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Американская актриса, известная по роли Кейли Круз в сериале «Гимнастки».
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Goodbye Florence!!! Im pretty sure there is no city in the world like this! Cinque Terre we’re coming for you! #honeymoon #theleinarts

I mean....😍😍😍😍 #husband #theleinarts

This place doesn’t even seem real. Feel beyond lucky to be here celebrating this special time with my hubby 💕

The struggle is real here in lake como let me tell you. #honeymoon #theleinarts2018

T-11 day’s till I’m wearing this hat on the first stop of our honeymoon in Lake Como!!! Thank you @shopkatwalk! If anyone has recs, please let us know! IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!

One month since we said #Ido @mattleinartqb. I love you Husband! #ringaroundthejosie #theleinarts

A bit late bc it’s so much better to enjoy the day but HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I miss my dad every day, but I consider myself damn lucky to be able to be surrounded by such great men who always put family first.

Celebrating the bride to be! The struggle was real when I realized it was no longer me but SOOO happy it’s @nat_pad!!! Love this lady! #LastBashBeforeDash

When your #mcm turns into your #husband @mattleinartqb 📷: @ellysphoto

#tbt to a week ago today when we welcomed our guests at the cocktail party and then hit the piano bar! Take me back!!!! #ringaroundthejosie #theleinarts

Just call me Mrs. Leinart! 💁🏻‍♀️Sooo many more pictures to come from what was the BEST weekend of my life!!!! I love you Husband! @mattleinartqb #ringaroundthejosie #theleinarts

What a way to kick off our wedding weekend!!! Had such a blast white water rafting with some of our nearest and dearest! This is already the best week ever! #RingAroundTheJosie #TheLeinarts

Meeting the best people in Philly!!! Feelin really damn lucky. #SummerAssociates #WorkHardPlayHard @jamieleedenton1 @teddzstar @kwinshall

I haven’t posted about her but Zoey was Matt’s Xmas gift this past year. With the loss of his mom and his German Shepherd, hunter, I thought a puppy was in order...and I was so right! Zoey is our puppy pride and joy and we’re obsessed with her! Zoey, on the other hand, is obsessed with ace lol

#FBF to the best one day bachelorette party a girl could ever ask for!!! Thank you to my ladies! I love you guys!!! T-22 days! #LaLaLopez #RingAroundTheJosie #TheLeinarts @heytamararey @rachel_z_romano @callmeacart @arianaberlin @bribriseno @mrdannyfern @xomirabello @nickish121 @lilachm66 @cassiescerbo @sarabaldoni

ITS OFFICIALLY MY WEDDING MONTH!!!! T-25 days till I get to marry the guy that makes me laugh every single day! I mean...how lucky am I?! ;) @mattleinartqb #RingAroundTheJosie #TheLeinarts2018

I gave up social media for lent and clearly LOVED IT bc I haven’t been back but this past weekend was just too special not to share. Loyola has a program called Young Lawyers where we bus in high school kids 1 day a week for 10 weeks and teach them how to put on a trial. This past Saturday, they put on their own trial and they killed it! 1 of my kids impeached a witness and totally owned it and another kid gave one of the best re-directs I’ve ever seen! It was beyond special to see them get on their feet and put everything we’ve taught them into action. It’s what it’s all about! And btw, with these kids...our future looks bright! #YoungLawyers #loyolalawschool

Happy Valentines Day from me and my ❤️ @mattleinartqb! Thanks @monicamkarl! Day made ✔️

#tbt to the most beautiful bridal shower of all time! Here are some of the details and honestly the pics don't do it justice. So lucky to have a sister like the one God blessed me with. She worked so so hard on this and I'll never forget this day. Love u jessy!! #MatronOfHonor #SisterLove #BestFriend PS...that flower wall is real! 😍😍😍 take me back!

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