Джульетт Льюис


Американская актриса и певица. Льюис номинировалась на премию «Оскар» за лучшую женскую роль второго плана за фильм «Мыс страха», после чего снялась в ряде успешных фильмов.
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THIS SUNDAY AT THE FEDERAL BAR IN NOHO-I will be singin some tunes for a GREAT CHARITY! @animalhopeandwellness To get Tics link in my bio. Its gonna be a very fun night of great music. 7-PM! 🤷🏻‍♀️⚡️🐶🐶🐶⚡️💓 #tompetty #johnnycash #rocknroll #animalrescue

When one of the best bass players you know @j_alderete joins the cult of @MarilynManson and ya come to rock the F out! 😈😃⚡️

#Repost @juliette_merch BUY TICS FOR THIS SUNDAY! Rocknroll for a great cause! LINK IN MY BIO - @kemble_walters ・・・ This SUNDAY 1/21 the @animalhopeandwellness event goes down at @thefederalnoho ! Grab tix now before they're gone (link in bio). The musical guests are AMAZING @juliettelewis @offspring @iamkevinmartin @candlebox_official @brettscallions @markyplanet @seanbeavan @8mmgirl @abbygennet w/ @pettycashparty & the auction/raffle items RULE @getmorechevelle @prsguitars @littlepinerestaurant @donutfriend @modoyogala @mansionfitness @healthade @harmlessharvest @hardyvegan @veganclubco @frangipanistyle @startrek SPREAD THE WORD and let's do some good for our furry friends! See ya Sunday 🐶🐶 #losangles #la #fundraiser #charity #dogs #fitness #vegan @moby @tonykanal @nathanrunkle @mercyforanimals @iamlefou @katvondbeauty @wizkhalifa @matttskiba

THANK YOU INTERNET FOR CONNECTING ME TO THIS MAGIC 💥💓 RP @lysacooper Banji Banji Banji! #dancingsaveslives #bringyourvibe

#Repost @themichaelealy with ・・・ Somehow simply saying thank you just doesn't seem like it's enough considering all that you gave us. We can never repay you or your family for what you have given us. We can only March on like you taught us and recognize that each and everyone of us can make a difference by standing up for what is right. Thank you Dr King. Thank you to the King family. #ThankYouMLK50

Sad to hear about the passing of Dolores O’Riordan - singer of The Cranberries. I first saw this incredible singer and spirit on MTV live playing and singing with just an acoustic guitar. I was a fan ever since. That first Cranberries record was a soundtrack to my life at the time. You never forget artists who speak to you, so deeply and uniquely and FOR you when you lack the language to articulate your own experiences and feelings. THANK YOU Delores for your gifts, music, challenges and strength. Merry travels into the great beyond. You will not be forgotten. 💥🙏🏾

#Repost @kemble_walters with ・・・ STOKED! @juliettelewis will be joining us for the @animalhopeandwellness charity event 1/21 @thefederalnoho and singing a few songs w/ @pettycashparty / (Mini #JulietteAndTheLicks reunion whoohoo!) This event is gearing up to be a serious banger! Grab tickets NOW before they're all gone. (Ticket link in my bio). Guests #NOODLES of @offspring / @brettscallions of #FUEL /@markyplanet of @pink / @iamkevinmartin of @candlebox_official / @seanbeavan @8mmgirl of @8mmofficial / #abbyGennet of #SLUNT !!!! Be sure to check out the currently LIVE auction via @reverb with a signed guitar from @getmorechevelle / @zvexeffects pedals AND a signed @zildjiancompany cymbal from @aegesband //raffles/auction at event from @healthade @harmlessharvest @frangipanistyle @donutfriend @littlepinerestaurant #LeonardNimoy and more! #spock #dogood #begood #charity #fundraiser #startrek #livemusic #auction #julietteandthelicks #pettycash #losangeles #la#california PS turn the AUDIO ON!

My dad and nana 💕

#Life #Wonder #Magic @loveteddyline

Girl on a mission. 💥💥💥 #tbt photo @kidsintalons

PERFECT BEAUTIFUL COVER. FRom one of my favorite voices! @anya_marina 💕💥#Repost @anya_marina ・・・ I WON’T BACK DOWN vid out today! link in bio. dir by @skotcof. #tompetty #tompettycover #video #iwontbackdown #emptypools

LITERALLY THE GREATEST VID 🙌🏽😂🏄🏽‍♀️💓#Repost @tanksgoodnews ・・・ This is how we’re going through 2018 thanks to @roypurdy for setting the bar

Perfect quote #Repost @iamcouturechaos ・・・ How's that.... for starting #2018 #ThisIsHowYouDoIt #girlpower #NOTmalebashing #acknowledgingmyselfworth #yearofthewoman

#Repost @iamlenaheadey ・・・ 2018. Hi. Yes time is up. UP. Voices Be Loud.

2018 #STYLE and #MOOD inspo #Frankie . (❤️ mama @aubkick )

Miracle past her bedtime at midnight last night. #StayWoke #newyearsday

Pretty much all my feels to a whole new year! Liberate your creative self #2018 (@questlove kit) #Repost @jason_larocca ・・・ This guy is inspiring me to give no Fs and just do my thing. #hny2018 !!!

I second all of this! #Repost @ilariaurbinati ・・・ That was some year. Earlier this summer, I read an excerpt from the great Anne Lamott. She said, “Here are the two best prayers I know: 'Help me, help me, help me' and 'Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I took this every bit to heart and as literally as possible. I can honestly say that every time I asked for help, it revealed itself to me in the most amazing ways. In the form of tireless friends (you know who you are). In the form of such magic at times that some started referring to me as a witch (and not just because I was a moody little shit ;) And in the form of life’s absolutely relentless insistence of showing the humor in every.single.situation. When all is said and done, I laughed more than I cried. Big giant obnoxious belly aching laughs. I danced, I travelled, I drove fast cars, I went outside and played. I allowed myself to feel EVERYthing - good and bad. As a friend of mine said - “life got really lifey.” And somewhere in there, for the first time in maybe 15 years, I found a version of myself outside of just being the work obsessed maniac I had become. So, Thank you Thank you Thank you, and peace out ✌🏻 2017.... 💫💫💫

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