Бетани Джои Ленц


Американская актриса, музыкант, режиссёр, продюсер, автор песен. Известна благодаря ролям Мишель Бауэр Сантос в сериале Направляющий свет и Хейли Джеймс Скотт в сериале Холм одного дерева.
  • Все 1799
  • Фото 1674
  • Видео 125

I'm on cloud 9- I just found my missing @safilo #LadyElasta glasses! I declare war on all black-rimmed 👓specs for girls and say let's all start wearing old-lady frames! I bought these a year ago in protest of the black-rim trend and then promptly LOST them. Thank you B&A for saving my beloved Golden Girls! ❤️❤️

Day 1 🎨

Foggy morning meditation 🎨 • Covering up an old canvas with a new project this morning. Always good to start over ;)


Me and DP @DawnShim editing our #nastyhabitstv episode 20 min before the computer crashed. 🖥🔨🙀😭 #wewillprevail💪

When your editing program crashes after 2 hours of work 😱😱#nastyhabitstv

You know you want it now

Hahaha ahh just stumbled upon this old dubsmash from the #HOME pilot 2 years ago with my pal #AndrewBuchan #intellectualsnobs

Keep getting though the week! You can do it! (St.Geniveve charm via @benevolence_la)

Please go see my friend read from her brilliant new book! 📚 @chiarabarzini

Goodnight 🕊 #Rauschenberg

Pretty Little Things from my friends @benevolence_la by @kellyaoverton and @judsonmorgan • Soft chain ball 14k gold ring and Multicolor crystal ring are both a part of #ringsofpromise to benefit @hands4others • You can get them at BenevolenceLA.com


Thank you @joelosteen for the reminder- from this morning's @lakewoodchurch service ☀️ #letgooftheashes #beautyforashes #lakewoodchurch #letitgo #newthings #makeroom #getoutofyourcomfortzone #noexcuses

It's a beautiful day 🌷 • #rauschenberg #latimes #roses

Rise and shine ☀️ • The more I enjoy the quiet of being home writing, running errands and taking care of my daughter, the more natural I want to stay. I really love this light as air Dual Finish Highlighter in 03RadiantRoseGold from @lancomeofficial. They've #sponsored our partnership knowing my focus in life is to go au natural as often as I can- inside and out ;) If you're like me you'll probably really have fun with this, wet or dry, with a brush, a sponge or your fingers. Apply sparingly to cheek bones, brow bones, nose bridge & Cupid's bow. I also like to cover my eyelids with it for a 1920s inspired glow. #dualfinishhighlighter #lancôme • HAVE A BEAUTIFUL, GLOWING DAY!

This shot from #marieantoinette totally encapsulates how I feel most days. No matter how many people are around, we are facing the big beautiful world alone- just me and God and the space. Sometimes we are blessed enough to have a small handful of true comrades, but they are not always there, and that's as it should be. Don't fear if you feel lonely. Don't let it drag you down. Deep down we are all there most of the time :)

Dreaming of getting back to #London this year 🇬🇧🚇🎡

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