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East Hampton, New York

🍅+🍆+🦋 = #SundayInTheGardenWithJordan

World turning...

Head Over Heels - The New Musical

One of these is my new favorite picture of me and Richie. Votes welcome...

Flash...No Flash...Flash...No Flash. This extraordinary @siesmarjan piece literally transforms when photographed. I’m calling it Post Modern Performance Fashion or This Was Literally Made To Be Grammed.

LOVE IS... Last night celebrating love in all its many glorious expressions with my love @rjacksonnyc at Head Over Heels opening night! #WhatsJordanWearing @siesmarjan 📸 @aliwonderly

Head Over Heels - The New Musical

They seriously got the beat!!! The heavenly company of Head Over Heels on opening night!! @hohmusical

This ended with me in tears. So very moved and proud today to be part of an upcoming documentary chronicling the unimaginable effect of AIDS on the theatre and the theatre community, the people we lost, and the work that will never be.

Thank you @playbill friends for celebrating everything we love about the Walter Kerr and to @marcjfranklin for all this magnificent theatre porn! Swipe to see and go to Playbill.com to read the full story.

@LauraBenanti explains how #YouToo are part of the #MeToo problem. In song. And as a man. Just watch the latest episode of @BirdsandBS. Watch the full episode - link in bio.

2 years ago today our Levi was born. Leading up to his birth, people kept telling me I would be floating, I’d feel like I’m in the clouds, my life would be turned upside down - all this imagery of being untethered, unmoored, off the ground. For me, the opposite happened. The moment Levi was born and placed on my bare chest, I was there, on the ground, hyper aware, with him. And with one hand firmly in my husband’s and the other around our Jackson, it is my great joy and my great blessing to be with him ever since.

East Hampton, New York

Love shack. #SundayInTheGardenWithJordan

NYC giving you angles.

Because when you’re wearing a shirt covered in hearts... ❤️ #WhatsJordanWearing shirt @jw_anderson, jeans & boots @ysl

The new issue of WARMLY, JORDAN is here! Come with me inside my Paris Couture adventures and talk with me and @ZacPosen about all things fashion, theatre and Bernadette! Wait til you see the video of Zac as a baby superstar... and find out the Broadway character I asked my mother to base her dress on for my bar mitzvah. For reals.

St. James Theatre

Rainy days and Tuesdays... #WhatsJordanWearing sweater @stellamccartney, jeans & boots @ysl

Angels in America on Broadway

Stage door shenanigans after our final Angels yesterday. An extraordinary collection of humans came to see this play, embraced this play, gave their hearts to this play over the course of our run. I am profoundly grateful to every one of them. We arrive as strangers, we leave as family. #WeAreAllAngels Thanks to @emiliomk for capturing these moments. PS... Sue Brown’s crown says Mother Pitt is coming. It and she are everything. PPS... Hard to see but my necklace is angel wings. You know I enjoy a theme. #WhatsJordanWearing jacket vintage @leejeans, shirt @ysl, pants @dondupofficial, shoes @gucci

In direct line with another & the next.

Last night we said farewell to our Angel. Today is Tony Kushner’s birthday. Only he would think to end an epic seven and a half hour masterwork with “the great work begins.” As though the great work had not just unfolded before us and was ending. But as only he can, he points us always towards the future, to what is ahead, to what we can do now. We closed this epic adventure of Angels on Broadway yesterday, and today may we affirm “the great work begins.” More work, more fight, more ideas, more theatre, more love, more hope, and always always always... more life.

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