Джон Барроумен


Шотландско-американский актёр, певец, танцор и писатель, имеющий британское и американское гражданства. Родился в Глазго, Шотландия, вырос в Иллинойсе, так как его семья переехала туда, когда Джону было всего девять лет.
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#Torchwood #DoctorWho fans! Meet Sladen When we last saw Captain Jack, Gwen, and the rest of the new Torchwood team, they had just defeated an alien invasion in the Arctic... but missed a mysterious pod, buried under the ice, that held a seemingly familiar face. Now Captain Jack must battle his worst nightmare... or greatest daydream! We are very excited to bring this new character Sladen to the world of Torchwood. You all know both Carole and I were great fans of the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane Smith and what a better way to pay homage to her and create a character with her last name. Elisabeth Sladen / Sarah Jane Smith was the mother of our ship on Doctor Who and now Sladen lives in Torchwood. John and Carole Pre-order our stunning NEW wraparound cover for The Culling #1 featuring the debut of Sladen using order code AUG178377 #Sladen @titancomics @carolebarrowman

I can't wait to introduce you to our newest character in #Torchwood JB @carolebarrowman @titancomics #TitanComics

Doing a little dental maintenance today:) #pearlywhites JB

Heroes & Villains

Ready to wrestle JB

Thinking about friends and family and those who have been injured during the terrible attack on the London Underground. #LondonStrong JB

Palm Springs, California

Watching #AC360 my Anderson look. JB

New York and New Jersey I am coming for you this weekend @heroesfanfest bring on your best cosplay and get ready for my panel :) JB

West Hollywood, California

Sunday morning watching the news in bed:) Someone make me coffee!!! Jb

Palm Springs, California

I think they missed me. Can't get to my coffee yet. #DOGLOVE JB

Tonight Team Troublemakers take on the Lifeguards on ABC's Battle of the Network Stars @networkstarsabc . I will be live tweeting PST during the competition. I will also be live on KABC (Los Angeles) at 3:15pm today so tune in its live TV :) JB

TOMORROW Team Troublemakers take on the Lifeguards on ABC's Battle of the Network Stars. I will be live before the show on KABC at 3:15pm tomorrow tune in and find out what we're talking about in this interview :) JB

Calling all Troublemakers!! Cheer on me and my team, The Troublemakers this THURSDAY SEPT 7 from 9-10pm eastern on ABC for the season finale of @NetworkStarsABC !! Take a guess at which events I did well in and which I did not so well in the comments and tune in to see how we did JB

#wonderman JB

I'm doing a special photo op at 6:30pm today ONLY at Dragon*Con in my blinged out #wonderman outfit. Be there JB

Cleaning house #Dragoncon #wonderman JB


Watch out for us @dragoncon #dragoncon

After @montanawon #Montana #fanexpo2017 JB

Metro Toronto Convention Centre

As promised at my panel back stage with @montanawon #Montana #fanexpo2017 @fanexpohq #FXC17 JB

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