Джон Легуизамо


Американский актёр колумбийского происхождения, комедиант, танцор, продюсер, лауреат премии «Эмми». Родился 22 июля 1964 года в Боготе, Колумбия, в семье пуэрториканца и колумбийки.
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Goofing with my brother back in the day! Damn I look like #brunomars right? Or am I bugging?

#theTake had some of my best acting to date thank you @bradfurman and @rosieperezbrooklyn for making it possible!

We lost by a puny margin so take heart no democrat has ever won this district! So keep up the fight next time we will take it!

Great hiphop artist! Took it to the next level! Rest In Peace my brother!

If any one or anybody threatens or tries to keep you from voting today call this #

People exercise your power and vote!! #GAO6

Tubing with my son in#harborIsland didnt show where I flipped over and smacked the familyjewels

I don't even have words to express the pain this causes me! Because we have a leader who brings out the worst in our country and condones by his silence tragedies like this one here!

To all our brave sailors lost in this tragedy! 3 of them Latin fighting for their country that doesn't even respect Latin lives!

This video is horrible I did not post it here but on my twitter! We cant b blind to the horrors what Latin people are suffering in this country! This boy holding on to his mom as she is being ripped from her community! What kind of heartless country have we become?

Take action people don't sit back and let your country be taken over!! #resist #resistencia #persist

Happy Dad's Day to all you amazing dads!!

#miamiVice 1986 My first appearance I was 19 years old as Angel Alvarez criminal (of course) already the system was making me a perp! #miamiVice #hollywoodSoRacist #hollywoodsoWhite

This thread is the truth! #trumprussia #trumpcollusionwithputin #showusyourtaxes

Love me some Caribbean! Man o man its Paraiso!

My name is "lil raw chocolate" ha! Play it at resistance rallies yo!

#johnnygill at #songwritershalloffame

#songwritershalloffame in #nyc giving @pitbull a huge award stay tuned!

#centerforpopulardemocracy is helping #immigrants in 35 Centers across the country helping those who are vulnerable! Please donate your time or money to these modern American heroes

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