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You’ve asked. Here it is. Yes I will sign it to you! See the link above in my bio

From a fan. Today’s the day! #birthdaygirl 🎉🎂🎈

Opening of the #adoption center for @wagsandwalks! They’ll have a fun ribbon cutting ceremony w- the @aspca & @lakings ! They’ll have a few fun vendors and a food truck...& of course #adoptions!

Look how high @stefondiggs jumped for that great catch #vikings @vikings

Live by his words. If you haven’t seen his great speech please do. If you have, please do again. We all need to remember his words 🙏🏼 #martinlutherking #mlk His speech is in my bio today. Click on it!

Los Angeles, California

With #PaulSorvino who is brilliant in the last movie #MartinLandau ever made. So touching. So well acted. See it. #abeandphilslastpokergame At the same time, so sad for everyone to watch Marty in the movie. Had everyone in tears. He’s very missed by everyone that knew him even for a minute.

The Amanda Foundation

At the Amanda Foundation for her watery eye #Cat $120 out the door

The Amanda Foundation

Gia is at the #vet and they all commented on what a charming and affectionate girl she is! Who’d know better than her BF’s @garykaweschlovers and @kevin_bisch ❤️

Equinox West Hollywood

Trainer @melowmobility showing my #deadlift #form at the #gym #workout

Equinox West Hollywood

Trainer @melowmobility said I should show my good deadlift form #Gym #workout

Beverly Hills, California

New haircut. #Bangs!

#TommyWiseau tells #JimmyKimmel @jimmykimmel he loves the movie #JamesFranco is in called #Sonny that I’m also in. Amazing cast, right? I loved making this. Directed by #nicolascage who was so #cool and #humble. #fun See on You Tube https://youtu.be/aT1gOazMMm8

What a Speech. THIS is what girls & Women should be led by. THIS is what life is about. This is what #empoweringwomen means. NOT taking your clothes of in videos and shaking your backside. THIS. 🙏🏼 Amen!

Sweet fan Scott Bakr sent me these #Birthday #flowers! Thank you! 🌸❤️

#review #zillow @zillow #client ❤️🏡

New desk organizing my entire place and @snowandgia is being feisty. Having Tons of fun with all of the action!😆

@venusetfleur L❤️VE

SOME FAVE MOMENTS OF 2017! It’s 4mins long so cut out so many good ones! I posted on my FB page if you wanna see the whole thing! Also it’s on Snapchat! (JosieDavis) #HappyNewYear #2018

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