😃🦋🙆🏻🌈

#Squadforlife #wcw Tag your girls!

Can we just give a moment of Thanks for these woman. 🙌🏽🙏🏾 #janefonda #dollyparton #lilytomlin #legends #9to5

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😱 #Repost @tooawaretocare ・・・ When you spot two dudes living in a van with Natural Born Killers spray painted on the side you stay the fuck away #NBK #mickeyandmallory

Please caption! 😍😜RG @loveteddyline

RG @bittycar

#Repost @lfl84 ・・・ RIP Harry Dean Stanton. Early on when my Dad would pass on a role they'd give it to Harry Dean and vice versa. Here they are together in John Milius's Dillinger. What a great run. He's in a few of my all time favorite films; Paris Texas, Cisco Pike, Pat Garret and Billy The Kid and Escape from New York. #harrydeanstanton

#fbf #NBK #95 #FakeNews

#tbt Sometimes you emulate your heros without knowing it! Thats #DavidLeeRoth on the left- me on the right 2015 #ElRey show 📷 @bellashulman

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