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Американский певец, музыкант, актер театра и кино, один из самых востребованных артистов США, филантроп и активист образования в области искусства.
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I'm so glad I didn't know this guy was in the audience until AFTER!! The great @michaelcerveris was at @greatcometbway tonight and I was so happy to see him. One of my heroes!

Aaaaaaahhhh!! Stages Live was nominated for a Grammy for best traditional pop album! I'm honored and so thankful to the @recordingacademy and all who were involved in making this album. Not to mentioned humbled to be in a category with the likes of @barbrastreisand and @willienelsonofficial. Unreal. Good morning!

Singin' in the rain 🎄(editing this post to announce I'm BRINGING THE TURTLENECKS BACK FROM 2001. It's time.)

This dude. Big thanks to @bernieherms for playing so beautifully on the today show and tree lighting and then for coming to see us at Comet. Can't wait to get back in the studio with him proper and make new noise.

There's a special weird buzz to performing on morning tv. 2 hours of sleep, in a suit strangely, psyching your voice into thinking it's actually capable of making noise. Was a pleasure to sing one of my holiday favorites Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas on the @todayshow this morning. Time for a long winters nap. Also big shout out and thanks to my genius friend and collaborator @bernieherms for his gorgeous piano playing and arrangement. #isitevendecember #whocares (📷 @lysi_ )

They like us they really like us 😭☄️

Endless admiration for this genius Billy Joel. His influence is in all of us no matter our genre, he is that intrinsically woven into our American musical fabric. His shows at MSG are legendary!! Best part of the night was watching @davemalloy sing along to The Downeaster 'Alexa'.

Hey happy thanksgiving all...

Wait I know that guy.... (📷 @emmaath)


Sometimes right before going on, Pierre needs some "me time" by the garbage. #broadway #glamour

Party time at The Plaza last night with my family!!

About this morning. Humbled and grateful for the overwhelming response to our brave and beautiful show. It makes me want to work 10 times as hard to live up to it. Through the course of my career, reviews have tipped both ways. And always taken with a grain of salt if you believe in your work. But I'll allow myself to enjoy this incredible write up from a paper I respect so greatly. We all worked so hard, this cast is so brilliant. We can't wait to bring you into the world of @greatcometbway each night. See you there ☄️

About last night. To know and work with @deneebenton is a gift. I'm privileged to share Broadway debuts with her and so many in this cast and team. #natashaandpierre4life

Do iiiiiiiiiiit

Awesome of Jason Alexander to come by @greatcometbway tonight! Guy is triple threat! Quadruple if you count the hilarity.

I love when Sweeney visits me between shows we come up with all kinds of stories and games. One thing is for certain, he has NO patience for some punk ass dwagon from a magic dwagon world. #wheaten #noticethetail #twoshowday (📹 @lysi_)

@davemalloy was an excellent date to @hillaryclinton's inspiring and fun birthday party in NYC last week. #imwithher #literallyrightnexttoher #twopierresandaclinton #vote #vote #vote

Every day before a show it's union rules to rehearse your onstage fight. It's called fight call. Unless it's the day before Halloween, and @thelucassteele brings unicorn and dragon onesies, then it becomes "fright call". WHY WE SO SILLY.

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