Джон Легуизамо


Американский актёр колумбийского происхождения, комедиант, танцор, продюсер, лауреат премии «Эмми». Родился 22 июля 1964 года в Боготе, Колумбия, в семье пуэрториканца и колумбийки.
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Friday nights are for bugging out!!

Check it b4 u wreck it!

Enuff said!

Enuff said!

Enuff said!

Democrats, antifa, left, progressives, liberals, activists WE HAVE LOVE AND NOT SCARED TO USE IT!

Just so you know!

There aren't 2 sides mister President!!

We will come out of this stronger and better not because of him but as opposition to him!

Enuff said!

They don't have to wear hoods anymore because Trump has made them feel so confident and supported!

Once again #foxNews being the real and original #fauxnews or fake news for those of you who don't speak French!

Telling it like it is! Love trumps hate!

#cantinflas was one of the great comics of all time!! A mixture of The Marx Brothers with Jerry Lewis and a touch of Lenny Bruce!

Because he never condemned that alt-right attacks in #charlottesville Virginia! Just lamely blamed both sides which is bullshit cause one side was for "hate" and one side against hate!

To innocent Heather who gave her life up for us so we can stand up for Unity and against racism! #UAVirginia #charlottesville

Best tweet about the horrors of today and last night!

Pick a torch America!!

Somos más poderosos que el odio!

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