Джон Легуизамо


Американский актёр колумбийского происхождения, комедиант, танцор, продюсер, лауреат премии «Эмми». Родился 22 июля 1964 года в Боготе, Колумбия, в семье пуэрториканца и колумбийки.
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An unplugged weekend gotsta reboot! Starting now! Bye 👋🏽

¡Feliz Día de la Independencia México 🇲🇽! #Ajua

Revolutionary new show on broadway! Tix at LatinHistoryBroadway.com starts oct 19th

#hillaryclinton is such a good leader! Damn we could of had her were it not for Russian collusion and sabotage of our election!

To all those 1st responders and fams that bloat loved ones on sept 11th! #freedomtower

Buy tix to hottest show on Broadway! #lh4m #latinhistory4morons starts oct 19th! Tickets at #LatinHistoryBroadway.com

Doing poster shoot for #lh4m Broadway run! #latinhistory4morons. super photographer Mark Abrahams!

Shelves empty in my sister's town in Miami dade! As Irma makes its way! Thoughts and prayers are with them and all in its path!

One of my inspirations to keep writing is this poet and life coach! @officialsandracisneros

My thoughts and prayers go to the victims of hurricane Irma in 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico and the Caribbean!! Worst hurricane in history! But there is climate change according to potus 45!

We will overcome the betrayal of the dreamers but we will never forget!

Nuff said! Save the dreamers! Innocent hard working kids who this republican administration has betrayed!

Trump's gramps begging not to be deported!! How hypocritical and shameless!! Save Daca! Dreamers!

Happy laborless Labor Day! #harriettubmanherself and the genocidal andrew Jackson has to go!

Hard hitting theater at its best! Starts oct 19th! Get your tickets at LatinHistoryBroadway.com

IVANKA said she was gonna be for women's causes what happened?? The opposite is what happened!

Headed to hamptons in heli for much needed unplugging! Have a great weekend and send what u can to the victims of Harvey at redcross.0rg/abc

Just saying!

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