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Американский певец, музыкант, актер театра и кино, один из самых востребованных артистов США, филантроп и активист образования в области искусства.
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I’m not mad at it

So I’ve had a photo shoot all day today that you will see soon but Sweeney was in rare form partying like a 3 year old (he’s 13). He basically demanded that @brianbowensmith capture this riveting story he regaled us with.

“Dad...” (📸 @brianbowensmith )

I’m also a client

Squid head squid head rolley poley squid head



Join me tomorrow night (Tuesday Dec 19) as I host and perform on @cbstv Home For The Holidays special! We all did our best not to bawl our eyes out while taping. The stories, and families who made those stories, are inspiring to say the least. A great show for an epic cause: the magic of adoption. 8 pm/7pm central

Full of “first day of camp” excitement and gratitude. Amazing table read today with @tonydanza, @isiahwhitlockw, @monicabarbaro and the cast and production team of #thegoodcop. Honored to be part of this project!! Now the work begins!

Happy thanksgiving!! Grateful for my supportive loving family, my friends who send me funny memes on the reg, my fans who let me make noise, and to all the selfless humans in this country, our service men and women, our doctors and nurses, our teachers, our mentors...everyone doing what they can to make the world a better place when nobody is watching. Also, thankful I still have a face under all that hair. RIP Pierre. Nice to meet you, Tony Caruso Jr. Eat yummy things today please 🍁💙

BIG THANKS to @lauramendepix and @bernieherms on helping make this Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) video. And big thanks to the awesome kids who sang their hearts out on this great and timely song.

Left: with living legend and American treasure Tony Bennett, right: trying to look cool, failing spectacularly

I nearly spit out my apple juice reading this @natgeo headline. But I didn’t. Because I’m mature and nature is serious.

Love when #celebs post pics with what they’re reading

Never been prouder of a quote thanks @huffpost


So @emmaath just sent this to me and I'm not crying you're crying. #revivegreatcomet #steeletheshow #dontmissthefatsuit

Apparently while I've been away my dog has been very amorous. #sidewalklove (📷 @lysi_ )

Always worth the long journey to Périgord, France to see my old friend and long time collaborator Eric Mouquet. He and his wonderful family, Yuki, Ange, and Ambre always show such warm hospitality and it is soul recharging to play with his new toys each visit (pictured behind us). Hope to create some new magic. 🤘🏻🤘🏻🌳🌲

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