Джон Легуизамо


Американский актёр колумбийского происхождения, комедиант, танцор, продюсер, лауреат премии «Эмми». Родился 22 июля 1964 года в Боготе, Колумбия, в семье пуэрториканца и колумбийки.
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My movie #Nancy premieres tomorrow in #sundancefilmfestival in competition!!

Only 5 more weeks left of this tour de force!! #ethanHawk said is the most important work on stage!! #latinhistory4morons on #broadway

Happy birthday to one of the most important men in the last century!

20 year anniversary of #spawn first black super hero! And Latin super villain clown!

Episode 3 of #freak comes out Jan 31st will do in person signing at 9pm at Studio 54! Come freak out!

Had to share this fan mail! Cause she made my day! Gonna get her a ticket! And yo starting jan 16 to feb 4th is broadway week buy one ticket get one free!! All Broadway!

#FreakComix №2 and #3 coming soon! In person signing jan 31 at 9pm at studio 54! Produced by @MrEdgardoNYC with art by @JonnyRetro1 @SabCin @SotoColor

Only 7 more weeks and I’m history! Tix @ latinhistoryBroadway.com feb 25 stop date! #denzelwashington said it’s an important play! #carmenyulincruz said it what is needed in these times!

I forgot I was on #AmericanDad a.k.a #luisRamirez ha!!

Right back at you!

Busted dog walking during cyclone snow bomb! #page6 #nypost

Throwback classic! Down memory lane! My first movie and my favorite! #hangingWithTheHomeboys won #sundance1989

Just ordered my read for a snowy day!!

Old school winter like it was in the 70’s when I was a kid! Makes you nostalgic! Throwback weather!

Last 8 weeks of #latinhistory4morons on Broadway!! Do yourselves a favor and catch it while you can!! Nytimes theater pick and TimeOut pick!

The rest of us get $18/week! Go nuts yo! By a movie ticket without popcorn or soda or candy or a friend!

Signing daily fan mail backstage! Keep it coming! #latinhistory4morons

U know u made it when they make an action doll of u that looks nothing like u! #supermariobros

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