Джульетт Льюис


Американская актриса и певица. Льюис номинировалась на премию «Оскар» за лучшую женскую роль второго плана за фильм «Мыс страха», после чего снялась в ряде успешных фильмов.
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Because he knows how much I love flowers. 😊❤️ #itsthelittlethings #flowerpower #kindnessisfree

Goin into the weekend like... 🤣 ===> @hardcoreoldschool:#youthbrigade #revolt

======> @tyrese:In the last 24 hours -

#tbt That time I borrowed #Sia 's hat. #hollywoodnights

CAN YOU DEAL W THIS?! ❤️ #loveteddy =====> @bradwilk:Ted: "Hey, mom comes home tomorrow!? Let's Dance!" 🐶🕺🏻🐶@juliettelewis #nationalpuppyday

#tbt To the never ending spirit of #London #UK 🙌 #Peace and #Love to you always. 🙏🏼 My beautiful audience from last year's London show! JL #LoveLondon

#tbt Visiting my ❤ @bradwilk on his tour last year. (In my fab @tysadesigns jumpsuit 😎)

Aww YES smart words people! #DontFreakOut From @louisckofficial REGRAM @hilarioushumanitarian

Dieing. 😂 #RATM #evilempire #loveteddy @loveteddyline CREATED BY @darklingpixie 🙌🙌🙌

#wcw I met Patti Smith in NY, she gave me tea and told me stories, she also listened and understood me. Then I got to sing with her at a show in Tennessee. It has been a highlight of my wild artistic, human existance to have been in her presence. She is MAGIC and WISDOM. #pattismith Do yourself a favor read her books. (SONG 'Killer' by me @toddsplanet @slippy_wo @kemble_walters )

Thank ya for supporting my #musicmaking by buying a shirt! ====> @juliette_merch:Killin' it! ⚡🙌🏼⚡ ======> @valeriennic0le:Best shirt ever @juliettelewis ❤️💙🖤

Not gonna argue with ya 😂 #DLR #WCW #davidleeroth #americanhero #rocknroll RG @diamonddaveleeroth

Missing this guy right now @bradwilk and dreaming of mexico 🇲🇽❤🙃 #vacation #love

GOOD NIGHT fellow humans! Be kind in your mind. Make a little #gratitudelist and take 3 big breaths in and out. Now let it go! Tomorrow is all brand new. If you let it be. 🌷🌈❤️🤗🙏🏼😴 #peaceansblessings #sleepsweet

@nickkharamis looking ever so cool in my mugshot T! CONGRATS on the new editor in cheif gig @interviewmag 😃👊🏼 #friendssupportfriends @juliette_merch #juliettegang #supportindependentmusic

Can not wait to see my old friend @WoodyHarrelson in this hilarious looking movie! #Wilsonmovie ===> @wilsonnofilter #WoodyHarrelson stars in #WilsonMovie In theaters FRIDAY! Get tickets via link in bio

=> @makersmess:Makers Workshop: Cartoon Drawing // $30 // 4/2 11a-1p // makersmess.com/adults to sign up! Ages 13+ In this workshop, students will learn the basics of cartooning principles including: anatomy exaggeration, simplification of drawings, perspective, color theory, and storytelling. You will be able to bring your ideas to life in a new, graphically striking way! BYOB

Sorry algebra teachers. #fact REGRAM @thefatjewish

OMG I LOVE THIS ONE By @arianrhod_46 Truth be told I've taken Teddy to many a recording studio and he doesnt flinch at the loudest drums or guitar. He loves rocknroll all music! 😁 #loveteddy @loveteddyline

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