Джон Легуизамо


Американский актёр колумбийского происхождения, комедиант, танцор, продюсер, лауреат премии «Эмми». Родился 22 июля 1964 года в Боготе, Колумбия, в семье пуэрториканца и колумбийки.
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The world's average IQ just went down a point. RIP Stephen Hawking.

#conorlambforcongress won last night in battle for a red seat that Republicans spent over $10m and Trump and Pence stomped and rallied for this seat and lost! Blue wave is mad strong! 💪🏿

Liberals are heroes! Don’t let nobody tell u otherwise!

I believe! I believe!

Happy bday to my mom 77 years young who as a single mom always encouraged me knowing the odds she girded me with the weapons of intellectual acuity and strong self esteem! Never wavered in her support! I am all that I am because of her!

No immigrant has been treated as poorly as Latinxs!! When Europeans came here there were no restrictions or quotas or visas or naturalization process to meet and u could bring your whole family! You just were American but not with us! Why? Think about it!

Believe that!

Real #NRA MANTRA on creepy dark #NRAtv yipes!

My kids being cartoonized! Ha! So cool!

Real Latin heroes in our times! Take a look hollywood, media, Marvel and DC comix! #sherifflupevaldez running for gov of Texas! Emma Gonzalez the Latin Joan of Arc, XavierBecerra attorney general of California going against Racist Jeff Sessions to keep his sanctuary cities!!

53 years ago today, they were beaten, tear gassed, trampled by horses, and left bloody on the bridge in Selma. On this anniversary, we cannot rest. We must honor those who gave their lives for the right to vote. We must continue to find a way to get in the way. #goodtrouble

Feeling myself! Just chillin and chillin like there ain’t no cares in the world! Yeah right!

YO! Check the URL in my bio ... "The People’s History of ..."

Something to think about! Non-smoking Latinxs can be cool too! Why not?

Much needed R&R in the most beautiful place on earth! The Caribbean!

Boycott #nra #noMoreAssaultweapons #boycottfloridaSpringbreak #marchInMarch #supportDelta #supportDicksSportingGoods

Smack down!

Enuff said!

Goodbye Broadway! This was my greatest experience on stage and its thanks to everyone involved and the beautiful multi-ethnic crowds that made it so electric!!! #lh4m #latinohistoryformorons

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