Джонни Ли Миллер


Британский актёр, известный своими ролями в фильме «На игле» и «Хакеры», а также по роли Шерлока Холмса в сериале «Элементарно». Обладатель премии имени Лоуренса Оливье.
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7 seasons. 154 episodes. So proud to have been a part of this family. Thank you. #elementary

Binders. Homicide AF. #nypd

Sometimes you have to buy #starwars Christmas sweaters for all the camera A/C's. Fine fellows one and all. #elementary #elementaryFam #elementarycbs #weareallproudnerds

Coming to the end, and we are now starting to gel as a crew. #Repost @mchristinemoore ・・・ Merry Christmas 🎄 #elementary #elementarycbs #elementaryseason7 #episode 713 #seriesfinale #prizes

Whelp it is #fbf. Here's me and my best friend of over 30 years Jude Law rehearsing a play with the #nationalyouthmusictheatre in 1987. I was the grenade. #harrypotter #andhisbetterlookingmate

New whip who dis?

"Mixes tense drama with fascinating insights into the lives of security service operators....a blistering read." -JLM. This book by ex-surveillance operator and absolute legend @tommarcus06 is so legit they put a quote from yours truly on the back. Check the brother out!

Oh for goodness sake.

Bought the crew massages today.

When your colleagues are more than just your colleagues. Thank you #elementary family.


Genuine tintype taken by the wondrous artist @hjameshoff

Check out these lads if you love your ears. #Repost @rafflaw ・・・ The days upon. Big love to wonderland mag for the piece on us. Comment STATE YOUR NAME below if you’re fucking wiv the sounds 🚀🛰🛸


Guy Fieri killing it on B camera today. #flavourtown


Great sparring with the squad tonight. #MuayThai

Lucy giving #bobthedummy a Heimlich. He wasn't even choking. #elementary

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