Джош Гробан


Американский певец, музыкант, актер театра и кино, один из самых востребованных артистов США, филантроп и активист образования в области искусства.
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86th Street (Second Avenue Subway)

Showing Chuck Close some love.

This demon stroller scared me half to death tonight

Oh boy oh boy is my presidents placemat getting used today!

SO HAPPY to welcome my friend @alanmenken to the show tonight, I'm so honored to sing his song "Evermore" in the new Beauty And The Beast movie and great to meet the super cool and talented @tatianamaslany!! YES that is a tooth on my shirt it's called FASHION look it up!!!

My stage wife Amber Gray and I are verrrryyyy serious during our recording sesh. #thecometalbumiscoming

What an amazing day. So fun to hang with @davemalloy and over 500 (!!!) great comet singing and shaking volunteers for our cast album!! Their pitch was perfect their rhythm was superb and they are now part of Broadway history. Thanks everyone who took part! #thecometalbumiscoming

Laying down some wicked accordion for the @greatcometbway cast album. #whataboutpierre (📷 @lysi_ )

There was a joyful fiery luminous comet in the house tonight and her name is @angeliquekidjo...loved seeing you my friend.

Got a new friend

Nanuk Of The North found a stick

Thanks to these two master thespians @dannybur and @uzoaduba for visiting us at @greatcometbway. As is "tradition", Danny painstakingly glued every one of his Tevye beard hairs to my face. I sat there for 11 hours and I took it. I took it because I worship him.

With @thelucassteele, @deneebenton and the legend that is @benvereen. To stand with this man in the Imperial Theater, the original home of Pippin was a dream for all of us in the cast that night. (📷 @bruglikas)

These two. Sweetest funniest best. Thanks for visiting @greatcometbway, @jessetyler and @benstiller (📷 @bruglikas for @people @gettyentertainment)

In 1999, at the Grammy awards I was a fill in for, @rosie was the host and said "hey opera boy. You're good. Come sing on my talk show next week." It was my first television appearance. All these years later to have her come to my Broadway debut is so full circle. Proud to call her my friend.

Do I look as giddy as I feel? Good lord do I look up to this man. Thank you Brian Stokes Mitchell for 1. Attending tonight and 2. Not telling me you were attending tonight. #hero #thatvoice

We're all just diehard fans, on stage and off. Thanks for having the cast of @greatcometbway at @bwaycon!

Big news!! I'm honored to have recorded a special version of "Evermore" for the new Beauty & the Beast movie AND I get to show you this never before seen poster!!! 👹🌹

Thanks @innewyorkmag for this great piece! Every day in the Broadway community is a great one. @greatcometbway

Well we were a totally honored, nerve bundled cast with these two in attendance tonight. THANK YOU Steve and Chazz for visiting @greatcometbway and thanks Instagram for allowing me to filter the crap out of this photo because back stage lighting is the WORST. #legends #filter #sepialegends #legendsandwich #illstopnow

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