Джози Лорен


Американская актриса, известная по роли Кейли Круз в сериале «Гимнастки».
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Javy and steph's bridal party!! Waiting to walk down the aisle #rehearsal #HappilyEverLopez

Let the fun begin!!! #HappilyEverLopez #MyBrotherIsGettingMarried

First day of finals today and @mattleinartqb always gets me a card. Today he threw in flowers too 😍. Most don't know but this guy picks up ALL my slack so that I can accomplish my dreams and be the best version of myself. I leave the house early to go to work and come home late from school to a home cooked meal every day. He "cleans" the house and does my laundry (although he refuses to fold my underwear bc he says they're too small). And all the while, he's getting his work out done too. He's my hero and I'm the freakin luckiest. I love u @mattleinartqb!!!! #mcm

What vintage furniture dreams are made of 😍😍😍. Purchased, repainted, and distressed! Totally inspired by @cottonstem! Thanks for the one-of-kind gem @loveseatla! I can't wait to fill it up! #vintage #MakingAHouseAHome #SlowlyButSurely #loveseatathome

Almost done with my first bottle of @ritual and im officially HOOKED! I've never taken a daily vitamin before, but I finally found my ritual ;). I've seen a huge difference in my hair, nails, the way I feel, and also...#nomakeup which I'm pretty sure @ritual has a lot to do with as well. This is #notanad (I'm not cool enough for those). Just wanted to share the wealth! ❤❤

ACE!!! 3 years ago today I brought this little guy home from the shelter, and I still wonder who rescued who? Who knew u could love a dog this much?! #BestDecisionIEverMade #AdoptDontShop

Going to work after this weekend was roooouuuugh! @rnzimm, @cennythejet, standing next to u as u both said I DO was an honor. You're my family and will always have my love and support. Here's to forever! Also... @rnzimm, couldn't u have picked some classier bridesmaids? I mean, damn! @allegralucchesi @lexromano @heytamararey @thallgren @sarabaldoni

#FBF to celebrating the best with some of the best. Can't wait to see u walk down the aisle @heytamararey! There will be some serious ugly cry happening 😭. Love u foooorever!

Yesterday, We attended the Special Olympics gala and presented them with an $11k check that was donated in Linda's name from the money that was raised after she passed. What my man had to do yesterday was not easy. I remember I had to give a speech at an event for @iamhopeorg a few months after my dad died. I bombed, total mess. And even though he got emotional, @mattleinartqb was the definition of grace and class last night as he honored his mom. I know she was so proud of u babe...as was I #specialolympics #giveback

True love people. True love. @mattleinartqb

#fbf to being in the room where it happened. Where John Quincy Adams died that is. @shyano #HanginInTheCapitol

I think #NationalPuppyDay might be my favorite day...#ace

Happy #NationalPuppyDay from the guy who "hates" little dogs. Mhmm.... @mattleinartqb

18hrs in DC done RIGHT!!! I will never forget yesterday. Unforgettable experience with the best company!! @heytamararey @arianaberlin @shyano @mattleinartqb

My bday is on Sunday. Do NOT forget or there will be drama. @asislo16

My mom, sister, and niece. AKA...my favorite women in the whole wide WORLD!!!! Hands down, 1 of the greatest gifts God has ever given me. I love you! #stephysbridalshower

Loved showering my sister in law to be, @steph4478, this past Saturday! My sister @jessy0316 did an UNBELIEVABLE job putting together this shower. Not only was it beautiful, but it was done with so much love! We love u @steph4478!

Got off the plane at 7:30am and booked it to my nephew's school to step in for my sister for Mommy Muffins at 8:30am. They performed some songs first and I legit could NOT control the tears in the first row. My poor kids and hubby to be, I am so gonna be THAT mom! #home #lovethisboy

Every woman in this picture has taught me that women are super heroes. I could not be more proud to have been raised by this tribe of women (missing a few!) who are simply put...badasses. There's nothing they can't do, and they do it all with grace and so much love. They're the reason I now tell my fiancé "I got it. Don't u see the S on my chest?" Happy #WomensDay to all the super heroes out there!!

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