Джон Барроумен


Шотландско-американский актёр, певец, танцор и писатель, имеющий британское и американское гражданства. Родился в Глазго, Шотландия, вырос в Иллинойсе, так как его семья переехала туда, когда Джону было всего девять лет.
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Palm Springs, California

#FanFamily here’s a special message from John’s husband Scott, nephew Turner, his girlfriend Hannah and the dogs! It really seems like @scottmale @turnerbarrowman and @thefutureexmrspicard are missing John! Don’t have too much fun without him guys 🌴☀️ Only one more day until we get to see #johninthejungle. Tune in to @imacelebrity on @ITV tomorrow at 9:00pm

Gold Coast, Queensland

#FanFamily John is in the Jungle 🌿covered in grubs 🦗and possibly even dunny juice 💩 already! He has a message for #TeamBarrowman make sure to watch @imacelebrity tomorrow night 9pm on @itv #firsttimeinabush #imaceleb #johninthejungle - Team JB

Jungle training 101! John testing the ropes ( quite literally!) on the Gold Coast days before entering camp. Check out his perfect landing in the second video 😂 Help us #keepjohninthejungle by watching @imacelebrity with #teambarrowman this SUNDAY at 9pm on @ITV #imacelebrity - Team JB

Only two more days until we get to see #johninthejungle! Who are you most excited for John to meet?!🌿 Support #teambarrowman and watch @imacelebrity this SUNDAY at 9pm on @ITV #johnbarrowman #imacelebrity - Team JB

Palm Springs, California

Only three more days until we get to see #johninthejungle! 🌿Check out this behind the scenes pic from when John shot his promo video at his home in Palm Springs! 🎥 Join #teambarrowman and watch @imacelebrity with us this SUNDAY at 9pm on @ITV #johnbarrowman #imacelebrity - Team JB

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A lot of you have been asking us if John went back to the US before heading into the Jungle. Here’s your answer! Tune in with us this SUNDAY at 9pm to #keepjohninthejungle on @ITV #johninthejungle #imacelebrity #teambarrowman @scottmale @carolebarrowman @kworkworkwork - Team JB

John’s parents, Marion and John Sr., are excited to see John taken on the Jungle! They will be flying out to Australia with @scottmale in a few weeks to watch John eat 🐜 🐛 🕷 while they sit by the pool and ☀️ 🌊 🍹First episode airs this Sunday 9pm on ITV #johninthejungle #teambarrowman @imacelebrity @jomarbarrowman @itv - Team JB

“I’d love to be King AND Queen of the Jungle.” ⁣ ⁣ An MBE just isn’t enough for actor and entertainer @johnscotbarrowman @imacelebrity 😜 #ImACeleb #JohnInTheJungle - Team JB

Only 5 more days until @imacelebrity goes live! #TeamBarrowman will need your help to #keepjohninthejungle !!! Tune in with us this SUNDAY at 9pm on @ITV #johninthejungle #imacelebrity - Team JB

#FanFamily John has a message for you that he recorded prior to being put in isolation for @imacelebrity. While John is in the jungle his team will be keeping you up to date on his social media accounts (Twitter: @JohnBarrowman Facebook: @JohnBarrowmanMBE). #TeamBarrowman will need your help to #keepjohninthejungle !!! First episode will air this SUNDAY at 9pm on @ITV #johninthejungle #imacelebrity - Team JB

John is deeply saddened to hear that #StanLee has passed away. Stan Lee created characters who made being different something POWERFUL. Thank you, Stan. The world will not be the same without you. Excelsior!

Fan Family buckle up because John is heading to the Jungle! #johninthejungle #keepjohninthejungle #imacelebrity #teambarrowman #fanfamily @itv @imacelebrity - Team JB

Los Angeles, California

Some pics from our flight #Brisbane to #Smokey #losangeles Scott took a nice one of me sleeping:) JB @scottmale @kworkworkwork @carolebarrowman

Brisbane International Airport

My home for the next 16 hours JB

Brisbane International Airport

I got my bag of lollies JB @qantas @kworkworkwork @scottmale @carolebarrowman

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Thank you to @supanovaexpo #brisbane #adelaide and all the fans who came out to see us. You make #australia feel like our home away from home JB @kworkworkwork @scottmale @carolebarrowman #timtam #timtamtower #aussie #koala #ladydahling

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

The moment when the Tim Tam Tower falls during #timtamjenga JB

#ladydahling @supanovaexpo thank you #Brisbane and all my little #dahlings jb

This is how to #honor our men and women of the military IN THE RAIN when they have sacrificed their lives for our country. Shame on you @potus @realdonaldtrump JB #usa #america #patriot #leader #compassion #presidential #remembranceday

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