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Grand Palais

🌟 THIS is a finale. Chanel Couture.🌟

Paris, France

Chanel Couture heaven on the Riviera. It’s snowing outside in Paris, but inside the magnificent mind of Karl Lagerfeld, it’s a warm, glittering confection of a dream.

Miami Beach, Florida

💥This is 97. This is my grandma Sylvia.⚡️Wait for the tambourine. 🌟

Cort Theatre

Giving new meaning to leaving it all on the stage after the BRILLIANT Mike Birbiglia’s The New One. Hilariously heart-opening, heart-wrenching, human. And that’s just the h’s! This is your last weekend to see it on Broadway... GO!

Frozen on Broadway

Lysistrata + Anna + Anna + Glinda = PATTI! ❤️🧡💛

Al Hirschfeld Theater

10 years later, the seats still got it. #10yearchallenge #whoseideawasthis

Mean Girls on Broadway

Last night thanks to Make-A-Wish, 9 year-old Palmer took this bow at her Broadway debut in Mean Girls! Repost @therealmicahfrank who made it possible. Extraordinary account below from @ashleyparklady: Last night ❤️ This is 9-year-old Palmer and she’s a survivor soulsister. We both beat Acute Myleoid Leukemia and were Make-A-Wish kids! 🎗 The wish that @makeawishamerica granted me 10 years ago after my battle was to watch a Broadway show for the first time with my family. Palmer’s wish after she went into remission was to watch and be in the Broadway show, MEAN GIRLS. I’m infinitely grateful to the #MakeAWish and #MeanGirlsBway teams for making both our dreams come true last night. Because what I didn’t know ten years ago, was that my wish was actually for this present moment... To have worked and lived so fully that my daily somehow became a part of Palmer’s extraordinary, so that I could get to embrace her as she pursues life similarly inspired to perhaps relate to someone else as they live their wishes one day. Because isn’t that really the dream? To be able to share in joy and community and laughter and spirit? And to believe in the capacity of people in this world to take care of each other. Especially through human connection and the arts. As I did Palmer’s hair and makeup for the show, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by how much of ourselves we saw reflected in each other: a zest for life, a silly humor, an unhinged excitement to be with other people, LaCroix (duh), long hair where there once wasnt any. During this time alone together, I found myself thinking of her parents in the theatre lobby and was thankful that they were having this night too, of seeing their child in pure happiness and health, something that I always want for my own parents. Because the hardest thing for a sick kid, is knowing the burden and pain it causes our caretakers. To look into her mom’s eyes after the show and see her gratitude and hope for her daughter was the greatest gift. It reminded me that today and every day, is another opportunity for us all to actively BE and EXIST and CONNECT and LIVE... and that’s always amazing and enough in itself.

Frozen on Broadway

55 years ago tonight, Carol Channing opened in Hello, Dolly at the St. James. Tonight, we dim the lights of our marquees in her memory. Up in lights at the St. James will always be where she belongs.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Apparently, today is something called #MuseumSelfieDay. This is technically not a selfie, as I am neither double jointed nor do I have a third hand, but if it were a real selfie, we would be turning away from the art. And isn’t that not the point of art?  Some of my favorite pictures of Levi and me are of the backs of our heads looking out together. Looking at gardens, looking at theatres, looking at oceans, looking at art. So I propose #LookAtTheBackOfMyHeadWhileILookAtTheWorldDay. Cause also... hair.

Frozen on Broadway

💙 The cast of Frozen celebrating the legendary Carol Channing from the stage of the St. James, where she will always belong. ❤️

Our tight-knit Falsettos tour family is complete! Thatcher Jacobs and @jimkaplanacts will share the role of Jason, joining @TheNickAdams, @blaemire, @EdenEspinosa, @MaxizPad, @akatcard, @BryonhaMarie! 📸 Joan Marcus

I was talking about this moment literally yesterday, then woke up to the very sad news that we have lost the legend. But really, she will always be with us through moments like this. That is what it is to be singular. Carol Channing + LL Cool J @ The Tony Awards

We’ll only ever say HELLO, not Goodbye. The legendary Carol Channing, January 31, 1921 - January 15, 2019. Tomorrow is the 55th anniversary of the original HELLO, DOLLY opening night at the St. James. She will always be Wow Wow Wow, fellas. Forever.

Frozen on Broadway

👂🏼SOUND ON 😊 It’s a GIANT sign!!!💡

👋💛👋 Hi from the 1st day of Falsettos Tour rehearsal! Who’s coming to see our tight-knit family in your home town?! 👋💛👋

Beautiful - The Carole King Musical

💙CAROLE KING making the Earth🌎 move last night with the cast of Beautiful celebrating their 5️⃣th Anniversary on Broadway! #Repost from the great @gayleking who talked with Carole on @cbssundaymorning 💙

Kinky Boots The Musical

🇬🇧❤️👠Raising us all up! My mother giving the final curtain speech at last night’s final performance of Kinky Boots London. If you can change the world when you change your mind, you can change a lot of minds when you take Kinky Boots around the world! You have until April 7 to see it on Broadway. 👠❤️ Excerpts for her speech: Yes , tonight is bittersweet but during the last 3 1/2 years, “Kinky Boots” has played over 1,400 performances on the West End, has been seen by over 1 1/2 million people and will continue to spread the love as we tour the UK and Ireland. Yes “Kinky Boots” was honored with every major Best Musical award including the Olivier... But most importantly... Our message of love and acceptance has touched so many...has changed so many minds...has empowered so many to live their true authentic lives... And that’s what we are celebrating tonight!


You can’t cosplay with us. #MeanGirls


THE GREAT COSPLAY BEGINS! This #AngelsInAmerica look by @houghfulpuff may be the best of the Millennium 😇 #BroadwayCon

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