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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по второстепенным ролям в телесериалах «Безумцы», «Сверхъестественное» и «Звёздные врата: Вселенная».
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#fbf to my 40’s inspired shoot with @karenfrenchphotography -absolutely loved this shoot!! . H/MU @chelsearosebeauty

#tbt to the break up-episode 3 of @doompatroldcu with @mattbomer -directed by @rtalalay . . New episode airs tomorrow on @thedcuniverse app!!! . . Photo by @doompatrol.scenes

Kia Kaha Kiwis 💔

#paramornmalballet 🤣 woke up as a brunette in Atlanta and started my day with some @xtend_barre and #kindredspirits. I am LOVING @andreaxtendbarre ‘s program on the @myopenfit app. You make me feel like the ballerina I never was. #notanad I just love the program and I love #kindredspirits. 😜

It’s @doompatroldcu day! 😉 episode 3 has dropped on @thedcuniverse app. Enjoy!

🙌🙌🙌 💫 #Repost @instadanjlevy with @get_repost ・・・ THIS. AND ONLY THIS.

#Fbf to singing in Vegas at the MAD MEN Live Musical Revue. Can’t find the audio of this but it was a dream!

Episode 2 of @doompatroldcu drops FRIDAY so catch up today on the @thedcuniverse app! . . . . @mattbomer @brendan__fraser @joivan_wade @dianexguerrero @matthew.zuk @aprilthebowlby @rileyshenanigan @alantudyk #timothydalton #jeremycarver @gberlanti

I’ve had to keep my mouth shut for months! @doompatroldcu premieres today on on the DC Universe app! I play Sheryl, married to Larry Trainor, aka, Negative Man, aka @mattbomer . Really excited about this show! This cast kicks some serious ass! Extended preview in bio. @aprilthebowlby @dianexguerrero @brendan__fraser @matthew.zuk @rileyshenanigan @alantudyk @joivan_wade #timothydalton

I’ll give you this jacket when you pry it from my cold, dead body. Until then, I’ll be wearing it whenever the fuck I please....that sounded angry....I’m not angry. I just love this jacket. . . 📷 by @karenfrenchphotography H/MU by @chelsearosebeauty

Happy 300 Supernatural! Congrats!!! I wouldn’t want to be trapped as a pile of ash, stuck in 1978 on any other show. 😜So grateful to #erickripke @seragamble @rj.ulrich and all the writers and producers on #supernatural. I loved my time in the show:) Thank you for letting me be a small part of this magic...and then killing me...and then bringing me back again...and then killing me...again. So grab your cleanest flannel and layer in under a rough looking coat, preferably monotone in grey, dark green or brown and enjoy the show! I hear it’s quite the tear jerker. ❤️

My husband’s @heb Super Bowl spot. Makes me laugh every time. 🤣🤣🤣

Sometimes I dress like a flasher from the 70’s....just for fun! . . 📷by @karenfrenchphotography H/MU by @chelsearosebeauty

This sexy beast is my husband. He’s too cool for social media. If you’re in Texas on Sunday watching the super bowl, his 60 second HEB spot will run between the 3rd and 4th quarter. #heb . THIS WILL ONLY AIR IN TEXAS

#tbt to when we were zombies. @dicksp8jr @mattcohen4real . . I’ll be back with these goofballs at a couple cons this year! Vegas at the end of March and Burbank in oct. #spn

It’s Wednesday. Let’s find a wall and push it. Push it. Push it real good. . . 📷 by @karenfrenchphotography H/MU @chelsearosebeauty . Go to Karen’s page! She’s an incredible photographer that provides a female only crew so you are safe and comfortable to let your sexy shine.

#fbf to that really cold winter of ...’63? Or 64? I don’t know, it was a long time ago. #madmen

#tbt -‘I will cut you if you touch my food’ Little Red means business, but mostly she just eats. -Into the Woods, 2001

Me too Tas. Me too.

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