Бетани Джои Ленц


Американская актриса, музыкант, режиссёр, продюсер, автор песен. Известна благодаря ролям Мишель Бауэр Сантос в сериале Направляющий свет и Хейли Джеймс Скотт в сериале Холм одного дерева.
  • Все 2031
  • Фото 1887
  • Видео 144

Better late than never... a little emerald green for your St. Paddy’s Day! ☘️ From a wee photo shoot by @mgarsia_ with a great team featuring some of my favorite designers. @alexandragrecco @joanneblackofficial @loveaudryrose @jayceemnirajd @andrew.toma


This is what happens when you’re a Matchmaker for a Prince but you fall in love with him instead.... so... you know... that’s why the movie is called #RoyalMatchmaker. Guess what happens 🤓😽 Airs MARCH 24th on Hallmark @hallmarkchannel @britbristow @iamwillkemp @poppyroe @aguycalledjoe

The gang’s all here! I had the BEST time in Romania last winter filming an adorable romantic comedy, #RoyalMatchmaker, for @hallmarkchannel. You get to see it in 9 days! Airs on MARCH 24th!! 👑👑👑👑 More pics and previews coming soon xoxo @iamwillkemp @britbristow @poppyroe @aguycalledjoe #simondutton #romanianticcomedy #hallmark

I spent most of my time in high school feeling like this... 🧜🏼‍♀️ Had a lot of fun shooting with @mgarsia_ a few weeks ago. Happy to show off the talents of some good friends and wonderful designers here that you’ll enjoy knowing about. @joanneblackofficial @jayceemnirajd @andrew.toma @loveaudryrose @alexandragrecco @thefrilly @vm_pr @francescamambrini

Had a lot of fun shooting with @mgarsia_ a few weeks ago. Happy to show off the talents of some good friends and wonderful designers here that you’ll enjoy knowing about. @joanneblackofficial @jayceemnirajd @andrew.toma @loveaudryrose @lugvonsiga

My friend’s friend drew this sketch of my tough guy on a Starbucks bag the other day. #Haas #haastheboss @andrew5b @tfillat 💕💕💕

“Women’s March” reached an all-time @Google search high in 2017. This #IWD2018, we celebrate all the brave and beautiful women that never stop fighting ❤️💥💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏼💪🏻💋💋💋🌟🌟 In case you wonder why women march- it’s to let other women all over the world know that they are not alone. We love men, we love all different kinds of beliefs and cultures, but we are using our voice in unison with so many others to say “hey, those things currently accepted in society and in the world that make women and girls feel unsafe, those things that make you feel like an object or an accessory, those things that make you feel weak or less-than...? Fuck that shit. It’s on its way out.” ✊🏽 #womensmarch #equalitynow #internationalwomensday

With more global access to arts and media than ever, audiences of ALL types are calling for representation in storytelling. I still can’t believe @jordanpeele is the first black man to win for best screenplay. YES to breaking barriers. I pray this continues so everyone is able to find art that speaks to them and represents their own experience. #oscars2018 #oscars #getout @getoutmovie is outstanding and he deserves this. 🙌🏾🙌🏻🙌🏿🙌🏽🙌

✨Great time last night at the #oscars #nightbefore bash ✨ @denise_fleming you’re a great date (you too Dave) thanks also @mptf for all you do for artists. #thenightbefore

There are only 2 different types of friends. 🤣🍩🍩

Two more for my team that did all the work! @andrew.toma and @jayceemnirajd and @joanneblackofficial I love you! ◼️ #womeninfilm @womeninfilmla #lancomeparis #lancome @lancomeofficial @creativeprinc @forevermarkusa @imtylerellis @tylerellisofficial @selmacilek @bjoylenzdaily

One of the best parties of the year #WomenInFilm and especially thrilling this year to celebrate doors opening for women in our industry in a whole new way. Support women in your local film community- these are future leaders in the industry that changes hearts and minds on a daily basis because of the passion inside storytellers who care about this world and the human condition. I LOVE artists and Ioved being able to support so many brilliant, powerhouse female artists last night. 💎💥💋 Style: @joanneblackofficial Dress: @selmacilek Shoes: @andreagomezofficial Jewels: @forevermarkusa Bag: @imtylerellis Hair: @jayceemnirajd Makeup: @andrew.toma feat. one of my fav @lancomeofficial lipsticks “Insta-róse” which is actually the most beautiful shade of pink and I can’t figure out why it looks orange in all the pictures lol, but you see it best in the last pic (my post-show, pre-shower, goof-off moment in my favorite @shhhowercap cap) Extra thanks @aimeecarpenter17 @creativeprinc @purplepr @domain_integrated @johnniewalker @johnniewalkerus @crustaceanbh 🌟🌟 I had so much fun reuniting with my #lancomeparis and #purplepr girls @womeninfilmla #timesup #femalefilmmakers #storytellers #artists #hollywood #oldhollywood #glam #losangeles #beverlyhills

Last night! ❤️ #VanityFair #lancomeparis @vanityfair @lancomeofficial #WomenInHollywood 💋 That braid by @jayceemnirajd Face made up by @andrew.toma Styled by @joanneblackofficial TwoPiece dress by @shoplahive Shoes by @andreagomezofficial @aimeecarpenter17 Those Jewels from @loveaudryrose Thanks @purplepr girls xx

“Scars” ♦️ 3x3ft Acrylic & Pumice on Canvas #Lenz #TheLenzGallery @thelenzgallery #realisbeautiful

First look at my shoot with the super cool and super talented @mgarsia_ featuring a delicious leopard suit from @thefrilly, gems by @loveaudryrose, styled by @joanneblackofficial and hair @jayceemnirajd makeup @andrew.toma ⭐️🍾🐆🌴

This is my face. I have soaked up days in the sun, I’ve had terrible luck growing out those ever-popular boyfriend eyebrows, I’ve been through enough to give me wrinkles, but most of my wrinkles are from smiling and laughing. All my breakouts happen on my chin and around my nose, so it’s always red there and dry and flakey sometimes which is the worst. I have enormous eyeballs so there’s always a big dark pocket of skin under them that I constantly try to cover (usually to no avail) and my skin is perpetually dry in the California desert air. Yep, this is my face. No airbrushing the wrinkles, dark circles or spots (okay i took off one mammoth zit scab by my nose, forgive me), no blown out filters, no makeup... #thisismyface • Every morning i wake up and see myself in the mirror and i have to fight off the flood of negative thoughts that sweep through my mind about the way I look. I could list them all but basically it’s all the same things that all of you think and feel. • In a day and age where everyone is airbrushing their selfies and constantly presenting an unrealistic standard of “beauty” I want you to know that #realisbeautiful and YOU are beautiful. Will you join me this week and post an unretouched photo of yourself with no makeup and say #thisismyface ... Show the you that you wake up with??

That was too fun 💋 Thanks @joanneblackofficial @mgarsia_ @jayceemnirajd @andrew.toma for a killer 📸📸 shoot. This is just a sneak peek. More to come xx

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