Бетани Джои Ленц


Американская актриса, музыкант, режиссёр, продюсер, автор песен. Известна благодаря ролям Мишель Бауэр Сантос в сериале Направляющий свет и Хейли Джеймс Скотт в сериале Холм одного дерева.
  • Все 1989
  • Фото 1849
  • Видео 140

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote from the Civil Rights Museum i visited #Memphis • I know too many white moderates more concerned with order, structure and propriety than they are with the actual problems. It's not enough to see the problem but feel too overwhelmed by its "bigness" to attempt contributing to a solution. It's not enough. Write letters, make phone calls, speak up in conversation, stand up against injustice in public when you see it, take a knee, be loud, be obstinate in standing up for your brother and sisters of different races who are still treated as less-than by so many. You, white moderate, STOP SITTING STILL and saying "it's not my problem". #standupforsomething #civilrights #mlk

Thank you Dr. King

#aboutlastnight Thanks again, Team! Had a great time at the @hallmarkchannel #TCA18 to promote #RoyalMatchmaker w @iamwillkemp which airs March25! Special Thanks to my great #style and #glam team 🙏🙏 MAKEUP: @andrew.toma HAIR: @jayceemnirajd STYLE: @joanneblackofficial JEWELRY: @vm__pr @bethmillercollection SHOES: @danielemichetti BLAZER: @violantenessi JUMPER: @mariu_desica CLUTCH: @imtylerellis @tylerellis_official @aimeecarpenter17 • #redcarpet #updo

Had a great time tonight at the @hallmarkchannel #TCA18 to promote #RoyalMatchmaker w @iamwillkemp which airs March25! Special Thanks to my great #style and #glam team 🙏🙏 MAKEUP: @andrew.toma HAIR: @jayceemnirajd STYLE: @joanneblackofficial JEWELRY: @vm__pr @bethmillercollection SHOES: @danielemichetti BLAZER: @violantenessi JUMPER: @mariu_desica CLUTCH: @imtylerellis @tylerellis_official @aimeecarpenter17 • And thank you @joylenzpics for letting me snag these shots! #redcarpet #updo

I had the pleasure of shooting with a brave and wonderful designer while I was in #winnipeg filming a movie. @lennardtaylor cuts brilliantly for women’s bodies and everything he makes feels timeless. If you’re looking for some new staple pieces please visit his website LennardTaylor.com.

Oh boy! Every girl loves a treat from Bergdorf’s ✨🛎💎. Thank you, my friends @mpca_bktv!!

Good morning! Hope you’re having fun today!! 🌻🌻

🎶🎵☔️ Rain, rain, stay this way! ☔️ 🎵🎶 #savethelastdance #rainydaze #haastheboss #dogsofinstagram

I got a wonderful letter from the awesome @gnhs_knights JV basketball coach, Kelly Benton, who informed me about their recent Special Olympics basketball game during an all-school assembly. The students cheered these kids on and have started an #inclusionrevolution @inclusionrevolution #goingglobal #thebiggameneverends • What a wonderful thing to do and thank you for including me in your circuit. I support you guys! 🏀 💙👏🏼👏🏼 #thebiggame

Have a stiff one and a cig, steal a kiss, and go to bed. Wake up tomorrow feeling good about yourself and ready for new things. Cheers and God Bless you. Here’s to a fabulous 2018🥂 💋 • 📷 by @nathanjohnsonny

Aww thanks for making 2017 a fun year on Instagram! Here’s your #topnine2017 😘😘😘

One of my best friends is moving away 😭 @anyoneforthetruth thank you for the years of inspiration, friendship and collaboration. You haven’t seen the last of me yet. I love you 💕❤️ The best is yet to come and babe won’t it be fine 🎶

Don’t make fun of us for having a puppy wedding @wolffeatherhoneyfarm #wolffeatherhoneyfarm #tuesdaze 🐾🌻🌻🌻

Wild child 🌸 🌻

No filter just wine country sky...

Merry Christmas from our quirky house to yours :) Xx

Dancing into the new year like... 💃🏻 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE everyone! 💋🎄🌒🥃

Volume up for my kid’s commentary 🤣🤣

Christmas time is here, happiness and cheer 🎄❤️🎁

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