Джон Барроумен


Шотландско-американский актёр, певец, танцор и писатель, имеющий британское и американское гражданства. Родился в Глазго, Шотландия, вырос в Иллинойсе, так как его семья переехала туда, когда Джону было всего девять лет.
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Loving it. JB

H&M your Rancho Mirage store at the Westfield Mall made us feel like we were inconveniencing them by purchasing stuff for my nieces. Perhaps some customer service is due in the training. JB

We are having a movie night with the nieces but we lasted longer. Even jack succumbed to exhaustion. JB

Sitting at the airport in Vancouver waiting for my flight home. Jb

My father stabbed my mother!!!( it was an accident lol) 5 stitches later and a couple of drinks it reminded her of a poem she recited as a child. Enjoy JB

To my Swedish friends. Tillsammans JB

Hey @planetcomiconofficial I'm coming for you April 28-30 I'll see you in Kansas City :) jb #planetcomicon #kansascity

Hit a pose Francine. Check her video on jb's Facebook page. Jb

Celebrating 62 years right now and toasting at their favourite restaurant John Henry in Palm Springs. Jb

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad. The original producers. They are 62 years married today. Their twitter is @jomarbarrowman JB

Should be a fun flight because look who's sitting next to me #RiverSong and #JackHarkness causing havoc on @AmericanAirlines #Dallas here we come. JB

Here it is, the story synopsis and the cover for the new book! Let us know what you think and use #barrowmanbooks #excited JB and @carolebarrowman "Seventeen-year-old Rémy is a Conjuror – someone who can alter reality with his music. But such a talent comes with a price. He and his superpowered friends, Matt and Em Calder, are engaged in a dangerous battle to save humanity as we know it. If they are to succeed, they must first decide who to trust. An amoral seventeeth-century artist? A quick- witted gang leader? Or a nephilim, half angel and half human, with silver- flecked wings? But time is running out. The friends must take action soon. For when fallen angels rule, chaos will reign."

'He looked of the light... yet he had presence outside it.’ #bigtease #barrowmanbooks @carolebarrowman JB

'His wings were folded against his nakedness... ' we have a big reveal for you tomorrow #bigtease #barrowmanbooks @carolebarrowman JB

Just got spotted by one of the flight crew on my @AmericanAirlines flight . So we went and did it in the back, a selfie that is. JB

My Favorite picture of Katrina Law this weekend. Toilet Txting:) Just call her Latrina Law JB

Legion versus Legends... do we like each other? JB #FFChicago

ATTention The represent.com/barrowman campaign has been extended through the weekend! See you at @heroesfanfest #Chicago

Heading to Chicago on @AmericanAir Here is a picture just after take off. JB

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