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Американский актёр и певец. Выступал с группой Scene 23, ставшей победителем во втором сезон конкурса канала The WB Popstars.
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So much fun lastnight doin Watch What Happens Live !! Thanks for having me again @bravoandy 🙌🏾🙏🏽 #wwhl #randywaynephotobomb

This pic is prob Circa 2007..☺ But. Wow.. VERY happy, proud, and inspired by this one tonight. You deserve it Emma.. True talent.. And one of a kind. Enjoy this moment. It's yours👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #EmmaStone

Liaison Restaurant + Lounge

Love hanging out with this one .... my dude. 🙌🏾🙏🏽

Cant wait till March 5th? Watch the first episode of The Arrangement now! But deal is ya gotta watch again March 5th😜 clink the link in my bio to watch! Enjoy 🙏🏽 @the_arrangement

Sheats/Goldstein House By Lautner

Such an amazing time lastnight at @the_arrangement season one launch event lastnight with my beautiful cast!! Don't miss the premiere March 5th on @eentertainment !! #thatcowboysphonecasethough #wheresmichaelvartan @dallascowboys

Sometimes ya need to dance with the one you love like there's no one else around... 3 weeks and counting. @eentertainment #TheArrangement #march5th

Happy birthday to this beautiful girl!! Love you marisssss 🎂🍻🍟

Less then a month and counting. #TheArrangement #March5th on @eentertainment 10/9 central

Waste Management Phoenix Open Skybox 16

Welp we came. We saw. @wastemanagement open conquered. What a weekend!! Till next time Scottsdale ... you will be missed. #weshouldaturnedaroundtoseethecourse 🙄

Waste Management Phoenix Open

Calm car ride before the storm. Also this was about 5 minutes before @r_pulse realized he didn't have his pass and had to go all the way back home 🤣 photo cred= @rckrull

Waste Management Phoenix Open Skybox 16

Round 2! Feelin so blessed today🏌🏽⛳️ thank you CAA ! #wastemanagementopen

This was an unexpected but appreciated moment for me on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Maybe not the best picture and that's fine with me because its not about that. It's about the message. Instead of talking about my career or my new project I got asked.. "What to you is your most important quality in one word?" Then they handed me this marker board and marker. I wrote "Compassionate" answering the question. That being said, we could all express more COMPASSION towards each other. People in general. Our fellow human beings. No matter what you do for work, what you believe in, where you come from, or what language you speak. Respect. Love. Compassion. That's what we really need. I encourage everyone, whether your celebrating today or concerned, excited or worried, or even indifferent, to have compassion respect and love for everyone around you. That's how we overcome hate and separation. That's the road to unity and acceptance. And ultimately the PEACE we should all desire. I pray for not only America but the world today. Spread the love. And smile, if not for yourself than for your neighbor. God bless 😌🙏🏽

Gettin close... #TheArrangement March 5th

Golden Globes Red Carpet

That giddy grin says it all. Globes....

The Beverly Hilton

Hangin out at the Golden Globes with this beauty! Today is one of those days that I stop and and thank the good lord above for everything he does for me. Such a blessing to be here and and get to do what I love for a living. And look out for our new trailer airing tonight during the globes! #TheArrangement #goldenglobes

My first head shot... #cowlickgamestrong #cravethewave #tbt

Lake Hamilton, Arkansas

Comin into 2017 like ... photo cred is either @ashotofhennessy @dabrewe or @meredith_brewer .. I think🤔 or maybe @bykingsarah 🤗

2016... Thank you for the ups and downs. Thank you for the new relationships. Thank you for the learning experiences. Thank you for the blessings. Thank you for the memories. And thank you for another year of life we're all so blessed to have... Hey 2017.... Bring it 😏

Coming soon to E! Y'all get ready.... #TheArrangement

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