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Let's change the stereotype on the word #Feminist. Did you know that to be a feminist you simply have to believe in equal pay for women doing the same job as a man, that women are not objects but, as humans, are of equal value to a man and deserve the exact same rights and freedoms of men? The rest falls into place once you believe those things and live actively by those beliefs. If people of all faiths, of all opinions about functions best served by men vs women, of all nationalities embraced this simple concept that women are of EQUAL VALUE to men and are worthy, as humans, of the same rights and freedoms, we could see the end of child marriage, FGM, sex trafficking, oppression of education for girls, and likely Poverty. You can be a Christian and a feminist, you can be a Muslim and a feminist, you can be a Man and a feminist, and you can even be a Republican and a Feminist! 😳 (who knew!) ;) ... Feminism is a GOOD word and we need it! Are you a feminist?? • • • • • Thank you @joylenznews for grabbing these 📸! The @equalitynoworg gala last night was incredible and the support is growing!! #FeminismIsAGoodWord #makeequalityreality

@jahaendfgm speaking after being introduced by @gloriasteinem #powerhouse women #activisminaction #equalitynow #inspiring #educategirls #stopfgm #makeequalityreality #mysogynyboresme #feminismisagoodword

A love note from #Malala for @equalitynoworg Wow. #makeequalityreality

Jane Fonda. JANEFONDA!!! Introduced by Lily Tomlin. These speeches are so inspiring. #makeequalityreality @equalitynoworg

#mysogynyboresme @jccoccoli @equalitynoworg #makeequalityreality

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Decisions, decisions 🍰🍩🍪🍭🎂🍦

'Tia the season for giving! Today on @modernvintagelife we'll show you all the ways you can help the @tankafund. Purchasing these earrings/ring or necklace (see in detail on website) is just one of a few ways. .............Thank you @nathanjohnsonny 📸 #stilnest @stilnest #buffalooffering #modernvintagelife #mvl



Caught in the rain #dogsofinstgram

It's a creeeepy morning by the #batesmotel

One more for #worldadoptionday 🙂 @adopttogether Me and my buddy @hank at his second #BabyBall to help create #afamilyforeverychild

My open request for open arms, on @modernvintagelife link in bio (Well... "request"/"scolding"... potatoes potahtoes)

It's #WorldAdoptionDay !! follow @adopttogether and @hank to help create #afamilyforeverychild ! So inspired by what these guys are doing! Check it out and draw a smiley face on your hand today to support! Xoxo #babyball2016 #babyball #adopt #familyforeverychild

I had a WONDERFUL time Friday night at the #BabyBall for @adopttogether @hank I love their vision, a family for every child. Please go have a look at their site AdoptTogether and find out more. #familyiseverything

We're entering a dark time, but I do believe the dismantling of society as we know it will provide a space for new growth. I am deeply pained for the hardships we are about to endure. Yet I believe in the beauty and compassion that will rise up. The Love coming after the storm will change the world. Gods ways are not our ways. This must be what America needs. It's like re-breaking the arm that healed wrong. ARTISTS & EDUCATORS, this is your nation now. Get to work.

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