Бетани Джои Ленц


Американская актриса, музыкант, режиссёр, продюсер, автор песен. Известна благодаря ролям Мишель Бауэр Сантос в сериале Направляющий свет и Хейли Джеймс Скотт в сериале Холм одного дерева.
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The whole party got into the #summerwater from @winc and @yeswayrose last night!! How do you say "Yummy" in all the languages?? 🍡🍡 @summerwaterrose

Yum! @sirahthelabel + #buffalooffering @stilnest + @lancomeofficial lips in Hypnotique. 📸@hannahfaithlord #sirahthelabel #modernvintagelife @tankafund

Thank you @hannahfaithlord for capturing the celebration last night for @ashleysales ' @sirahthelabel #sirahthelabel You are beautiful inside and out. Everyone go check out Hannah's instagram & blog!

Launch party tonight for my dear friend @ashleysales first clothing line @sirahthelabel #sirahthelabel Avail for purchase online NOW!! SirahTheLabel.com

Launch party tonight for my dear friend @ashleysales first clothing line @sirahthelabel #sirahthelabel Avail for purchase online NOW!! SirahTheLabel.com

Happy #Humpday! Get out there and get dirty! Life is an adventure. No matter your age, If you're not a little muddy, you're not doing it right! 🐾👣💋💋

#currentmood #lindersterling

My kid kills the #streetstyle photo game. @intropiaofficial @pourlavictoire @bishopandyoung @joythestore @domain_integrated @thewestvillagelondon

Happy Thursday. Here's a tip: Red lipstick lifts any PMS mood! 💄💄💄💋💋💋💋💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

#wcw to these girls. Big hearts, big tears, big love ❤️ #originalsquad

I've always had some sort of bizarre impediment when drinking any liquid on camera. It's like I have to stop acting in order to focus on taking a sip. Looks like this #EXTORTION scene maybe turned out okay!! 🍷 ahh!

Slideshow in previous post! #EXTORTION is out today and it's really good ya'll!! #lionsgate @lionsgateathome @redbox @eionbaileys @amazonvideo @lionsgate

I hope your plans tonight include staying home and renting #EXTORTION from @lionsgate on @amazonvideo , DVD, @directv or @redbox @lionsgateathome. We worked really hard on this one and it was a passion project/dream come true for our writer/director #philvolken, and an amazing performance by @baileyeion Thank you for supporting our little movie that turned out SO BIG!! This will have your heart pumping so get ready for the ride! Tell me what you think after you watch it!! Xoxo

Me and Mom! Happy Mother's Day to a super smart, out-of-the-box thinker and very caring Lady! I love you!! 💕 💝

Swipe for more #jewels and #makeup. This lux clutch by @imtylerellis and jewelry from innovative @pasqualebruni. Nails @opinailsuk #myveryfirstknockwurst #redcarpet #extortion #nails

Like a Pony! 🎶 thank you @jayceemnirajd for this killer tail! 🐴 Let's do more and more and more. You are so peaceful and gifted and I always know I'm in good hands! 😍💁🏻 #hair #hairstyle #hairstylist #redcarpet #extortion @pasqualebruni earrings

When I got to @joanneblackofficial 's tucked away Spanish retreat home, the bed was covered in beautiful dresses she'd pulled. We tried on a lot but this stunning piece of art by @mariodiceofficial was the clear winner. I got SO many compliments on this dress just walking down the street! At least 15 people all night said "WHO makes that??? It's amazing!" It is amazing and I'm a total convert to the mind and world of #MarioDice. Thank you, Jo, for finding something so beautiful and so me. I feel like you get me and know how to put my insides on the outside :) Completed this look with #jewels by incomparable @pasqualebruni and a yellow satin clutch from the creative @imtylerellis via Ms. @aimeecarpenter17 💋💋❤️❤️ #extortion #redcarpet #lionsgate #stylist #artist #designer #design #blackrose

The awesome @andrew.toma made this glowing look happen with @kohgendo shade 123, a little bronzer and lips 💋in "Mrs.Proper" by @toofaced AND glossed in @diormakeup in No.754 Everything always feels so easy sitting in your chair, Andrew. Thank you!!! Those insanely beautiful earrings are @pasqualebruni #andrewtoma #makeup #pasqualebruni #jewels #jewelry #jewelrygram #redcarpet #redlips #lips #lipstick #redlipstick #extortion #lionsgate #artist #makeupartist #joanneblack @joanneblackofficial styling #stylist @jayceemnirajd hair

We finally did it last night @baileyeion ! #EXTORTION premiered with @lionsgate @lionsgateathome and I'm really proud to be a part of this. And, hey! My first time on the big screen since I was 14! That was exciting! :) Eion is wonderful in this movie- he's in every scene and carries it beautifully. You've gotta check it out asap! #May16 Fashion/Beauty info post coming up!! #premiere #lionsgate #eionbailey #puertorico #redcarpet #redcarpetstyle @imtylerellis @mariodiceofficial @pasqualebruni @loribluofficial @jayceemnirajd @andrew.toma @joanneblackofficial @aimeecarpenter17

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