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Американский певец, музыкант, актер театра и кино, один из самых востребованных артистов США, филантроп и активист образования в области искусства.
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I went to the wonderful LA premier of @hamiltonmusical tonight. I will never not get absolutely hyped and choked up seeing this work of art. This touring cast is beyond beyond. And I got to sit behind a real jokester. A real joke meister. Thanks @rejectedjokes for finding me in the playbill AND behind you. Magic. #satisfied #theaterforever #whaaaaaaaaa

Shatner. Bergeron. Groban. 21 tiny beers. What could possibly go wrong? Great catch up with these wonderful gents.

I had the best time shooting a cameo on Crazy Ex Girlfriend with the INSANELY NICE AND TALENTED @racheldoesstuff. This episode is a doozy. Can't wait for you to see!

This. Two things that Trump uses uncharacteristic caution when criticizing: the alt-right and Putin.

The perfect cap to a wonderful trip to Napa with my brother, @mr_groboto....an unforgettable meal at The French Laundry. Many thanks to my friend @carlomondavi for the introduction to this legendary establishment. It's truly the embodiment of when every detail is thought out perfectly without being stuffy. Just pure passion. We just loved it. Little did I know they even had my picture and quote in the kitchen tonight. I was well chuffed and signed a plate for them! Now to sleep for 1,000 years and start work on album 8 tomorrow. 🍷🙏🏻

Sonoma is my happy place I've decided

Mmmm. Something tasty in the works with @halleckvineyard. Learned a ton today. This 2016 vintage (when the grapes were picked) will be available in a couple years and I was lucky enough to have a hand in choosing the blend. It's SUPER PRIMO DELICIOUS and I can't wait for you to taste. All proceeds will again go to Find Your Light Foundation. Grateful to Ross Halleck and his family and wine makers for including me in this amazing process.

Must. Sweat. Out. Midnight. Oil. 🍷#worthit #sweetberrywine #napa


How can a cast that just sang their faces off about murder be so adorable?? Great to see my friends @thenormlewis, @caroleecarmello, @mattfdoyle and the wonderful cast of @sweeneytoddnyc. Now I'm ravenous for HUMAN MEAT. Jk. OR AM I. I am.

What this guy has meant to me, no matter what I say, he'll never fully know. Great night out with the greatest. (📷 @jasoneagan)

Walking through the imperial stage door will always feel like going home. Great to see the gang and to support these talented kiddos as they step into the @greatcometbway family. Bravo @oaksmash and @ingridmichaelson!!!

🌲no filter🌲

Hey all! We collected so many photos and memories from the last few years. Recording the Stages album, promoting it, doing a tour that took me around the world and back, and then signing on and completing my debut in Great Comet...it's all been one serendipitous dream...we decided to make a coffee table book! It's awesome. Pre-order info coming soon!

New path let's go


How can I possibly express all the feelings from the afternoon of July 2, my last show in @greatcometbway? Just endless love and gratitude for this cast and crew, to the fans of Comet, past present and future, to @rchavkin and @davemalloy my theater parents..."restraining tears of tenderness, tears of joy which choke me". That was the night in a nutshell. After the show, which took everything in my power to get through with my head swimming in thoughts, my dear friend @thelucassteele gave such a moving speech. This whole cast has inspired me and I'm honored to call them my friends. @deneebenton, my Natasha for life. Just the best. After the show I took everyone on a cruise around the Hudson. Just hugs and happiness. I'll never forget it. Thank you all for giving me this experience. I hope to return to Broadway soon.

Cuz I've got one hand in my pocket/and the other one is posing with my hero


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