Йон Гвидетти


Шведский футболист, нападающий, итальянского происхождения, числится в команде «Манчестер Сити», чаще играя за другие клубы по арендным соглашениям.
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Not the result we wanted. But I am proud of the way we fight. We keep going #halacelta

Mina tjejer @sannadahlstrom_ ❤⭐️

Semifinals here we come I am so proud of the boys. I just want to clear up I did not get injured last night. I was not feeling well before the game I had a fever and bad cough but I wanted to try, but after sometime I realized it would be better for me and the team to not play anymore. But in 1 or 2 days I will be ready. Thanks also to all the supporters who made the trip to Belgium 🙌 #halacelta #roadtostockholm

⚽️✈️ @danielwass18 @realclubcelta

Today i woke up and just like that I was 25 years old time really flies when you're living you're dream. I wake up everyday so thankful for what I have and for the great people that are around me. I wanna say thank you for all the nice birthday wishes you guys are to kind :) special thanks to @sannadahlstrom_ for making my birthday the best day ❤ 24 was amazing let's make 25 even better! Sist men inte minst stort tack till alla som hjälpte Sanna med världens bästa födelsedags present jag kan inte sätta ord på hur rörd jag blev och hur mycket jag uppskattar de ni vet vilka ni är LOVE YOU GUYS !

🔥🙌 #gameday

🌞 @sannadahlstrom_

Pray for the city that i Love! Pray for Stockholm #prayforstockholm❤

Good luck tonight boys. Wish I could be out there with you 🙌 #halacelta #backsoon

Cant Wait to be back on the pitch so i Can try my new #hypervenom3 from @nikefootball 🙌🔥🔥🔥


@sussgui ❤🙌 farmor


Llego el día, nuestro día, #onosoderbi e celeste @d_wass89


Blessed #family @sannadahlstrom_ ❤🙌

Quarterfinal here we come vamooooooos#halacelta

🔥☀️ @sannadahlstrom_

H2O is very important ❤😂

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