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Американский актёр и певец. Выступал с группой Scene 23, ставшей победителем во втором сезон конкурса канала The WB Popstars.
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The Official London Eye

#tbt to hangin in London .. what a beautiful city !!

These 2... What are we gonna do with them ?! #thearrangement #kygan #tilldeathdouspart #pleasedontkillkylemegan

Frank Erwin Center

#tbt to hangin with this legend at the @iheartcountry fest in Austin Texas couple weeks ago. Gearing Up for this music launch !! What a night !! #feelsomethin

It’s been Such a pleasure bringing this character to life. So much going on in Kyles Head. It’s not always easy or even fun but it has been extremely fulfilling. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching just as much as I’ve enjoyed living with Kyle for a few years now. And I have to thank @jsneaky8 for the incredible writing and of course @christineevangelista for always being such a rockstar to work with. And @lexadoig and Michael Vartan for just being SO dang good week after week. @kyletoyofficial @rprentissiii @carrapatterson @ashley_hinshaw etc all putting in such great work. Love my cast!! This finale tonight is straight up just REALLY damn good television. And I am so proud of it. Enjoy.... #Thearrangement

Malibu Beach

Momma !! I’m on this planet because of you. I was blessed that God have me your heart because your the sweetest woman I know. And your always there to hold me up/ give me a lift when I need it !! I Love you to the moon and back momma. Happy Mother’s Day ☺️🤗🙏🏽

This season has been one heck of a ride! And the ending to this ride is absolutely 🍌’s. This it guys. The finale of season 2 tomorrow night. Best episode of @the_arrangement ever. DO NOT MISS !! #TheArrangement

Walkin’ into finale week like ... I hope your enjoying watching @the_arrangement as much as we enjoy creating it. These 2 have been through the ringer this season. Kyle and Megan Truly love each other. Can they get through this ?! Whatcha think ?? Oh and don’t even think bout missing the finale this Sunday!! ☺️👍🏽 #TheArrangement

2 episodes left of season 2. Trust me... you don’t wanna miss this! @the_arrangement #thearrangement

iHeartRadio Country Festival 2014

Getting ready to rock tonight !!! @iheartradio country festival 🙌🏾

Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival

#fbf to a week ago watching my boy @iamchrislane kill it at @stagecoach 🙌🏾 And congrats on hittin that #gold Brother !!

Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival

When your at @stagecoach and you see a familiar face on the screen..🧐😆 #fgl #stay photo cred: @anthonydalyiii

Had a blast at the @BootsOnStage Shindig, In The Desert on Saturday with @chevrolet. Can't wait for next year! #BootsOnStage #FindNewRoads

Stagecoach California's Country Music Festival

@stagecoach you never disappoint!!! What a weekend 🍻🤠 #stagecoach

Uh oh... bout to get real. @the_arrangement tonight !! #buckleup #TheArrangement

In honor of @stagecoach coming this week I’m posting the hang sesh I had at @gocountry105 with my main dude @grahambunn11 this past Thursday talkin @the_arrangement and my music coming !! I’m making some moves to bring this music to ya soon ! Stay blessed y’all 🙏🏽 #canadiantuxedo

It’s getting real on @the_arrangement . Don’t miss it tomorrow night on @eentertainment 9/8 central

About lastnight .... #TheArrangement

Very excited to bring y’all this Sunday’s episode of @the_arrangement . As an actor it’s such a blessing getting the opportunity to dive into work as deep as I had to for Kyles story this Sunday. Thank you to @jsneaky8 for giving us such great writing. This is why I do what I do. To take the audience on a journey and make you feel. Enjoy 🤗 #thearrangement

Don’t miss tonight @the_arrangement on @eentertainment 9/8c. The rest of this season is insane ! #thearrangement

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