Джош Хендерсон


Американский актёр и певец. Выступал с группой Scene 23, ставшей победителем во втором сезон конкурса канала The WB Popstars.
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Love that these boys came out to get rowdy!! #overallbarcrawl #letsdoitagainnextyear #70peepsona50personbus

Born and bred in Dallas. I literally could not be happier. #letsgocowboys #8-1

Residuals Tavern

What an epic night.. just wanna say a quick thank you to all my amazing friends who came out to the "Overall bar crawl" lastnight and made my birthday so freakin awesome!!! So much freakin fun. #letsdoitagainnextyear #whereswaldo #wefit70peopleona50personbus

Malibu, California

Today I'm reflecting on a lot. But I choose to be positive. God never ceases to amaze me. I hadn't seen the Pacific Ocean or the west coast for that matter till I moved here at 18. And I sat at this abandoned life guard tower and looked out at the ocean and realized how beautiful life can be. Yesterday this was my office. We wrapped season one of my new show right there on the beach. And I kept thinking " how in the world did I get here.." Life goes up and down. We all have hard days, rough times with family, struggles with relationships and work etc but the hard times hopefully make you appreciate the good times that much more. Today I pray for everyone out there, that you have something positive in your life that you can feel blessed for. I pray for our country in this time of craziness separation and fear. Take a second, breathe, and smile having faith that everything is going to not only be ok, but be amazing. Life is a blessing. Enjoy it and spread the love ☺️💙

Headed into NYC for the next couple days. Y'all come out tomorrow and hang at the #NCCupfrontfest at @CedarLakeNYC . Gonna be a dang good time !! Pic from Snapchat = joshhendu

The Blackbird Public House

Good times last night at the wrap party 🎉 can't believe we're already almost done shooting season one! #TheArrangement

Edgewater Casino, Vancouver

Having a blast at the journey cover band show. #Imafan #toomuchfun

Coachella Main Stage

#fbf rolling into to #StageCoach On fiyaaaa. See ya tomorrow @_thehotlinebling_ !! #ilikewhenfriendscomevisit

@thereallexashmexa and I jammin on set. #Teamwork #TheArrangement #goooodtiiiimes

In case you missed it during the Emmy's here's the latest trailer for my new show #TheArrangement .. ☺️ Enjoy 🔥 @eentertainment

Joshua Tree, California

If your gonna take a bullet... Best off takin it in the arm...

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Today is a special day. My beautiful and amazing momma's birthday!! This picture was at my 8 or 9th bday I believe. No matter how much we had or didn't have, my mother always made sure I was happy and well loved. I'm the man I am today cuz my Mom's love and guidance. She sacrificed so many things to make sure I knew how to treat others and always rely on my faith to get through whatever this world might throw at me. I love you more than you will ever know Momma. Happy birthday 😚🙏🏽💛 #webeblondes

Venezia, Italia

Ended the shoot with a stunning ride on a beautiful boat through Venice. What an unbelievable experience. #TheArrangement #weonaboat

Grand Canal Of Venice, Italy

Day 2 shooting in one of the most captivating cities in the world.. So grateful 🙏🏽 #Venice #TheArrangement #theseguysknowhowtodriveaboat

Grand Canal Of Venice, Italy

Just another day the office. When we roll in Venice, we roll in disguise.. #TheArrangement #Thatbeardbegluedontight @eentertainment

This is what happens when you tell your writers you were a jam skater back in the day. They write it into the show and get more than they bargained for 😛 #TheArrangement #butforrealthoughiwasajamskater 🙌🏾😂

#fbf to playing a serial killer.. That's a scary mindset to dive into😬 #Swelter #thatstachethough

North Shore Studios

Makin movies... #TheArrangement

Gettin camera ready !! #TheArrangement

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