Джози Лорен


Американская актриса, известная по роли Кейли Круз в сериале «Гимнастки».
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Happy Valentines Day from me and my ❤️ @mattleinartqb! Thanks @monicamkarl! Day made ✔️

#tbt to the most beautiful bridal shower of all time! Here are some of the details and honestly the pics don't do it justice. So lucky to have a sister like the one God blessed me with. She worked so so hard on this and I'll never forget this day. Love u jessy!! #MatronOfHonor #SisterLove #BestFriend PS...that flower wall is real! 😍😍😍 take me back!

I celebrated my bridal shower today and WOW! My family outdid themselves again! Feeling so so lucky. 4 months to go! #RingAroundTheJosie

Though she be little she be FIERCE! My girl ballin on the court! #niece #MaidOfHonor

#MIOBI #StandsWithYou

Still in my gym clothes as I do spring cleaning but 24hrs ago it was THIS...girls night in Vegas baby! Thank you Mike and @shyano!!! @heytamararey @arianaberlin take me baaaaaack

Saying goodbye to Christmas is literally the saddest day of the year!! In November, Matt's dad and I went through his garage and he gave me soooo much of Linda's Christmas decorations. She loved Christmas! Most of the things in this bin are hers and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I feel so lucky that I get to continue putting up the things she loved every holiday season. These are little treasures and I feel so lucky to have had them passed down to us. @mattleinartqb

Crushing so hard on this little man right here #babypierson #mcm #lovenugget 📷 @casandra_hamara @bnique5 @mattleinartqb

Started from the bottom now we here #AceAndReeses #mypack

#tbt to going head to head with a priest. A dance off made in heaven 🙏🏻 #pipoandmichelle

My little brother got married to the most amazing woman last night. I've gotten 2 sisters this year and woah God is good! What a night! We love u pipo and michelle!

College Football Hall of Fame induction dinner with my hot date. We are so proud of u @mattleinartqb. Also...stepson 😍😍😍😍😍

Rollin with the homies #ace #reeses #adoptdontshop

Just add artist to @mattleinartqb's long list of talents

Of course it's my fiancé who grabs the little boy from the crowd and puts him on national television @mattleinartqb

Anyone looking to adopt the sweetest nugget of all time?! My friend @janebegins has been fostering this little guy for almost 2 months, and it's time he finds his forever home. As u can see, he is just the SWEETEST! Walks well on a leash, loves people and other dogs, and is an all-star snuggler! Let's find this little guys a forever HOME! #adoptdontshop

Happy birthday buddy! I didn't know when your dad walked into my life that id be getting a bonus blessing, but you make life complete. I love u!

#tbt to 2 of my favorite people becoming 1. I love u @heytamararey and @_jarrettprice! #mrspricesoundsnice @rachel_z_romano @thallgren @sarabaldoni

I meeeeaaaan....does it get sweeter than this?!! Typical nighttime snuggles. #theboys #missyouhunter

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