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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по второстепенным ролям в телесериалах «Безумцы», «Сверхъестественное» и «Звёздные врата: Вселенная».
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Set those DVRs! ‘A Christmas Arrangement’ will premiere November 21st at 10pm on @lifetimetv !! The night before Thanksgiving! #achristmasarrangement @ninthhousefilms @autumnfederici @jakehelgren @nickywhelan @milesfisher @daphnezuniga @clayton_chitty @jlarsl @middle_grade_fiction_is_my_jam #alisonspuckmcneeley

#whosaysredheadscantwearred . . 📷 by @karenfrenchphotography M/h by @chelsearosebeauty . . . I had such a great shoot with @karenfrenchphotography !! So many more fun photos to come!

-Grandpa Roy and Grandma June ❤️ #neverforget

I’m just a girl...lying on the floor...watching you vote. #vote 📷by @karenfrenchphotography M/H by @chelsearosebeauty

‘Vote here often?’ #whatsyourvotingplan #vote 📷by @karenfrenchphotography m/h by @chelsearosebeauty

#tbt Canada lake 1983ish. This is the trip where I looked too far over the front porch railing, flipped over and fell on my face and got 3 stitches....I remember very clearly laying on a cold metal table while the doc stitched me up...so it’s possible they were done by a vet...or maybe I was abducted my aliens....either way, I still have the scar to prove it. #canadalake #IwishIstillHadThisOutfit #WhyIsThereAsheetHangingUp? 🤷‍♀️#MyBrothersHairIsBowlCutGoals

My lil denim dog! If you’ve never heard of a ‘denim dog,’ you’re not alone...we completely made it up. It’s a lil bit 80’s, a lil bit denim and a lil bit dog. #ddohalloween

Happy Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos! #flinstones #hippies #3CoolCats #DenimDogs

A lot sucks right now. But this is pretty great.

Ode to George Hurrell -📷 by @karenfrenchphotography H/M @chelsearosebeauty #karenfrenchphotography #boudoirphotography

Meet @anjaschutz . She’s a badass warrior I’m proud to call my friend. #grabhimbytheballot #vote 💪👊 go over to her page and show her some love ❤️ #Repost @anjaschutz with @get_repost ・・・ Hey guys, trolls suck. Bad. The past 24 hours have been more intense and full of hate directed at me and my models than I ever imagined possible. Despite that, I’m so proud of what my fellow project members accomplished with me two years ago, and I know the dark days will end again at some point. But in the meantime, if I’m not responding to messages or comments or tags from you, it’s because they’re literally being drowned out right now. I feel pretty overwhelmed and freaked out and kinda depressed, but this lady, right here, ME, with my “undercooked chicken-beast body” will keep on fighting and voting and doing her best, sometimes imperfectly, to stand on the right side of history. #GRABHIMBYTHEBALLOT #VOTE

#mykid #myheart ❤️

I don’t have resting ‘bitch’ face...I have resting ‘oh my god why are you so sad’ face. I’m not sad here. Post nap cuddles are my favorite time of day. ❤️

....and now he plays dead.....

Thank you @anthonyboyerddo and @ddoartists for the thoughtful @shopboxfox gift! You’ll have to excuse me while I slather myself in pink tulip hand cream😍 and do some self-care reading. #FOXflattered #ddotheatrical #lovemyreps

#newrole #newhair #nomakeup

#tbt #buggirl #fringe


‘It’s not that easy to kill an angel’ #fbf #stuntingwithmybestie @amygumenick

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