Джош Дюамель


Американский актёр и в прошлом фотомодель. Известен по ролям в сериалах «Все мои дети» и «Лас-Вегас», а также главным ролям в фильмах «Однажды в Риме», «Жизнь, как она есть» и «Тихая гавань».
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Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Serengeti, Tanzania

Young baboons in the same troop like to play together. Games include wrestling, swinging from vines, and apparently dry humping. #keepingupwiththebaboons

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

The bond between mother and infant baboon is very special. Only when an infant reaches around 4 months will they be allowed to play and interact with other young baboons.... here is one that’s clearly not there yet. #keepingupwiththebaboons

Singita Grumeti Reserve Tanzania

Just another leopard dragging a warthog up a tree. #grumetireserve #africanccf

Singita Grumeti Reserve Tanzania

Majestic. @africanccf @toothandmelody #grumetireserve 🇹🇿

Baboons are primarily vegetarian however they will eat insects, fish, birds, and small mammals.... and also each other’s ass. #keepingupwiththebaboons

Little shits tryin to steal my snickers. Not today, monkey. Not today.

The best part of this video is my friend Kendahl giggling. Me: are you crying? Her: no (She was crying) @africanccf #GrumetiFund #GrumetiFundStrong #AntiPoaching #Serengeti #Tanzania 🇹🇿 #Africa #Awesome

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about my upcoming trip to Tanzania with @africanccf While I’ve always been focused on raising awareness about anti-poaching, this trip is going to be about so much more...Community outreach, girls’ empowerment and conservation management. I’ll be sharing photos and videos along the way #AfricanCCF #ACCF

Love this little dude

Remembering my time on Unsolved working with one of my favorite, most talented people in the business. @shinybootz miss you man. #tbt

Nothing can stop me I’m all the way up....in the middle of nowhere. Actually, I might be lost.

These are the sweetest, happiest dogs I’ve ever met. Thank you Norman Casavant. Info@casaventures.com Thank you @lole for a moment I will never forget.

Good effort @jalgra7 💩 #plumberscrack

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

I’m clearly losing my mind. But, I’m telling you, it feels great after the initial hell. (Then jump in a hot tub and it’s all good) @scandinavetremblant #lolë 🇨🇦

SNOW DAY 2019!!! #CrestwoodPreSchool

Bravo to the @mammothfilmfestival for an incredible weekend. We made out like bandits!!!

Where have you been all my life, Muscle Suit....?

Amazing sunrise this morning. Happy Friday everyone!!

Had surgery on my elbow yesterday so....Looks like I won’t be playing @attproam this year.

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