Джош Гробан


Американский певец, музыкант, актер театра и кино, один из самых востребованных артистов США, филантроп и активист образования в области искусства.
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Pierre and Natasha getting fiddler with it for @bcefa! I feel way too comfortable in a sleeping cap.

What a crew!! What a beautiful night. Thank you @nationaldanceinstitute for honoring me tonight and to @charswebnyc and @tvmannoo for your lovely blush inducing introduction. Jacques D'amboise, you are a beautiful soul and a hero. I'm always in your corner to help with your vision in arts education. The kids tonight danced and sang and filled the room with heart and inspiration. That's what it's all about, finding that spark.

Honored to be on such an incredible list with so many people I admire so much!! Thank you @dramaleague and congrats to @deneebenton and everyone at @greatcometbway!!

Thanks so much @lauraosnes for coming to our Easter @greatcometbway! Wishing you and everyone at @bandstandbway an amazing run and can't want to see the show!

Having fun with recyclables as you do. "Yes josh that DOES look like a robot face, now put it down" @emmaath said after taking this picture. #trashlife #makepretend #art

My @greatcometbway fam and I sang and danced our sleepless faces off on @goodmorningamerica this morning! Children were there! The easter bunny! It was quite a morning. And they announced the news that our OBC album is available for pre-order finally!!! Link in bio!

Tonight's audience isn't gonna know what hit em' when my new not-approved-by-creative-team-yet character "Cool Pierre" hits em with some existential beat poetry. #LLCOOLP #futuretoobright #whereseverybodygoing #solonely #sadnessmakesmestrong #shades #cool

Thanks to whoever gave me this amazing hand made "Did I Squander My Divinity" pillow at stage door today! I love it so much I've taken it to the bar with me. People are staring. I don't care. I may need it if I drink enough. #cometfansrule @greatcometbway (edited to say I found out it was made by @alexislevien! Thanks!)

This tall hilarious-as-shit glass o' water watched @greatcometbway cast get all up in people's faces for a change and we did it with 30% extra gusto in his honor. Can't wait to see him in the next AHS. Thanks for coming @billyeichner!

8 ball giving good diva advice/explaining what depression feels like

AAAAAAHHHH MOLLY RINGWALD!!!!!! She's so nice and wore the coolest clothes. Thanks for coming to @greatcometbway!!!

Yes I drove home with 3 pairs of glasses on my shirt what of it 🤓

These two did some major Orlandoan bonding in my dressing room tonight!! We love you Norm Lewis and can't wait to see you in Sweeney Todd!!!

Lucky to perform a little Sondheim at @thegreenroom42 with my INSANELY BRILLIANT cast of @greatcometbway to honor the influences of our ALSO BRILLIANT (duh) composer @davemalloy. What a fun fun night. (📷 @paulsonmichael)

Bradley Whitford!! Loved his work for years and an all around great guy. Thanks for visiting @greatcometbway!

Happy April Fools from me and Andrew!

Ps 91 Bronx

Thanks PS 91 kids for pulling me up to sing Hallelujah with you!!!

Ps 91 Bronx

What an inspiring afternoon at PS91 in the Bronx. These kids are so inspired by music and the arts. It's all about the look on their faces, that spark. Thank you Kathy Damkohler, executive director of Education Through Music and Principle Meridith Struhl Nasjlett and mostly to the students for their glorious voices and focus and drive. Future leaders in the making. #artsed #findyourlight (edited last photos because there were some "looks on their faces" that were caught off guard 😂)

It's fine I'm fine.

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